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  1. AHOY Brand new player to Xenonauts but have played XCOM since Amiga and I am glad to meet this game's acquaintance - something about it just feels right. I'm half-way through intercepting UFO-02 and there's one item of feedback I wish to share immediately (whilst it's fresh - for either persuasion or information purposes). Within seconds of hitting the geoscape for the first time, one of my impressions were: Why the hell can't I zoom in further? For some reason, I wish to be able to. Badly enough to mention, it seems. Is this perhaps one of those very-easy done things - to address? It's arguably negligible to game-play, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you could zoom in further and watch your blips flyby quicker across the terrain. What kind of difficulties might be involved in adding further resolution to the geoscape? If there be a suggestion area move this there if you wish. I advocate the ability to use the scroll wheel to eventually zoom 'all the way' into your scape (at least to the point where you would struggle to pan across with clicking and dragging or cursor keys to keep up with even your slowest blips).
  2. Hi there, I have been playing Xenonauts for several months now and although I do enjoy the game and am very impressed with all the work you guys have put into it, I do think it could be improved upon a great deal. I would like to make some suggestions on how to improve the gaming experience in Xenonauts. 1. Character portrait animations[/i]: I can´t stress how important this is for better immersion into the game as well as it making the player more fond of his characters and more intent on keeping them safe. Animations would include eyes blinking, head looking from side to side(eyes as well), smiling/frowning/open mouth(shock), grimace(teeth showing when hit for example), yawning etc. 2. Text above soldiers used to describe soldier actions/mood: When hit they could say: "I´m hit!". When taking fire and being suppressed: "I´m taking heavy fire!". When healed by a fellow soldier: "Thanks man, I needed that...". After successfully hitting an alien and even killing one: "Enemy is hit." or "Enemy neutralized.". I hope you get my point... Some randomization for each situation would also be very helpful for the enjoyment of the battles. 3. Hit Point counters above aliens: This could be input as standard from the start of the game or through researching something like a scanner(such as the Scanner from the original X-com game) that tells you where aliens are spotted on the map and where they were last seen before disappearing from view. With scanner in hand, a soldier would be able to click on any alien in view to see it´s remaining HPs and even what type of armor and weapon it is using. Incorporate any or all of these functions into a scanner module and I am sure that players will find it to be a most useful item. 4. More maps and diverse terrain: I have tons of ideas for this matter. The importance of having a large number of different maps to play on is one of the highest for any X-COM clone. I have played too many such games with very few types of maps and/or variation in maps(meaning random map generators) so I know what a letdown that can be. Players get bored quickly playing the same maps over and over again. I suggest more varied terrain with hills and inclines to climb unto and over. You have done a great job with cover(we already have boxes, rocks, boulders, barrels, cars, containers etc.)though. How about buildings with 3 or more floors, elevators(just think of the mechanics of stairs, u must elevate the view and click on the square above the soldier to move him up a level) and the ability to jump down from a floor(with a jump down from 3rd floor or higher killing a soldier with less than 70 HP instantly f.eks)? 5. More strategic battle types: I was thinking about tactical mission linked directly to the "reports of alien activity" which we see all too often around the globe but can do nothing about. This, to me, is very frustrating and I would like to be able to click the "report banner" and see some detailed information about the event, send in a recon unit to check things out and solve the problem. The nation whose territory is being subject to alien activity might offer a reward for completing the mission and as such, a completion of that mission would also improve relations between Xenonauts and the aforementioned nation. The variance in tactical maps and unit size, total scale of the tactical missions etc., should be kept to a minimum however. Here is a list of mission types I have in mind. A) Rescue mission: Rescue a set number of scientists/specialized civilian workers/politicians(or any other important figure), with the total number of soldiers being 4, making it much quicker to play the mission which should also be rather easy with only 4-6(roughly) aliens to fight. Now this new type of mission would require some way of getting the people to be rescued to the helicopter. This could be achieved in several ways: Make a soldier go up to a civilian and heal