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  1. Fair enough and thank you for being so polite about it. I did do a forum search but couldnt come up with a similar thread.
  2. Right... But that wouldn't change, you'd still have different weapon types just more variation within those types - ever played Rainbow Six? You still had weapon types in there (shotguns for room clearance/breaching, general rifles, SMGs ect) but you had alot of customisation on you went about equipping your team, this should be the same. Well you'd ensure there were differences between them then? You'd have to ensure they were well balanced and tuned but incorporate small differences to ensure there was some sort of balance. Modding is always an option but I think there's a missed opportunity here from the devs- why would an organisation comprised of many different military specialists only have access to a limited supply of weaponry? It wouldnt - it'd have access to all of the worlds major rifle/weapon types.
  3. Loving the game, fantastic! Thought i'd sign up however to suggest that I love the whole cold war concept but feel the weapons/firearms of the era are under-used. I understand that just like X-Com you progess onto Alien Weaponry/Laser Weaponry quickly but I really think ballistic weapons should be alot more useful/practical then they were in X-Com. My problem with X-Com is that if you know what your doing you get rid of the battle rifle very early on and replace it for the much used and loved laser rifle. Well in my opinion thats all well and good but I think a player should have alot more options open to them in the form of standard human weaponry - perhaps have numerous different machine-guns, rifles and pistols to choose from within their inventory, this is after-all supposed to be a world-wide effort to combat the alien threat. What im talking about/suggesting is where are the British SLR's? The Soviet AK-47's? the French FAMAS? The Austrian Army's Steyr Aug rifle? Why is it I get stuck with the very boring M-16 US rifle? In my opinion it'd be nice to have a variation of weapons available to the Xenonauts Operatives. Wouldnt it be cool to gun down the Aliens with British SLR's? Steyr Aug Each weapon could have some custom stats each with a drawback (weight, ammo capacity, reliability ect) It'd also be cool to add sub-machine guns to the gear of your soldiers, I know we have shotguns implemented for room clearing but how nice would it be to see the MP5 make an entrance or the Israeli Uzi? Let us know what you think anyhow, Radman
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