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  1. Add an "Analytical Department" to the game that works similar to how Scientific Laboratories, Factories work (employees are hired, projects are given) but only the Analytical Department plans and prepares missions on the tactical map. For example: you give a task to the Analytical Department: "Prepare an ambush on a convoy"; "Arrange a diversion on someone else's Base"; "Prepare the abduction of a VIP person". After several days (weeks of work), the Analytical Department makes the combat mission available: "Ambush on a convoy"; or "Sabotage on someone else's Base"; or "Kidnapping of a VIP person". Such game mechanics will allow the player to actively choose their own strategy, rather than passively react to the actions of aliens. For example: if the xenonauts lack important resources, then the Analytical Department can provoke the landing of an important UFO (preparing an ambush for UFOs), which contains the necessary resources and artifacts.
  2. I suggest adding more mental states to the game (such as: "berserk"; "panic"; "suppression") that affect the behavior of soldiers and their individual characteristics. I suggest adding the following mental states: "inspiration". Inspiration can come to a soldier for several rounds if the enemy is successfully killed. In this state, all characteristics increase. "Fear". Fear can take hold of a soldier for several rounds if the enemy is unfamiliar or there are many enemies. In this state, all characteristics are reduced.
  3. I wonder if it would be possible and more interesting to approach the aftermath of cleaner base mission differently. After the base is taken, Xenonaut forces would occupy the cleaner base - it triggers some research, which is fine, but it would make a lot of sense to defend it until the research is complete... the player would have to hire scientists and start the research. The remnants of the cleaners could try to re-take it several times, which would give the player a lot of fun as well defending it. As the base is an external one, the units protecting it would have to be brought and kept/rotated there. After all research would be completed, the base attacks from the cleaners would subside and the base would remain as an external installation for the player to use as an installation for research, enhanced workshop effectivity and/or income generation. The base itself would remain as is. It has some storage capacity, upgraded lab and workshop, a quantum device, a generator, living quarters and no hangar. No additional facilities could be built. What do you think guys?
  4. I like that you can take soldiers to the field now (V27) even though still injured. I think it would be a nice effect if they get slight debuffs on some of their skills as an adjustment. i.e. decreased Reflexes / Accuracy, or maybe decrease on all skills but bravery. - in some way proportional to the missing health, say 20% missing health -> 10% decreased Acc. This way you would need to weigh the benefits of the experienced but injured veteran against the less experienced but healthy substitute. -> the missing health alone often does not justify the substitute because a veteran at say 70% may still have more health left than a rookie at 100%. (I would not want this effect on the fly for soldiers as they get injured during combat, that would be a hazard - only when bringing them into a new battle.)
  5. The balance of the game should be a self-sustaining system, similar to a nuclear reaction inside stars: when too much hydrogen enters into nuclear reactions, the star expands and nuclear reactions decrease. When too little hydrogen enters into nuclear reactions, the star shrinks under the influence of gravity and the number of nuclear reactions increases. Therefore: when the player achieves too much success: the number of aliens in the tasks should increase. When the player's progress is small, the number of aliens should be unchanged, and even decrease at the "beginner" difficulty level. I suggest doing this as an additional level of difficulty and only for tactical battles on the tactical map. Such a function is not suitable for the strategic level, because it makes meaningless all the strategic advantages that the player receives by adhering to the correct strategy.
  6. Pilot's skill. The skill of the pilot of the transport for soldiers - can be realized with the help of the function: "the player can independently choose the landing place on the tactical map." (For example. Landing: closer to the UFO or further away from it. Landing in an open area or landing in the midst of various objects. Landing from the rear of a UFO or landing from the flanks of a UFO). To do this, when creating a map, you must specify (at least) two possible landing places on the map. A pilot with a skill of 80% - with a probability of 80% will land the transport as required by the player. And with a probability of 20% - randomly. It is good if the tactical map consists of two blocks. The central block (square) with the UFO location. And a side block of the map (with a landing place for transport for soldiers). The block with the selected landing place is attached to the main map (square) from the side necessary for the player. This will avoid situations where the entrance to the UFO is closely adjacent to the edges of the map (if desired by the player).
