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  1. Post: Description: I was plaing UFO cleanup mission. When the last alien killed, mission completes, geodata started loading and then game crushes and exits to desktop What Happened: Doesn't matter how alien killed. Further information: savegame attached auto_groundcombat_turn_9_start-279.json auto_strategy_before_combat-90.json
  2. When playing the starting Cleaner mission, I went to throw a flash bang at the General and misclicked. I pressed ESC to cancel my action and the game abruptly crashed. bug_report_2024-06-09-21h13_gc_4.5.0_unhandled_exception.zip
  3. I am using the Steam version of the game with the CE edition mod, no other mods used When in ground combat I have cleared a map of aliens outside the UFO and then prepared to assault the UFO (Scout) and kill the remaining aliens. I had one of my soldiers throw in a grenade, a flashbang or stun grenande, which started a fire inside the ship and killed most the aliens in the first larger room. I had to move my guys outside the ship as the fire kept spreading, including to the dry yellow grass field outside the ship. When I went back into the ship I moved through the main room and tried to go through the narrow 2 square corridor to kill any remaining aliens in the forward smaller cockpit room but.. There is now a invisible alien blocking my way, which I can shoot and damage but do not seem to be able to kill. I am not sure if it is the only remaining alien or there is more in the cockpit which I can not access. I have also tried to stun the alien to no avail - it shows the damage numbers when it is attacked but does not die. Have attached a saved game (irongame mode) and screenshot. Note that the invisible alien is highlighted with the cursor showing the red circle. Steps to recreate: Unknown -perhaps just start a fire in a ship with grenades -if some of the aliens are killed by the fire out of line of sight it may create an invisible indestructable idle alien Looks like I'll try killing it a couple more times and if that fails I will have to retreat and abort mission! Aut.sav Aut.sav
  4. After a long play through I encountered a problem when I completed the research on Heavy Plasma, (the one that unlocks the plasma base defender type missile... thing.) After the research is completed and I am brought to the xenopedia page for the new entries I become unable to select anything. When I select, say the x button, the game makes the sound as if I selected it but nothing changes. I have restarted the game, tried a new save file and re-installed the game all to no avail. I also used the .bat program to clean the file, yet the problem still persists. any help to alleviate said problem would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Took me a while to notice, and more to diagnose, but the ufocontents asset folder is creating some odd effects. For one, despite the contents of those files clearly indicating there should be variation in the units, all I'm getting are soldiers of some kind - every. single. battle. But it also seems to be placing the aliens unusually close to my dropship (occasionally 5-10 squares out) and *never* in the UFO - not once in quite a few battles. I'm guessing it's resorting to random placement instead of using the map settings.. I've tested this with all map packs removed and a vanilla game with nothing but CE applied. This becomes game breaking for new games, as it effectively removes noncombantant aliens, meaning no plasma pistol, meaning dead end for research. Removal of this folder seems to fix the issue, and I'm not seeing any problems as a result of that. Given the difference in how the data is represented between the original and modded xml files, I'm thinking there's a bug in how it's reading that data in.
  6. - Laser pistol tooltip says it can hold 15 shots, it can only hold 9. - After you start any research project, the research description changes to "A preliminary study of the composition of the alien invasion fleet" even though no project is selected anymore. - In one mission (downed carrier), I was able to see through the front of the UFO, both looking in and looking out. I apologize if this is an issue with a custom map, I have the pack that you recommended installed. Here are two screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/uaO31Eh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hGLyqQz.jpg - In another mission, the UFO's texture was above that of my soldiers: http://i.imgur.com/KgPe4CW.jpg Again, I apologize if this is an issue with that map pack. - I need to be able to delete soldier classes, including the standard ones. I need to be able to define what the default class is. Some additional icons would be great. The ability to sort classes in the menu would be very nice. At the very least, make the window larger so I can see more classes and make the size of each listing 50% smaller so I can have 10 or so visible at all times. - Any accidental mis-click in the base view results in you spending half a bloody million dollars on a radar dish, and even immediately canceling the construction means I still lose half of my unintentional investment. UFO did this properly, you had you click on an item to build AND THEN select where to build it. I strongly doubt the use cases where the ability to immediately