him with a medkit, this would program the civilian a direct path to the chopper or even teleport him inside if the earlier solution is too hard to program into the game. Create an option to click on a civilian and choose between: 1> Follow me. 2> Stay. 3> Go to chopper. Last but not least and the easiest way would of course be to just eliminate all of the aliens, making the area safe for the people to get back to their homes. B) Intelligence gathering: Send a squad of up to 4 soldiers to gather up important documents that must not fall into alien hands. Said documents could be on the floor inside a specific building and glowing in a certain color, they could be picked up just like any other item and put into inventory. Soldiers will need to return to chopper to complete the mission or the mission will be automatically completed once the documents are in a soldier´s inventory. Aliens will guard the building making the player have to eliminate some or all of them to get to the documents. C) Forest fires: Aliens have set a small forest ablaze using plasma weapons, these alien terrorists must be disposed of to complete the mission. The addition of multiple fires all over the map(with some buildings on fire perhaps) and lots of smoke will make navigation and combat much more tricky, it could be an interesting battle. D) Ocean battle: Fighting on a small ship, an oil tanker or even an off-shore drilling platform would be an amazing distraction from the mundane land combat. Again, you should choose a set amount of soldiers and aliens for the map, but keep the number smaller than in traditional land maps. Elimination or securing the bridge/control room for 5 turns would win the battle. I have some bugs to report as well. 1. The aliens are still shooting through the floors of UFOs. 2. Houses can be blown to smithereens if the walls/windows/doors are hit for a set amount of damage(was this intentional? did buildings have HPs programmed into the game?) and all that is left is a lot of debris which all looks like a ton of matchsticks...my soldiers have died because of this and so have the aliens unneccesarily by destroying the building they were in, depriving me of the satisfaction of killing them myself. Oh, and when you walk into the debris field, the game crashes. 3. Game crashes when trying to send out a fighter that is being repaired/recovered, even if paired up with other intact fighters in a group. Some other suggestions for the game would be to allow the player to ask for assistance in UFO air combat missions, when you click on a UFO you would then have the option of Engage or Allow Allies to Engage. The success or failure would be through the already programmed Auto-Resolve feature. The allies would of course only be flying their standard interceptors, closely resembling the F-17s performance and armed with Sidewinders(so they should only be able to take down Small Scouts, Scouts and Fighters). This would be useful to take down or assist in taking down multiple UFOs, since you have to go back and re-arm/refuel your fighters after every single engagement. How the success/failure of the allied air combat affects relations or even allied military air power after consistent losses is totally up to you guys. I kind of liked the ability in one of your earlier versions of the game where you could pay to call in an artillery strike to finish off a downed UFO. It is just too time-consuming and boring having to finish those easier missions(and if you leave them alone will that give bad relations towards Xenonauts?? I am not sure, that´s why I finish ALL UFOs I shoot down or try to shoot smaller ones down over the water), such as downed Small Scouts and Scouts all the time. Something similar, like having an Auto-Resolve feature for allied squads doing the work for you, would help us out alot. You might perhaps try having fewer UFOs appearing randomly every week, allowing players to focus more on research and manufacture etc. Buying and Selling: One of the things that made X-COM great was how you were able to buy standard equipment and sell EVERYTHING you got your hands on from battles and through manufacturing. Don´t get me wrong, I like the fact that standard ammo and equipment/weapons etc. are unlimited but you should be able to sell what u manufacture for profit as well as alien tech and corpses. This would also help your allies get better equipped for future engagements both in the air and on the ground.... I am asking a bit much I know... Especially since the game is coming near completion.. But I sincerely hope that you could incorporate at least some of my ideas into the game, as long as it isn´t too much trouble for you guys. I could even help out with making some of those additions work, at least on paper, since I have quite a good eye for detail and loads of ideas and ways to work around problems. Thanks for all your efforts in making this brilliant game, I absolutely love playing it.
  3. I found these in my screenshot folder, can't recall how I did that. Anyhow, it happened and maybe looking at it will lead the coding team to some bugfixing breakthrough.
