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Found 7 results

  1. Isn't possible to make this shoot line more straight? Like we see soldier is above but is still on line of fire
  2. I think it has been reported before, but I'm posting these screencaps as they clearly illustrate the issue. note: chance to hit, line of fire, alien visibility icon, movement path
  3. An interesting debate started in the bug forum: What is the designer's intention for smoke specifically? To block LOS only? Or to block LOS and LOF? If it doesn't block LOF should the alien AI be able to use area fire/throw into smoke screens based on the LKP of a Xenonaut(s)?
  4. We need this. My MG guy just wasted one of my guys because there was an alien behind him. It should be part of reaction fire mechanics. The aliens have the same problem
  5. There are times when an object close to the shooter blocks what appears from a bird's eye view to be a clear shot. It seems reasonable that a shot attempt would be auto-inhibited in such a case...as in a shooter being 'aware' that a portion of the dropship tail section will block the shot. Especially when they're firing a rocket munition. messy...veeery messy. In this instance the forensics lab recreated the tragic event and determined that all but the smallest sliver of the red trajectory path indicator was obscured. This ultimately led to a finding of no negligence on the part of the eye-in-the-sky mission commander. Or am I missing an important nuance of the experience asking that the soldier not comply with the 'fire' order in such instances.
  6. Okay, so I know my rookies have horrible aim and I understand why. That's not a problem. Except when I just want them to knock down a wall segment or window for me, and they're standing one or two tiles away, and they hit the floor, nearby walls, anything but what they're meant to hit. So my humble suggestion is: please give my soldiers an accuracy bonus when attempting to shoot out a wall or window they're standing right next to. In my view, they should have nearly 100% accuracy when doing this, because as it is I find myself wasting tonnes of ammo to hit, litterally, the side of a barn. While standing less than a metre away .
  7. Hi. I`d like to suggest an 'ALT' key line of fire that will help you see how your optimal shot will travel and what obstacles lie in its way. Obstacles can be represented by coloring the rest of the line darker after passing the obstacle. The same could be used for grenades. It was a nice feature in UFO 2000 and i do remember seeing such LoF option in some other games. Sorry if this was already suggested/discussed
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