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  1. Just encountered a problem with this mod. I use a soviet union team together with an american team to save the world and encountered the problem that if a shield soldier uses a Makarov, the shield will disappear and seemingly give no bonuses, despite him being clearly equipped with it. If you switch with the same soldier to the original pistol, the shield will appear again. So there seems to be some parameter missing that allows the Makarov to be used together with a shield.
  2. In Geospace harmless alien events like UFO sightings, Corn Crops, Communication Disrupts etc. all create casualties, despite their yet harmless nature. I currently only have one base at the beginning of the game but dozens of such events in places I cannot see or do anything about, lowering my starting game funding massively because of this. Is this working as intended? Apart from the confusion as later events always name the amount of casualties and these do not, I don't see how crop circles or a single UFO sighting could cause 10 casualties. Last but not least it's a bit "unfair" in the early game as you dont have the funds to do anything about it.
  3. Would love to use it but the download link currently leads to the Unified Air Combat Images mod.
  4. I see. That's quite interesting to know Gonzales. It feels a bit like the team from the series "Stargate" then with it's Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter even though as an american SpecOps, e.g. a SEAL, you'll leave boot camp as an E-3 and you'll be at least an E-4, perhaps E-5 when you leave training. So quite far away from any officer rank.
  5. Whoa! A personal reply from our beloved leader! Topic wise: I guess I'm just a big immersion fan yet don't soldiers also increase their stats after a mission, even though they don't get promoted? If yes, then ranks would be purely cosmetic anyway. If not, then it is as it is and I guess what I and people who feel like me can do about it would be at least to change the rank names manually to a more credible ranking system. If the Xenonauts project is already in a constant struggle for funding, the last I would want to do is to pay my operatives needlessly the salary of a captain.
  6. The situation I encountered is that currently in a base I have 8 captains, 3 lieutenants and 1 corporal. To me that's just silly and I wonder why there wasn't thought about a mechanic to prohibit situations like this. If I remember correct for example X-Com Terror from the Deep had a system where - according to the number of your total soldiers - there were only a limited amount of high ranking officers. Only when a captain died or when you hired more soldiers there was the possibility for someone else to be promoted to captain. It's an entirely unnecessary immersion breaker in my opinion. Just as the fact that "the best of the best" soldiers of the world, from special units and usually with combat experience, get sent to you as privates as if they would just have entered the army yesterday. The solution I would see to this is to at least let every Xenonaut start as Specialist and from that on take much smaller steps (more ranks) towards the officer ranks as well as create a limit for officers like 1 lieutenant for every 8 xenonauts, 1 captain for every 16 etc. Another option would be to stick with the current system and grant the bonuses for promotion (if there are any) but leave it to player to decide which soldiers they want to be promoted. It would result in a "this soldier has excelled himself on the field for promotion. If you want to promote him sign/click here". mechanic.
  7. Not only the aircraft names. A lot in the title screen also gets replaces by #### and as expected, in it's current version, my game crashes when it goes beyond the title screen. It's too bad because in what this mod does it was kind of unique. I'm still dreaming about a working zip with an instruction how to only involve those planes and/or weapons you want and modify the stats of those planes. Because it appears everyone seems to have other ideas of how to use this mods huge variety. Personally I'm looking for a way to include planes that do what the Condor and the Foxbat do, just more fitting to the countries they are used within. So a Blackbird with the Foxbat stats, a Su-27 with the Condor stats, a Tornado for european countries with the Condor stats and so on, so that every continent can have a Condor and Foxbat representation that is authentic.
  8. Nice one. The style won't probably be liked by many as it is so simplistic and old fashioned looking but that's what I like about it. It just looks way more credible for a 70s/80s Cold War experimental weapon. Please more!
  9. I wonder if the author is still active. Would be awesome.
  10. I run xenonauts over steam and somehow I fail to find the "scripts.xml" file.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I also use the enhanced crash sites mod & the soviet weapons mod yet I didn't had it before I installed the UI mod. In any case it's only a minor bug but I felt like reporting it.
  12. I encountered a minor bug that sometimes interceptors and dropships are also transparent in the "Aircraft Equipment" menu. It appears totally random. Sometimes my condors are for example transparent while the foxtrott works perfectly and when I switch to the next base it's exactly vice versa. Personally I like the mod so far but while the geoscape is incredibly stylish, it's even for me too dark and depressing. Am I correct that I only have to get the old earth folder back and replace it in the assets to get geoscape back to normal but keep the rest of the mod features?
  13. I would already be happy if there would be a mini-mod with an US version of the Foxtrott (maybe the Blackbird for style reasons) and a soviet version of the condor, maybe the Flanker.
  14. I'm looking very much forward to see a new compatible version of this mod. Without a doubt the images could need a finishing touch to match perfectly into the existing quality comic style graphics the game has but I feel as if the xenopedia images could need a rework as well. Was the best available picture of the Blackbird really a real life photograph with some absurd painted Dragons on the tailwings? How about this one here which is not only drawn but represents the actual US Airforce look of that time without destroying immersion. Just an example.
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