  7. The detection of alien bases (activity points) can be performed similarly to the game "Miner". The planet (like the playing field in the game "Miner") is divided into sectors (squares). Sending a scout to each sector during the day gives intelligence information about this sector and about neighboring sectors. Namely: the presence of aliens in the sector; visits and rumors about the possible presence of aliens in neighboring sectors). As in the game "Miner", it is necessary to correctly calculate the sector of the aliens' location. If a scout enters the alien sector, he dies (like a miner stepping on a mine). The tactical group goes to places where there is a chance to detect aliens. If the intelligence made a mistake, then the tactical group, having lost a day (hours) of time, returns to the base. If the intelligence has correctly located the aliens, then the combat mission begins.
  8. Error How do I delete a topic? I mistakenly clicked on "publish" without fully preparing the text.
  9. 1. Each continent (country) has its own landscape (urban buildings), which is fundamentally different from the landscape of other countries. This ensures that each region will have its own tactics of warfare. 1+ Each alien race tends more towards different regions. This also ensures that each region will have its own tactics and complexity of combat operations. Each region will differ not only in financial benefits. 2. There should be several parallel technologies, each of which can be developed from the beginning to the end of the game. If some artifacts are unique (once or several times during the whole game - for example: a unique spaceship; a unique alien base). then, by transferring this artifact into the hands of one or another researcher, you will be able to independently choose the global technological specialization of your team. There should be at least three such possible paths of development. Allows you to make the game interesting for many adventures. 3. The Tetris principle. I think everyone has seen this game. Various types of "UFOs" descend to "earth" from the sky. The player's task is to deploy and land them in the right place for himself with the help of "air defense means". If mobile means of "air defense" do it in such a way that UFOs are forced to adjust their course and choose a place for their actions in a predictable place for the player. For example: some types of UFOs purposefully target the location of your fighter jets and bases, which causes discontent in the region and threatens to collapse the economy and reduce funding. Other types of UFOs, on the contrary, develop speed and land troops away from your bases and fighters. But this is fraught with a complete loss of regions. Although the economy may not change. The player's goal is to distribute a uniform load across all regions of the planet in order to avoid dangerous "peaks of activity" of UFOs in certain regions. To do this, air defense systems should be more mobile. Namely, it is necessary to add the possibility of placing temporary bases and airfields in major cities of the planet. This will make cities a strategic resource, not just empty points on the map. Naturally, the number of temporary airfields should be limited so that they can cover a very limited number of regions of the globe. (Prevention only in the place of possible occurrence of peaks of UFO activity). Since the player is unable to predict which UFO squadron will appear next, the task of directing UFO activity to a reliable region and blocking UFO activity in a depleted region will not be trivial.
  10. -*Remove* The Quick Reload Slot, there is no reason for it; if a player wants they could empty their soldier's weapon, move that magazine to the ground space (costing their soldier NO Time Units), select a magazine from the soldier's inventory to load into their weapon, and in the end it has the same results as the Quick Reload Slot with the added benefits of NOT LOSING the magazine that was in the weapon to start with and to load another magazine of the PLAYER's CHOOSING; it will also simplify in solving one of the bugs in the game, my other post explaining the bug can be found here in my other post: (Reloading weapons in Ground Combat bugs/ http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13555-Reloading-weapons-in-Ground-Combat-bugs) -*Remove* the "Snapping" feature when the mouse cursor to objects when a soldier is being ordered to attack (shoot, throw grenade, etc.) something (to the enemy ship, to the player's transport, an object on the field, the alien craft door, etc.), let any tile on the map be target-able (only if the tile cannot be attacked for any reason is a player not able to attack that tile, not because the game wouldn't simply let the player attack there) -Make a separate class edit menu; this is the (only) place classes can be created, renamed, edited (loadout wise), and deleted; this will help make sure classes are not altered by mistake when assigning them to soldiers *Add a cancel button to