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  1. Hmmm I like that the style is consistent with the other new UIs and the functionality better, but I do think it could do with being darkened a bit (the ocean in particular, even if the old black ocean was a bit severe). Any there any plans for it to change over time as the tech level improves, as I think was being planned for some of the other UIs?
  2. Also had the sound bug, and did in fact have two civilians run through fire from a rocket blast (which counted as two xenonaut-caused casualties ). Perhaps the civilian AI needs a tweak?
  3. Same here - the workshop space is also not freed up after any project is completed.
  4. I also get the CTD when attempting a downed corvette mission.
  5. This would be really helpful, as would movement paths remaining between turns so that if the movement path you click would take the soldier three turns, it would continue to be visible in the two subsequent turns.
  6. Agreed - I also can't now research alloy fabrication and I was very sparing with the number of saves I made before reaching that point.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or not but the autosave feature seems to stop working in mid-June. There were three autosaves made, which I guess relate to early interceptions and successful ground combat, but when I had a crash in early-July nothing had autosaved for weeks despite a number of ground missions, etc.
  8. Had it happen to me as well - no save game I'm afraid... Have all of the previous glitches introduced by saving during ground missions been fixed? I've been reluctant to do it given all of the problems it caused in earlier versions.
  9. Hell yes - count me in
  10. Any update or ETA on V9.0?
  11. There are - try looking at the bottom of page 4 of this thread.!/page4
  12. I think Steam pretty much insists that games only/mainly distributed through Steam, especially indie titles, must have achievements. Not certain though, and I expect it will come up when Chris started talking to them.
  13. Try to post bugs separately and in the same format as everyone else: one bug per thread labelled with the details. Also most of these are reported multiple times already if you search through the bug reports forum; try to post in a thread that already exists if you also experience the same bug.
  14. I think everyone's experienced the issue with two-handed weapons where after completing one mission the weight of the weapon effectively doubles, usually bringing some kind of AP penalty in subsequent missions unless the soldier is particularly strong. Just wanted to flag its still present in V8.9 and ask whether its due to be fixed in V9? Its a minor issue and - for anyone who didn't know - can be fixed easily by going through the inventory for each solider and clicking on the weapon itself. That said, its a pain to have to do this for a dozen soldiers between each ground mission.
  15. Is it worth starting a new master bug thread, as Matthew is now leading and the current one is quite out of date?