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Found 9 results

  1. Hiya It is a pretty minor one, but the transfer cost column does not show the transfer costs of each item. The total cost does still work though.
  2. While no problem on the beginning, later on, with multiple bases and more resources, it would be great if we could select numbers quickly. Holding down mouse to transfer several hundred alien alloys from one base to another is not funny, nor fast. Same for assigning scientists / engineers to tasks, etc. Practicaly anything where we have to choose how many would benefit from direct number imput. Sliders are another and *not good* variant, as they are notoriously unprecise. For example, the field that shows numbers now between + and - buttons can be clickable.
  3. I see that the general stores facility is in Xenonauts but I'm having difficulty determining what it is exactly that it does. I would assume that one is needed before items can be purchased or manufactured but would two be better than one? Is there a limit to how much stuff can be stored in a single facility? XCom had charts showing the amount of available storage space a base had and how much of it was in use. I'm not seeing anything of the sort in Xenonauts. So do we ever need to build more than one in a single base? If so, how do we know when to build additional facilities?
  4. This is related to the fact that since beginning equipments come in infinite quantity so that we don't need to micro-management them anymore [too bad, I really like to do so]. However, I personally want a clean storage and inventory in my base - which means thing I don't need/like I will sell out all [or in this case throw out]. Is there possible to add a feature that allow player to hide/throw out unnecessery equipments ? Since after a while in the game they become pretty much useless and only a bother when I begin equipping my squad. I just don't want to see useless things lying around and having the options to hide/throw them out would greatly increase my enjoyment playing these type of games The same problem with the new Firaxis XCOM game, but worse. I can't even sell out my outdated armors and low-tech weapons for some really needed cash anymore. They sit there, useless and in large quantities [since if i don't I can't survive in Ironman Classic >.>] as a remind of how many precious money I have wasted on them and now they will be there forever, waiting to be put into some XCOM Museum after the war end <.< So please, I think the ability to manage your Storeroom and inventory will help a lots with players enjoyment of the game since this game is supposed to make players... um... immense ? I mean in such a deep game like this, I want everything to be perfect in my base according to my preference if possible *O* Something like that. P/S : another small thing that I'm sure lots of people should have raised already but since I'm a bit lazy to check old topic I will just say it here - Is the soldier stats right now only for testing and will be different after the game release ? Because they're almost alike with significant different between soldiers [all in about 55-60]. That is boring, like a clone army T_T EDITED : I'm terribly sorry I post this in the wrong forum. Newbie mistakes T_T Could some moderator be so kind as to move this to the suitable forum please ? Thanks a lot and sorry again.
  5. OK, so I'm sitting down and trying to get the major screen for our new UI revised and ready to be implemented (once the rest of the code is done at least). The easiest of these is the Stores screen. What I've aimed to do with the updated UI is to: 1) Make it clear why it doesn't do anything until you capture / manufacture some items. 2) Stop it being quite so overwhelming. As such, there are three "sub-screens" in the design. http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/stores1.jpg Screen 1 is what is show if there are no items in the base stores. Pretty self explanatory really. http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/stores2.jpg Screen 2 is the "Sell" screen, which is shown by default when you load up the screen and there is something in the stores. This has all the functionality of the current stores screen, but minus the awkward columns for Transfer also shoehorned in there too. The base is selected by the dropdown in the top left corner. http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/stores3.jpg''>http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/stores3.jpg' rel="external nofollow"> http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/stores3.jpg Screen 3 is the "Transfer" screen, which is shown when you click the Transfer tab in the "speech bubble" menu in the bottom left. Again, this has all the info you need to transfer items from one base to another without the extra columns from the Sell functionality mixed in. The bases in question can be chosen from the two drop-downs. Overall, I think the changes are pretty simple but they should make the screen both prettier and more intuitive. Hopefully I'll have the updated Personnel screen later today too.
  6. I was in the stores screen, had just made a shiny new laser pistol and battery (first time ever for me to get to laser weapons - yay!) which I wanted to send to my second chinook team. When I selected the items to transfer there was no cost or time to transfer shown, and nothing happened when I pushed the transfer button. Maybe I was just missing something?
  7. I know others here don't like the micromanagement, but I really miss having to deal with watching the money spent on equipment from the start of the game. In the original XCOM, deciding to buy multibarrel cannons and HE and AP ammo for it, instead of other items, was a choice I liked being able to make. Having fuel costs, ammo costs, etc, as something that had to be considered as part of your monthly cost of operating was quite realistic, imho. The higher your operational tempo, the higher your costs and the more you had to pick and choose when the budget was running thin. Now you have a permanent safety net. It kind of sucks the fun and challenge out of the early game for me. Could buying and maintaining inventory of starting weapons and equipment be added at least as an option (hardest difficulty maybe?) or be made so that mod makers could add it in themselves if they so desired?
  8. Current builds give players access to an infinite number of starting terran weapons. Is this strictly for testing purposes or is this going to be a feature that will remain in the final release of the game? If the infinite starting weapon access is going to stay, would it be possible to implement an option similar to the "Iron Man" checkbox at the beginning of the game which removes the infinite supply of starting weapons so that the player can play a game where he is made to account for all inventory right from the start of the game?
  9. I have noticed an infinity sign next to the ammunition in video's. Does this mean that all ammo's and grenades are in infinite supply or will this be changed in a later release and is more for alpha convenience? I liked having to purchase and wait for deliveries of ammo, the element of management and ammo having a real world (but cheap) value added to the immersion and player experience for me.
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