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Found 14 results

  1. In combat, I see alien and my soldier in same screen. But when i shoot, camera (view) centers on soldier then jumps on to alien where I fired. If I see both in screen is it really all that screen flickering needed? I see firing soldier view centering as unnecessary, but maybe its just me playing too much jagged alliance 2. What do you think folks?
  2. Whatever any xenonaut shoot, camera focus on xenonaut, then, track "projectile" and then, focus on xenonaut again, and will forget initial area. This makes any ground mission much more slowly for me, in most cases i just wasting my time watching how sniper projectiles flying around then on actual gameplay. Refocus and reaim 5 snipers just pain in ass with this camera system. Also some pause on each unit turn - just stupid especially in cases when allien units just sit inside UFO and wait for xenonauts to come. Any workaround\mod\patch to disable this?
  3. I was on a map (farmlands with a big barn) and there was an alien inside the barn shooting me but I couldn't see inside because I didn't have a solider inside. It's not a big deal, I still shot him but it is kind of annoying. Also, and this is very minor, but could you make the rank insignia's true to life?
  4. Could you remove the way the screen centers on aliens that have just been shot? I've ruined a lot of battles by clicking to move someone after shooting and had the screen move just as I'm clicking and find that I've used all my remaining movement points to run toward the alien I just shot.
  5. -) Make it either possible to see through walls (in a UI sense!) or rotate the camera. Because it's really shitty whenever an enemy is behind a wall... -) List the actual items when notifying for "items have arrived at base" (I believe even the original X-COM said that e.g. "X scientists have arrived") -) The "suppressed sign" should always 100% visible, even if it's in fog of war -) Alt+tab seems to offset the mouse cursor upon returning to game (e.g. not exactly handy for writing notes such as these )
  6. So... will the camera be rotate-able in the final game? Right now not being about to see people because of the camera is driving me bonkers. A simple solution would be to outline or silhouette in some way people who are behind scenery. This would be a good improvement to the game generally, as, even with camera rotation some units could still be invisible while others are not. Other stuff... grenades? Something I really enjoyed about UFO:ET was that I could make a reasonably accurate/useful grenadier. He carried a bunch of grenades and I levelled up his throwing/aim stat. It allowed me to have another strategic tool in my arsenal, either for stunning aliens, breaching buildings/ships or just general grenade-y death. I feel like currently grenade accuracy is pretty terrible over medium distances and utterly worthless over longer ranges. C4? Is it intentionally impossible to blow the wall off an alien ship and come in through the side door? I have attempted to use C4 to no avail. This may be intentional due to strength of the alien walls, or bugged, or both! Would love for clarification. Lastly, I've been massively enjoying my recent foray into the game and I really love the idea of the air combat. Currently I feel the TU system could still benefit from little bits of polish, mostly around taking shots and how they factor in turning/not turning etc. Really looking forward to the beta version, and the final game!
  7. Quick request and to see what others think of the civilians. I like them and it is cool to see a cop or ai soldier kill an alien but for the love of all things Holy. Please stop them from running back and forth every turn. My eyes are hurting watching my screen shake when they run. I've only started playing and by my second battle I was actively thinking of ways to kill them myself to stop them from acting like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe my computer is too fast but literally my eyes started hurting watching the screen pan all over the place as this poor scared soul ran left (screen pan) than right (screen pan) then left (screen pan) then back (screen pan), etc. As a suggestion can you change the camera behavior so that it doesn't center (pan) the screen with every square a civi moves? Maybe only pan the camera if the civi gets to within 2 (or so) squares of an edge. Either that or more of my soldiers are going to start carrying rockets to fry em. Thanks and great job with the game...
  8. Just had a go today. An excellent update overall which over time will succeed because people like me keep playing the original x-com game which is a complicated affair now to do. So anything that is up to date, deeper and works on our modern systems will be a hit. Hope you will carry on with terror from the deep, but that is a question for another day. In the original game during a ground combat mission, you were able to press a button which centred on the selected soldier. The advantage with that button, is that you pick your guy, browse around the screen and hit a quick button to centre of him. This is a convenience feature I miss. Secondly, after you fire at an alien and miss. The screen and target should centre back on the alien, ready for the next action. Thirdly, When your turn arrives. You need some kind of message displayed. On a couple of occasions, after the aliens and civilians moved it was my turn. Although I thought it was still the civilians turn. Makes me look like a fool, if someone was watching of course. But you get my meaning. I would like to think these suggestions help in making the combat part of the game more convenient, and convenience makes the game more fun.
  9. So, Any Idea what the plan is for wall blocking the visual of my soldiers and Aliens? Anytime you have an entity next to a wall/building on the NW or NE facings, its is near impossible to see them. And when you are moving a solider for example down the sidewalk on the NE facing, you can't see the colored blocks denoting the movement costs/reserve left over. I would assume this would need to have a way to have walls cut away when there is someone there, but that would be too obvious when there is an Alien standing there. perhaps .. I dunno actually
  10. Is it intentional that you don't see all shots against your troops during hidden movement or is it a bug? I was playing the quick battle and after hidden movement was complete I had 2 dead soldiers. Pressed end turn again and another 1 died. It felt quite frustrating, not knowing who was killing me and from where.
  11. Hello and apologies if this has been previously answered. I am having trouble controlling my men in some of the ground missions. The buildings, especially the two and three story ones, block my view. Cycling the camera down to the lowest level does not help. Is there any way to get these buildings to become transparent when I have a unit behind them? Thanks,
  12. Is there a way around the computers move bouncing around so much? See computer move 1 square, fog of war, move 1 square, fog of war, move 1 square, fog of war. Result is the screen jerks around and you don't really see anything.
  13. I was pondering the benefits of players being able to manually place "tactical markers" on the map during a fight, which would serve some different functions. Players would click the "Tactical Marker" icon on the HUD, click on the map, and then select from some options. The target would be some kind of visual icon - "Arrange units by proximity" > This would re-order your units by their proximity to the target, allowing players who're mouse wheeling to cycle their units to easily select the person closest to the target, then second closest, etc (or furthest, depending on which way you would roll the wheel). I think we all know of situations where this would be useful, as you pick some units to move towards an imaginary target, and have others "hang out" in the back. By rearranging the order of the units, you can efficiently think in terms of your targets, instead of the arbitrary ordering. (NOTE: This rearranging would be temporary, and only last for as long as the tactical marker was active. There would still be a "master order".) - "Center on turn start" > This would force the camera to focus on the tactical marker at the beginning of every player turn, eliminating the scrolling or searching that can happen in big maps. - You would also be able to reference the tactical marker like the alien icon on the side of the screen, quickly jumping to it whenever you wanted. Theoretically there could be multiple numbered (or color coded) markers, allowing players to think in terms of key points and change them on the fly. This isn't a "game changer", but would shave off time and create a new tool for planning and thinking about tactics. The main point for me, is to be able to rearrange the order, I think that would be cool and useful for many people who would otherwise be stuck thinking in terms of pre-set unit order.
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