  4. I think it has been reported before, but I'm posting these screencaps as they clearly illustrate the issue. note: chance to hit, line of fire, alien visibility icon, movement path
  5. First of all I want to thank makers of this game! So, back to my questions. Can someone answer them? Sorry if it was answered earlier, I just didnt find it on forum. 1. Cant find battlefield map. If there is non, any plans to make it in future builds? 2. Are there maps with terrain elevation, same as in X-Com or all maps are flat, same as in JA? Any plans to make elevated maps if there is non at the moment? 3. Center on soldier on portrait double click. 4. Personal data of renaimed soldier still show old name. Is this works as intended or will be changed later? --- Sometimes I see random events on GEO map. Ships attacked or people abducted or circles on fields. Can I somehow interact with these events, send soldiers to investigate? Thanks
  6. I really wanted to support this game because I loved the original Xcom series but don't think I'll like the new one, and want to support indie developers. So far there is quite a bit to like but I'm concerned about the fact that V18 is apparently a beta candidate as I think there is still a hell of a lot to do to make it what it should be, not just leftover bugs but essential game mechanics that look likely to be left out altogether. In my current game I have shot down 12 alien craft, researched the early vehicle, heavy fighter and a couple of alien techs. I started my first game on hard but due to a few game breaking bugs and my own incompetence am currently on easy. As I'm not that far through some of my gripes may turn out to be neutralised by more research (or more updates), but having read through various forum posts I'm concerned and wanted to register my current impressions. I also have to admit that I have little or no idea of how to make some of the improvents I consider neccessary. I also don't feel I've yet seen enough to comment on AI etc. Things I like: Geoscape - looks and feels good, with enough to make it important but not the core of the game. Air combat - I'm pleased that this has been included (so far I suck) and think it's about the right complexity/simplicity balance. I don't feel any need for pilots. Base management - looks nice, interested to see how my first base defence works. Things I don't like: Ground combat - Personally I feel that psionics should have a mid to late game role, I understand that badly implemented they can totally unbalance the whole thing but this is ultimately just a matter if designing them right. For example psi agents could be made slow and physically weak and in need of protection while also having a tendency to catastrophic blowback in some circumstances from using their powers - inexperienced psi agents could trigger booby traps in the minds of some aliens causing soldiers near the psi agent to become stunned, revealed through the fog of war, go beserk or suffer other deleterious effects. This would leave the player with the conundrum of a fragile unit that needs protection from a distance. Fair enough if the dev team have concluded that psi powers should not have a role in order to focus on the combat, but this leads me to my biggest gripe as the rest of combat is either bady bugged or seriously substandard. My current save is at the start of my second terror mission (I made it through the first one by saving every turn and many reloads), this time around my dropship has landed such that 4 (I think) aliens are visible by the time my troops have stepped out the doors and many more seem able to shoot me due to the nearby ones acting as spotters, or over long alien LOS/tendency to shoot through objects. This means that even when I tested what would happen if my troops cowered in the relative shelter of the chinook one had died and another was critical after the first alien turn. When I took a more traditional tactic of fanning out to the nearest points of mutually supportive cover I managed to take out one alien but 3 of my 8 troops died on the first alien turn, most of them due to fire from the still FOW enemies. I want the game to be hard but this is on easy. Apparently the inability of troops to take cover at and fire from corners is unlikely to be changed - this is absurd, given that cover is at the core of the game, I can't find it now but I read a post suggesting that calculating LOS from each corner of tile A to each corner of tile B might resolve this. Equally absurd is the fact that all maps are flat. Not that I have personal experience of a combat zone but surely varied terrain is fundamental to a game based around different teams shooting each other with guns. Grenades are still broken but I appreciate that this will be fixed. I get the impression that weapon variety may be limited to tiers (ballistic, laser, plasma etc) of more effective but otherwise functionally identical choices i.e shotgun type with short range and poor accuracy but high power, sniper type with long range and good accuracy but low fire rate. I am hoping that further research will prove me wrong and lead to more variety, such as mines, flamethrowers, grenade launchers and something to reveal distant areas like binoculars or aerial surveillance. Suggestions (some of which may render others unnessecary): - Cover at corners. - Variable terrain. - More cover. - less accurate aliens or tougher troops. - more map variation. - flares on night missions should illuminate more ground. - More plausible missed shot trajectories - a shot from near point blank range should not miss by a full 45 degrees. Suggestions for geoscape: - Governments could interact more than I've seen so far