when creating a new class *Add a delete class option -When a weapon/item/grenade/armor/soldier stat is being hovered over let their description be shown (a rule of thumb to followed that can help for most cases, if hovering over a weapon/item/grenade/armor/soldier stat shows their name it should also show everything else about, not JUST its name) [*In Ground Combat let the descriptions of weapons and items be shown when hovered over with the mouse cursor while looking through a soldiers inventory [*In Ground Combat descriptions of a grenade are shown when INSIDE the quick grenade slot, otherwise the quick grenade slot remains the same only showing the description of the slot itself [*In Ground Combat at the bottom panel where it shows the weapons/items a soldier is currently holding let their descriptions be shown when hovered over with the mouse cursor [*In Ground Combat when in a soldier's inventory, if the player hovers over the soldier's stats let the description of the stat being hovered over be shown [*In the Base when changing the loadout of aircraft or a soldier's weapon or armor let the description of the weapon/armor be shown -Add to the Xenopedia: *A 'Geoscope' tab which explains how the Geoscope works and how to work it *A 'Ground Combat' tab which explains to players how to work Ground Combat altogether; adding to this tab a 'Time Unit' cost chart to show the cost of: -Opening/closing a door -Turning (how much cost per 1 turn (degree)) -Moving (to an adjacent tile connected by its side versus to a diagonal tile) -Croughing/Un-croughing -Vaulting low-barriers -Inventory management (between weapons slots, backpack, belt, ground, and to other soldiers) -etc. -Magazines should NOT be equip-able to a soldier's weapon slot, it makes no sense/reason to be able to do so -Moving a weapon/item/grenade FROM a soldier's BELT TO that soldier's Backpack/Weapon slot should be HALF the Time Units it costs to move a weapon/item/grenade FROM a soldier's BACKPACK TO that soldier's Belt/Weapon slot, and moving a weapon/item/grenade FROM a soldier's WEAPON slot TO that soldier's Belt/Backpack should a THIRD of what it costs in Time Units to move weapon/item/grenade FROM a soldiers BACKPACK; this will REALLY make it more beneficial to have weapon/item/grenade on a soldier's belt rather than in their backpack -Unloading then reloading/ reloading then unloading a soldier's weapon should NOT cost any Time Units as it does not cost any Time Units to move a weapon/item/grenade and then to move it back to where it was before; a rule of thumb should be that undoing ANY action (as if nothing happened) in a soldier's inventory should not cost any Time Units for that soldier -In Ground Combat rework how a soldier's inventory looks to include: *Adding that soldier's class name next to their class emblem *Adding what armor that soldier has equipped *Make it so that a 'Accept' & 'Cancel' option is given to a player to select, this is to REPLACE the current 'Close' button that is only given; this is to help players quickly close a soldier's inventory without needing to undo any changes the player may have made in that soldier's inventory and does not want the changes to save **A crude edited JPEG has been attached to show what a soldier's inventory should more or less look like; OF COURSE, it goes without saying, that the actual rework of a soldier's inventory should be redone by someone who has an understanding and ability to remake the art in this game's regard!** -In Ground Combat when hovering the mouse cursor over the soldier's portrait it should show the soldiers background info (i.e. age, nationality, previous regiment, combat experience, kills, missions, and any other information along those lines) -In Ground Combat, on the bottom panel, a soldier's class (class name & emblem) should be shown, maybe somewhere near (OR even on) the soldier's portrait -For aircraft in the Geoscope make it so aircraft that have already launched can be made into squadrons (if other aircraft are near-by)/ separate from a squadron (granted they are in one to begin with); this will help players in UFO engagements by having more aircraft available per engagement/ retreat certain aircraft (because they are low on fuel/health/ammo, or any other reason) without needing to send the whole squadron back, respectively -When in Air Combat, let there be a clickable option for an aircraft to either evade left or right; this option is already available via hotkey but is NOT available for the player to click; this is useful if the player is a non-hotkey type of player, why not give them the option to play as they want in this regard? -In Ground Combat show an image of a magazine on the ground if there is a magazine(s) on that ground tile; currently there is an image of a weapon/item/grenade if they are on the ground, but not a magazine; this makes it difficult for players to pick-up dropped magazines if they don't remember exactly where they had their soldier drop it -In Ground Combat let soldiers be able to trade