build a radar dish outnumber the times where you don't want to blow half a million dollars by having your finger slip. - The scroll wheel behaves slowly and/or inconsistently in menus. Why do I need to wait so long between scrolling? Scroll... wait... okay now I can scroll again, scroll... wait... scroll. One example of it acting inconsistently is when I select a soldier, add them to a ship, then scroll. Sometimes it seems like I end up scrolling through soldiers assigned to the ship, or maybe it's ALL my soldiers, but it's definitely not the soldier below the one I just had selected in the unassigned list, or hell, maybe it'll scroll the list itself as well. Scrolling should either scroll the box or it should scroll through soldiers, not both. Why is that box so bloody small anyway? This is UFO/XCOM Xenonauts, where soldiers die by the dozen, and my soldier list can display a whopping 10 at a time without scrolling? The entire list gets about 1/20th of the screen dedicated to it? In UFO this little tiny box was its own entire screen! - The arrow buttons to allocate/deallocate scientists/engineers/etc are atrocious, I can't describe how big of an impact this issue is having on my impression of the game because it's impossible to have not been discovered prior to release and it's sloppy as hell. This is how it needs to work: CLICK -> THING HAPPENS. Not CLICK AND HOLD -> MAYBE SOMETHING WILL EVENTUALLY HAPPEN AND IT'LL PROBABLY BE WAY MORE THAN YOU WANTED UNLESS YOU HAVE THE REFLEXES OF A CHEETAH. This is ludicrous. Embarrassingly terrible. I haven't even seen a console port screw up something so basic in a very long time. - I'm pretty sure if I accidentally set my number of workers on a project to zero it also resets construction and I permanently lose all the time and resources that were allocated to that project. Combined with not being able to assign people ONE AT A TIME because the interface design was (I assume) outsourced to a potato farmer in Siberia who had to write the code using punch cards, I've lost a shitton of time, money, and resources. Speaking of which... - Am I correct in thinking that if I cancel a project (or even just temporarily unallocate all workers from it) I lose all the resources I've invested? This seems like a bit of unnecessary punishment. If I invest 20 alien alloys in a project and cancel it half way, I can understand if I lose 50% of that, but 100% means that if I even so much as accidentally mis-click on something I immediately lose a potentially game-ending amount of resources. ----- Finally, an issue that's strictly a matter of my personal preference: I'm surprised that you made the choice to have all weapons in each class ("rifle", etc) have identical accuracy regardless of their tech level. I think at least a 5% upgrade with each tech level would be good considering a) how incredibly costly weapons are in Xenonauts, and b) weapons in the original game got progressively more accurate and this was one of the most important reasons and obvious rewards to spending the time and money to research/manufacture/acquire them. I can swallow that for balance reasons we're not allowed to keep anything we gain on a mission, but an M-16 having identical accuracy to a laser... I don't get it. If anything it makes me feel a bit disappointed that you let weapons remain simply "better" at each tech level rather than trying to differentiate them in a meaningful way. For example, basic rifles could provide the baseline, laser weapons could be slightly more powerful but with much better accuracy and smaller magazines, plasma weapons could be much more powerful but with only slightly better accuracy than basic rifles, and mag weapons could be good generally (not quite as accurate as lasers, not quite as powerful as plasma) but also heavy and with relatively small magazines. edit: Adding a little more to this topic of odd balance changes, I found myself using burst fire in UFO (original game) around 50-75% of the time once I had lasers while in Xenonauts it seems only effective if you happen to be standing directly adjacent to your enemy, but even then you're liable to miss 1-2 times with a soldier of decent accuracy. I understand this is a reimagining rather than a remake, but burst fire seems to have been nerfed excessively. Perhaps this is in large part due to the aforementioned lack of accuracy improvement with tech level. If nothing else, it should be virtually impossible to miss someone with a burst shot when you're standing 1 square away, regardless of any considerations.
  7. I tested this on v19 stable If you move 2 or more units same time, the game freezes or slows down, alot. This is easy to test atleast
  8. I keep coming across this one farm map where aliens seem to live in the walls, and this one set of stairs is broken. I remembered to make a save and put it up so that you can see exactly what map it is that causes problems. Link here. If you have the south-most Xenonaut selected, he's facing directly at a hay bale that has a red circle (alien) in it. As for the stairs, it's basically the only set of stairs visible from the save - soldiers will path to a set of stairs that are not visible on the other end of the building to get upstairs if you tell them to move to the top of those stairs. Soldiers told to stand on the stairs stand inside them.