with Xenonauts and each other. - A bit more starter cash, lower costs, more forgiving governments, or a slightly slower ticker - I only have one base so far and already two cities have been nuked as dropships from my mid east base (chosen as a base there covers all its own region plus significant chunks of several others, base 2 will likely be Central America for similar reasons) just couldn't get to S America or New Zealand in time. I want to like this game and I'm sure a lots of hard work has gone in already but bugs aside there are still several deficiencies, that if left unremedied will lead to me giving up and feeling glad I only paid standard pre order. Please don't make excuses about the engine not permitting varied terrain or over features fundamental to a game such as this one. I'm sure it's true but it simply means a poor choice of engine was made in the first place Platypus
  7. One thing I've noticed when playing Xenonauts so far is the distinct lack of mountainside maps on the geoscape, after shooting a ufo down over the Himalaya's, I played a farmyard level, then on another, an industrial level. As far as I am aware the Himalaya's arn't exactly world famous for agriculture and exports. I know it's close to Beta and I don't mean to nit pick but will there be any Mountain/Hillsite crashsite levels in the final build? If anyone knows any news it would be greatly appreciated if it was shared.
  8. zzz


    Since in 9.3x changed targetmap handling - all this maps are obsolete I played with the editor and made some maps. This is primarily not about the quality(and some can be wierd ), but an attempt to add a diversity. I changed some of files, but because they are not used now, I do not think that this could be a problem. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pg4vtpbn1yadqkd If you remove the "assets \ levelsetup.xml" the game will choose the tilesets on the basis of the globe This is to add into the game a desert (in some way), a farm and one more industrial map. You should also remove maps\industrial\testbase.xml and testbasesmall.xml - they only for testing purposes. Or you can use this file (assets \ levelsetup.xml) to force the game to always use one particular map that actually this file is does.(as far as I understand) This is a list of maps random <Map tileset="farm" mapname="farm_C_S1_random" /> <Map tileset="farm" mapname="farm_lightscout_random" /> some variety <Map tileset="industrial" mapname="test22" /> random and bit wierd <Map tileset="desert" mapname="desert" /> <Map tileset="desert" mapname="desert2" /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?288b7l6l6ib6cg1 some variety <Map tileset="industrial" mapname="Factories" /> In the first place I was concerned about the possibility of a return to the original as I propose to copy something, and even replace, but if you remove the new maps and\or return "assets \ levelsetup.xml" then the game will play as intended, other changes would remove next update or desura verify.
  9. Having just spent some time sending my Xenonauts through pine forests, Arctic slopes and lush jungles, the expanding use of terrain in the game has been on my mind. Are there any plans to implement differing AP requirements based on the terrain the soldier is going to be moving through? In EU1994 this was:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Normal Terrain)[/td] [td]4 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Medium grass)[/td] [td]5 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Tall Grass)[/td] [td]6 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Climb or Descend One Space (Hill/Ramp/Stairs)[/td] [td]8 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]N/A[/td] [/tr] [/table] Extrapolating this you could have:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Normal Terrain)[/td] [td]4 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Difficult Terrain)[/td] [td]5 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Very Difficult Terrain)[/td] [td]6 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Climb or Descend One Space (Hill/Ramp/Stairs)[/td] [td]8 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]N/A[/td] [/tr] [/table] Where the terrain types could be:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Normal - 4[/td] [td]Road, Street, Grass, Puddles, Light Snowfall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Difficult - 5[/td] [td]Mud, Medium Grass, Light Brush, Snow, Stream, Sand, Trail, Low Wall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Very Difficult - 6[/td] [td]Marsh, Tall Grass, Brush/Bocage, Uneven Rocks, Deep Snow, Deep Stream, Rickety Bridge, Wall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Slopes - 8[/td] [td]Hill, Ramp, Stairs, Swamp, Wheatfield, Dense Foliage, Wreckage, Drift, Shallow River, Dune, Slanted Roof, Crater Ridge/ Shellhole[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]Bogs, Cliffs, Deep Woods, Impenetrable Forest, Dense Wreckage, Lake/ Deep River, Cliff[/td] [/tr] [/table] As I enjoy the odd skirmish game, I know this is one area a number of players of such things would look at and say “well, that’s pants then,” or phrases along those lines. Not in a purist way, but as it’s really one of the basics. So, I really do hope it’s something that has been planned and was just awaiting some maps to be in place first. Extensions of this would be the use of weather affecting some of the tiles during the course of a mission, or altering it slightly as you get there. This was discussed in this thread It looks to be beyond the current scope, but deserves a mention and a reread. It also mentions the appropriate effects of elevation within the game.