weapons/items/grenades with other soldiers, how this works is that the player selects a soldier they want to have trade and then the player (can ONLY) select another soldier that is in an ADJESTANT tile (diagonal tiles count), a screen then pops up that shows the inventory (as it currently does WITHOUT the ground portion) of the first soldier (the soldier that was selected first) on the left and the inventory of the second soldier (as it currently does) on the right so that the inventory of the second soldier replaces the ground portion that would normally show in a soldier's inventory; from here TWO soldiers (ONLY) at a time can trade weapons/items/grenades one or the other may have with each other, BE SURE to add a neutral space to the bottom of the trade screen that can hold ALL the weapons/items/grenades BOTH soldiers can carry so that when soldiers are trading there isn't a conflict because one or both do not have free space to make the trade but do have space to hold the weapon/item/grenade though (total space=[(backpack:25+belt:8+largest weapon shield:~21+secondary to shield:6)*2]=120 tiles), the player can NOT click accept on a trade if there are ANY weapons/items/grenades left in the neutral space (the player would need to either change the trade to fit all weapons/items/grenades into both soldier's inventory, cancel the trade and drop some weapons/items/grenades, or just cancel the trade altogether), the reason a trade cannot be completed if there is a weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s) in the neutral space rather than allowing a trade to be completed and all weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s) left in the neutral space are just dropped on the ground of the first soldier is to ensure that nothing is accidentally overlooked by the player and ending up being a problem for the player in anyway; the reason for a trade feature altogether is so the player does not need to waste time/ the Time Units of soldiers by having them drop their weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s), moving that soldier, moving another soldier onto that same tile, picking up the weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s) on that tile, and then maybe redoing the process if the player wants that soldier to drop weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s) for the first soldier; when a trade occurs ONLY the first soldier needs to face the second soldier; the cost of a trade can be the same as when a soldier is giving/taking from the ground, soldier giving directly to the other soldier's inventory or to the neutral space costs nothing, but a soldier receiving from the other soldier directly or from the neutral space costs as much if taking from the ground depending where the weapon(s)/item(s)/grenade(s) goes (either to that soldier's backpack, belt, or weapon slot(s)), Time Unit costs are calculated for EACH soldier respectively according to what they give/take
  11. I realize this is pretty late into game development to be changing lore and mechanics, but I'm new to the game and am hoping I can still squeak some suggestions in. First and foremost, as much as I'm loving the game, it seems to be almost an exact copy of the original X-COM. Down to the weapons, armor, and aliens, I mean. So, some suggestions, some of which would just mean changing a little text in research, others may mean small to moderate mechanic changes/additions. I hope at least a few of these may make it in, but I realize it may be too late. 1.) Caesan autopsy: Let's face it, these things are basically Sectoids from the first game. Now, I can't really blame the developers for having LGM (little grey men), or even for putting them on the front lines and making them ground-pounders. But the lore is almost an exact copy of the lore from X-COM. They're a genetically engineered, sexually atrophied clone army? Maybe just make substantial portions of their genetic code match exactly, evidencing substantial use of genetic engineering, but while their sexual organs may be small, they're still functional, suggesting a real species with some level of society behind them. Just a little text in the research section, but it changes the flavor of them noticeably. 2.) Reapers: This one will be a little more. Again, the reaper is just a copy of the Chrysalid from X-COM, but without so much universal alien lore to justify it. They look reasonably different, but they function exactly the same. While Chrysalids were a wonderful nightmare in the first game, as the remake of the first game has proven to me, they really don't carry that over too well. They've been done. What I would suggest it to try to make the Reapers a new kind of nightmare for a new generation and a new game. These Reapers wouldn't reproduce by attacking people and turning them into zombies. Instead, they attack just to kill. But then they lay an egg (taking most or all of a turn, leaving them potentially vulnerable if they do it in the middle of combat). The egg would be a large