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  1. Cheers khall, didnt notice that at first. Tried editing the files with little success, but I'll keep at it I'll leave som feedback once I switch back to your mod.
  2. Have you tried using flash and smoke grenades?
  3. Great mod! One question, is it possible to get a version that works with the economy restored mod? Would be greatly appreciated!
  4. i'd like to suggest an option you can choose where you start a new game witch makes all the ballistic weapons, ammo and armor you start with come in limited quantity, witch in turn also allows you to produce them. Just something for those of us who want more to worry about when we play Another minor feature related to this would be that when soldiers die, there's a chance you won't be able to retreive their equipment at the end of a mission (due to damage perhaps). Sorry if this has been brought up earlier.
  5. I can confirm this also, just had a crash where a machinegunner hit a fence in a desert map.
  6. Hello everyone. Just joined to say that I'm loving every bit out of xenonauts!
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