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  1. In the mean time play some openxcom as superhuman. "ufo enemy unknown" original code had a bug that defaulted to "beginner" difficulty, according to the mod developers.
  2. Hey there, hope you all doing well! I enjoyed the first game very much. Only research tree was too smooth in my opinion. When replaying you can't jump techs, catch more advanced tech earlier, shoot down a ship with better weapons. The research tree felt that is artificially perfectly balanced. And that's fine for first time. Replaying game you looking to do something out of ordinary with prior knowledge and I couldn't do that. Other games for example jagged alliance 1st or 2nd there is a freedom to go that other way. In original UFO: Enemy Unknown sometimes you detect landed large ships or base early you get heavy plasma or blaster from commander. I would like to see a bit of that randomness in research tree and game progress. A chance to get out of this linear advancement.
  3. Didn't even took a minute for turn to end this time. Strange. We can probably close this thread now.
  4. You can see in screenshot i can't get in the middle of that. Finished the game. Never in my life I played a game that was so bugged. Played stable version. But in the end i thought ill grab latest and greatest thinking it will fix something. Didn't help much. Anyway, I enjoyed the game. But it was like playing counter strike with lag. test4.sav test4.sav
  5. Hit end turn. After few auto shootouts its stops. I can move mouse, music is playing but alien turn never ends. I can include logs if you specify file names. Can't seem to find one. test3.sav test3.sav
  6. At landing ship ufo entrance sides, that's how it looks when I near them. Not behind them. In every mission. test2.sav test2.sav
  7. I can fly into any shipping container in industrial maps. From up - down. Sometimes if I fly out and try to back in - i can't. If you try it will be easy to replicate. test.sav test.sav
  8. When on terror mission I used half of my grenades and ammo. When finished, on my way to base I went for another crash-site and my ammo and nades are refreshed. Fully stocked. Was this overlooked or its suppose to be this way? Playing veteran difficulty.
  9. No shield visible when holding, crashes constantly, aliens shoot through walls (two walls actually). Apart from that - looks good. edit: oh and miss a shot but blood appears. Nice one guys. Soldier and alien fit in one screen but when shooting it centers itself. So I cant even see soldiers animation over this screen jumping.
  10. Crashes when I press gun (aim) and then press fire mode. And only with machine gun. When I am in the middle of my mission it crashes straight away to desktop. If I load start of the mission then doing this wont crash straight away, only when I press ESC after. This fire select button with MG is bugged. Remember to select gun first - then select fire.
  11. Does anyone have 21:9 monitor? Maybe they can share how the game looks and does it scale properly.
  12. In combat, I see alien and my soldier in same screen. But when i shoot, camera (view) centers on soldier then jumps on to alien where I fired. If I see both in screen is it really all that screen flickering needed? I see firing soldier view centering as unnecessary, but maybe its just me playing too much jagged alliance 2. What do you think folks?
  13. Just started playing, when shooting I noticed that projectiles starts from stomach somewhere in that area instead of barrel of a gun. Looks weird. Is there any medicine for that?
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