leathery, gooey sac, kind of like the face-hugger eggs from the Alien series. When it hatches (a few turns), several (1-3) Reaper larvae emerge. These are about 1 foot long and 2-3 inches in diameter and look like a kind of leathery worm/snake. They are fast and hard to hit, but have low HP (probably making grenades a good choice). They scurry across the ground at high speed, but maybe with very limited visual range, until they come across a target (corpse or person), at which point they attack the face. If the target has a shield or body armor that covers the face, they're safe, but otherwise there's a high likelihood that the attack will succeed, at which point the larva burrows into the mouth, destroying lips and teeth, burrows into the spine, and takes over the nervous system below the brain stem. The body is then pulled in and run down the target's throat. This is important, because the target should show no sign of being taken over until they're very close to one of your units (a few tiles), and you can clearly see the destroyed mouth. If one of your units get's hit, the game should say they've panicked, explaining them running wildly and out of your control. These infested targets still attack in melee, trying to beat you to death (or just unconscious) and eventually hatch into new Reapers, but the mechanic of the egg and larvae, especially if the Reapers are intelligent enough to pick up several corpses and take them to some kind of concealed 'nest' before laying their eggs. This means that just killing all the Reapers doesn't necessarily end the nightmare, and somewhat combines the terror of Chrysalids with that of Brainsuckers from X-COM 3 and some of the flavor of the Alien series. 3.) Melee plasma weapons: I haven't actually gotten to producing plasma weapons yet, but I'm guessing they'll go much like they did in X-COM (though I do like the change of plasma research leading to laser weapons). That being said, while a plasma bolt wouldn't be very effective at range (without something like gravitons or magnetic monopoles to hold it together), no such restriction applies to plasma flamethrowers (range of 3-4 tiles, fast to use, little to no need to aim, maybe even 1-handed, though maybe not), or a plasma-edged sword (think a sword blade that's open along the edge, leading inside the blade). When turned on, a tightly focused cutting torch of plasma erupts from the opening, creating a powerfully cutting plasma blade. This would go well with the shield, though the risks of closing to close-quarter combat would be high. These two weapons are things that were distinctly lacking from the first X-COM (though X-COM 3 at least had swords, but I don't think they had flamethrowers). 4.) Landing Zone Choices: When a mission starts, the player should be shown an aerial view of the map, giving the player a general layout (where buildings and streets are, but not what's in them or where doors/windows are) and maybe even showing the location of the crashed UFO if there is one. The player is then given a choice of appropriately open locations to land in, as well as the orientation of the aircraft. How many landing zones there are may vary from landscape to landscape (cities and dense forests would have fewer, while open fields and farmland should have more). This is a very sensible and realistic way of incorporating the pilot's decisions and the troops' looking out the window, while also giving the player a bit more of a strategic decision in missions. I hope people like these ideas, and I hope at least a few of them make it into the final game.
  12. Am I the only one who'd like to see game that is essentially reverse X-Com? Let's say it starts in 1947, after Roswell. You play a handful of aliens stuck in a small flying saucer. You came to investigate Earth and your interstellar craft crashed in Roswell, maybe shot down. You have a few ways to win - build a new interstellar ship and leave, take over the stupid primate planet or something else, X. In the beginning, all you have is a handful of non-combat aliens and a small atmospheric craft. You need to investigate the locals, build a base and set up improvised infrastructure. When you have cloning tanks you can start churning out more troops, scientists etc. Perhaps improve them by splicing local DNA - here they come, the proud alligator men! All the while, you need to keep your actions as stealthy as possible. There are a lot of those nasty primates on this planet. Maintaining secrecy is the most important thing; you can't leave witnesses or at least any reliable recording of your missions. You go around abducting specimens, replacing individuals with infiltrators loyal to your cause, sabotaging research that might reveal you and so forth. While you have scientific advantage, you suffer from a bad resource shortage. There is still need for research, as the theoretical knowledge you have must be applied to local resources and conditions. Imagine trying to build a modern computer with stone age technology; not very easy.
