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  1. that is true but i want something lither
  2. Hi first my native languish is not English,got that good the we can be friends. I thought i might slap you with my ideas so: make the aming more realistic so the bullet don't miss with 100 miles when you are using a sniper from 10 yards away make the shot gun fire more shots/slugs per shell. you know craod control, mabe 5-7 slugs that fire in wide spread you don't want a Xenonaut too close=) that is all fore now i will edit this as i get moar ideas
  3. my enlish suck so plz be nice i was thingking and an multiplayer mabye, cud make this game even moar awsome. mabye like one person is thealiens and some other is Xenonauts and the tow persons ore tow Xenonauts vs the aliens and the tow persons in frends so they can use skype ore somthing and when one person shot down an alien ship the can wait foe reinforsments frome the other guy. just my idea thx for reading and sorry for the enlish.
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