  10. I remember that there was short discussion about that having "gradual" hills and slopes like in original would be great. Is it actually planned? Tactics would be great even without it, but I think it is an addition worth having.
  11. First off I'd like to start this post by saying a lot of my suggestions or request i don't expect to be in the initial launch of this game. These are more of cosmetic features/suggestions that could add more depth to the game in minuet ways. Also if weather has already been discussed, my apology. If you ask any soldier anywhere across the world he will tell you that weather and terrain dictate tempo of a battlefield. It dictates on how you can attack the enemy and the movement speed of your troops across the battlefield. Thus, I believe a regional/seasonal weather system would be fitting for Xenonauts. On the Global map seeing winter snow fade in and out as winter comes and passes would add a cosmetic appeal to the game. On a battle scale snow or rain could hinder troop movement and sand/snow/rain storms could lower visibility. The global game map is already separated into different regions of the world. Your half way there in my opinion, now all you have to do is add different factors to these regions of the world. Like if its between Month A to month B a sand/snow/rain storm is X likely to happen on this region of the world and Y likely to be represented on a battlefield. Obviously to represent snow/rain fall in the game would be a little difficult so i propose to just have snow fall on the ground or make the ground a little more reflective if you will to represent rainfall and maybe a 10% loss of visibility and slightly increased Ap to move while outdoors. I'm assuming one cosmetic issue that would show itself is how do you prevent this effect from taking place indoors and that in my opinion where things will be a little difficult, I don't know how the developers built the game engine and if buildings are represented differently on a map then the under layer of the ground. On to the next topic Terrain bonuses, I've seen the cover feature which i think is a great feature that's been added. I was just curious to know if there's going to be an elevation bonus. If a soldier is on the second floor or roof of a building will his visibility or accuracy be improved? Will terrain add any bonuses to the combat? If not i think this would also be another feature that would be nice to add. Again if this topic has already been posted my apologies. Like i stated before it would be more of a cosmetic addition to the game with slight feature improvements. Something similar to a NASA weather satellite, if you will [Example] Seeing weather phenomenal take place on the global map would be interesting as well. Please post your own thoughts on the topics and if you think they would add to the game play. Primarily the weather, it would be more of a visual representation of time regarding the seasonal effects on the global map.
  12. I wanted to ask about the terrain generation in the game. Is it randomly generated? When I have been watching videos it appears to be the same level (with the chinook in the bottom left corner, electricity generators infront and a massive oil tanker that can explode if shot to the right of the chinook) Is this intentional and random terrain generation is not in game or is this just because it's an alpha and it's not implemented as of yet? Many thanks, James
  13. Hello, Will the Fighting areas after an Crash more like Ufo - EU oder more like Efo Extraterrestrials? Means will the Areas consit of a sqare of 5x5 Tiles thet where randomly selected from a great pool of tiles or will the areas be completly designed with a pool of maps for each Ufo Type? I'm playing UFO ET at the moment and I mentioned that an Battlecruiser will never crash in a Town, while on the other hand a Scout or Fighter will never Crash on a golf course And: Will some Aliens die during the crash? Fighting Ufos in ET sometimes shows that some aliens die during the crash. In UFO EX you will always have the same number of aliens. Out of interest how often the Ufo was hit and damaged. Thats nasty for the atmosphere of the game.
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