  13. Some of these ideas are fairly close the current game, others I realize would require a new code base and a far bigger development project. Alternate Version XCOM ------------------------ Geoscape Improvements -------------------------- All current countries with 1 million people or more represented. Geoscape is 3D spinning globe again and faithful copy of Google Earth. Eventually with tech player can also view and build bases on Moon, and there are missions on the moon in space suits. Maps always match landscape landed on. Summer and Winter modelled (ie, in countries with winter, tiles are snow covered and trees bare in winter on maps). Tilt axis of sun angle also changes to shorten daylight time in appropriate hemisphere depending on time of year. Aircraft can request arial refuelling. Only major power countries have this ability, and if enough tankers shot down, they will no longer provide this request. The tanker appears on the map and fighers must rendevous with it) Anti-UFO defenses on map have range and fire when UFO's in range, not when they try to land on the base (if they make it that far it's too late) Base Aircraft available match country base is built in, or planes country has traditionally purchased (Ie, India likes Russian planes but has some Mirage 2000's and home-built Tejas) Maximum squadron size in an intercept increased to 5, same with aliens. Aircraft now need pilots, who are recruited as per soldiers. Pilots have various traits that improve certain features of the game, such as top airspeed, max range, hit chances of weapons, damage, ect... Number of kills kept for each pilot. Pilots also become injured. 2 pilots required for the landing vehicle used. If a plane is shot down, there is a good chance the pilot can eject safely and be recovered, but he will likley be badly injured and need a long time to recover. Research Improvements ------------------------ Research abilities increased: - Improve any building: workshops each improvement increases space and workers by 1 labs each improvement increases research ability and max scientists by 1 radar each improvement increases radar range and detection by 10 km - 1 % Can research cost reductions. Can research any weapon to improve it. Tactical Improvements -------------------------- Soldiers can now lie down in prone position and leopard crawl. This greatly improves accuracy and defensive bonus, but reduces movement to near zero (but not action points for firing) Machine guns can now choose sustained burst, which greatly drains ammo but fires more shots (6 instead of 3) 60 mm mortar added as weapon type. Can fire blind over buildings, can fire smoke, wp, or explosive. wp grenade added, causes fire damage and produces a lot of smoke. Sniper rifle added as weapon. Can research better rifles, including .50 cal sniper rifle (which is deadly in the early game and can fire across any map without penalty with ease) Consequently, the aliens also now get a plasma sniper rifle. combat knife added (range 1 close quarters combat weapon) bayonette added to assault rifles for close in work. katana added (same use as knife but MUCH more damage). Two handed weapon. martial arts is now a skill soldiers have. The higher this skill, the better they are with melee weapons, and... Hand to hand combat. Soldiers can now throw punches and kicks. player can find chainsaws to use in farm maps. Gun store in terror campaign has ammo reloads, shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols to choose from. Humans close by will loot it to use against aliens. DUCK! They are bad shots. Aliens otoh also now get melee weapons and use martial arts. This makes the Sebs MUCH more lethal... Bayonettes added to Seb plasma rifles. Soldiers may now learn 'perks' similar to the new Firaxis XCom title. Perks are random, as there are no soldier types, and adding this would be stupid. Visual Improvements ----------------------- Aliens are as per actual descriptions, ie, greys are greys and they are naked and grey; Reptillians are reptillian (no tails). UFO's are as per actual descriptions: - Scout - classic 'Mars Attacks' saucer style with bubble on top, 3 crew. (See Vancouver Island UFO picture for an actual photo of one of these) - Fighter - crescent shaped ship similar size to scout but heavier armed. (Lead ship of nine ship formation as sighted by pilot Kenneth Arnold over Mt. Rainier). 4 crew. Fighter now will crash and be added as a mission type. - Medium - classic 'hat shape' ship, as from original 'The Invaders'. (And from famous photos by Rex Heflin). 