  9. On a Corvette mission on a desert map firing a sniper from the second story of a building and hitting a Harridan soldier causes a CTD, I've done it twice now, I'm not sure what part of that particular action is causing the crash, firing at the soldier from the ground floor hasn't caused a CTD. I also noticed i was not able to get to all of the second floor of the building, a room with stairs leading to the roof was inaccessible even though there was a door to the room on the floor.
  10. On a ground mission on a desert map a Cebillian shot and killed one of my soldier by firing diagonally through one of the large square rock structures, when i moved another soldier over to the rock he had a clear line of fire through the rock back to the alien as well.
  11. I have a character that is stuck next to a door. I cannot open or close the door, the graphic icon for door manipulation does not appear. I can no longer move my unit. The problem persists after a turn as well. My unit appears to be suck in place and unable to fire weapon either, for the duration of the mission. The green movement tile appears with a ? in it if that helps! Edit: Doh! v16.1
  12. So, if you have 22+ saves, this version crashes 100% of the time on Win7 after doing the New-Game, Load-Game workaround for time pause. I'll test when V16 is out.
  13. Is anyone else getting odd sounds during combat? A few times now, clicking on the VII tab for my jeep triggers a gun reload sound. And occasionally turning in place results in footsteps. Not all the time though.. not sure if this is known or not, or how best to supply bug reporting support...
  14. When a unit vaults over a wall and has not moved from the tile he advanced onto it doesn't look like he's on the other side of the wall, it looks like he's on top of the wall. It's tiny graphic hiccup that makes the world a little bit flat but aside from that I'm pretty much in love with what I've played of the demo! Cannot wait for the full game!
  15. I apologize in advance if this has already been posted. I did a quick search, and didn't see it. Note this is VERY minor. Currently, if you select an existing save, the save button is not available, even though the name of the save is visible in the name box. If I re-type it, I can overwrite it. I think it would be good if the save button was enabled when a preexisting save was selected, so I don't have to re-type a name for it again.
  16. If a machine gunner is placed in front of a wall and is ordered to auto fire at the wall/window he has a chance to kill himself in the process. Poooor machine gunner
  17. After researching the two alien plasma weapons, Alien Plasma Technology does not appear for research. Hadn't even realised it was supposed to until flagged by Sathra on another thread, but does mean that laser weapons and wolf armour aren't researchable either. New game here I come... 2011-12-21_20.20.29.zip 2011-12-21_20.20.29.zip
  18. So I saw an alien through a window. My soldier with no armour and a machine gun runs up to the window, and aims at the alien. Because the window is still there there is a 0% chance to hit, but I shoot the 5 round burst hoping the last 4 rounds will hit the alien. But no. My man shoots out the window, destroys the whole wall section, then falls down dead. Oh and then the game crashed... Also this was in debug mode.
  19. After a while of right clicking items to unequip them, the game crashes. Haven't got much more than that to recreate, but it has happened at least twice to me. Just keep right clicking stuff from several soldiers, replacing their weapons with others by double left clicking, and it should happen to you too!
  20. Got shot through the front door of the ufo (into the big compartment) and could shoot back through it. I never opened it, and had to do so later
  21. Steps leading to the CTD: I was configuring my drop ship party in the soldiers tab Clicked back to the geoscape The xenopedia popped up saying I had completed my first research I closed and went into research Added all items available to me and assigned some 20 scientists The moment I clicked back to my soldiers tab CTD occurred Hope that is quite clear. I will attempt to repeat these steps and see if I can get something that can be duplicated edit: must have gotten events mixed up; as time does not pass when in tabs
  22. Every time I finish the ground combat, the hidden movement screen comes up, and never goes away. I alt-cntr-del and it says the program is not responding. I know I have posted this in other threads, but they are relating to slightly different things so I thought I'd make this one it's own thread.
  23. It appears that the cover indicator comes up even if the cover is through the wall. see picture for an example
  24. As you can see from my Personnel Screen, I only had 29 scientists but I was allowed to assign up to 190 of them! It sure did speed up research. I also only had 1 lab but got credit for 190 lab space. Not really sure where the error came in but i believe that i loaded during combat a few times and when I exited combat, I noticed the increased capacity
  25. Having scanned through the other issues with crashes on loading saves, I think this one may be different: After a certain point (about 24 June and I think after the first time I loaded a ground combat mission, completed it then carried on playing) every time I try to load a save from the geoscape I get a CTD. Happens consistently and while it does bring up the save selection box whatever save you select (geoscape or gc, save from the same game or different one), causes a crash.
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