5 crew + 2 soldiers. Used in Abduction and Mutilation type missions. - Large - Triangle ship, as per Belgium sightings from 1980's. 6 crew + 4 soldiers. Used in small terror attack missions. - Very Large - Cone ship as per Jesse Mantell case. 7 crew + 6 soldiers. Used in base attack and large terror attack missions. - Huge - Giant flying Wing from Phoenix Lights cases. 10 crew + 12 soldiers. Used in base attack and large terror attack missions. - Transport - Flying Cigar shape, frequently reported. 2 crew + 10 soldiers. Used to transport aliens to bases and for large terror attack missions. Mission Types -------------- New mission types: Cattle mutilation, human abduction, electricity grid sabotage, nuclear base infiltration, Men in Black, Ancient Aliens Cattle Mutilation: Team lands in a farmer's field, find numerous cattle badly mutilated, find UFO with partially mutilated cow inside, aliens performing weird surgery on it. Aliens will attempt to get away by taking off. Must destroy main computer, all of the engines, or all aliens to prevent. If the UFO takes off, everybody still on UFO considered lost. Human Abduction: Team lands on a rural property and find aliens taking family from farm house to UFO. Must try to save as many of the family as possible. Some of the family are mind controlled zombies, some are still alert. Aliens will attempt to get as many humans on the UFO as possible and take off, same rules as above for take off. Electricy Grid: Map is of a power station. Live power lines and equipment everywhere make this a very dangerous map. Aliens are drawing power from the grid for their UFO. On discovery they will do a fighting withdrawal back to the UFO, attempting to destroy as much of the plant as possible. Must prevent damage to plant and try to capture UFO before it takes off. Nuclear Base Infiltration: Team finds aliens have landed at a nuclear missile base and are attempting to sabotage it and abduct military personnel. Kind of a hybrid between abduction and electricity grid scenario. Must prevent damage to the nuclear warheads. Men in Black: Team encounter alien Men In Black. They have a cloak-capable 1950's big ass sedan, and they are quick and sport automatic plasma pistols (MIB unique weapon). This is a small version of a city terrorization mission, set in urban environment. MIBs are modelled as caesians in dark suits, hats, and of course, sunglasses MIB objective is to kill all humans on map and escape in their car. Team must kill all MIB's and hopefully capture car, which can be researched for cloaking technology. Ancient Aliens - Team finds landed ufo at ancient ruins site. Aliens are in the ruins, searching for 'Atlantian Crystals' which are types of power crystals similar to Elerium they can use to power their devices. Team must locate as many crystals as possible and also attempt to capture the ufo. Various famous ruin sites that feature in UFO mythology are modelled and used from throughout the world.
  14. Hi first my native languish is not English,got that good the we can be friends. I thought i might slap you with my ideas so: make the aming more realistic so the bullet don't miss with 100 miles when you are using a sniper from 10 yards away make the shot gun fire more shots/slugs per shell. you know craod control, mabe 5-7 slugs that fire in wide spread you don't want a Xenonaut too close=) that is all fore now i will edit this as i get moar ideas
  15. I have been looking at your game and I'm very pleased and I only have a few suggestions: 1. I know this will never get added, but I'd like a undo button for one reason: sometimes you accidently move a unit, I did it twice today myself. 2. How about adding radar stations so you don't have to buy a whole base to get a radar? Or, better yet, why doesn't the countries tell you or share their radar stations with you? (Okay, last part wouldn't make a good game, but still?) 3. I would like it if you buy more building space for your bases. 4. It would be cool if you could put in other HWPs in the game. I would really like a small arterilly or flak/mortar unit and a heli. 5. I think a flak/mortar weapon would be useful. 6. I would also like if you made a logical place to recieve your weapons from. I get you might could find a pistol on the black market, maybe even an sidewinder missile, but a jet or tank, not likly. (If I'm not mistaken, you bought them on the blackmarket in the first game.) 7. This might be hard to program, but could you allow us to send more then one dropship to an area. This might lessen the strategy, but they do do it in real life. It's very logical to do on a base assualt. 8. Once again, a helicopter. I would like if they added more of them. I also have a question: when you shoot down a squad of ufos, does the crash site have all three of them or does it make three seperate crash sites?
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