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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, So first off I want to say Im relatively new to the game but I absolutely love it. I watched a streamer play through it on V19 stable and I have been playing through it on v20 stable. This post is about how smoke grenades work in V20 stable and my thoughts. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. I think the way smoke currently works (100% miss all the time) is A. easy to abuse and too forgiving B. breaks the immersion in the game. A) Currently you can pop a smoke grenade and advance 1 or 2 troops into the smoke. From that position they cant be harmed (except by an alien grenade which I have not yet had happen when completely surrounded by smoke). These two troops can then unload your choice of frag, C4, stun, or what have you. This will take out the alien with 0 risk to your troops. This tactic is highly effective. I was able to complete 3 missions ( scout, corvette, and landing ship) without firing a shot and capturing every alien. If you have made a wrong decision you can pop a smoke and almost guarantee the exposed solider will survive. I actually find it harder to kill an alien than capture one. That should definitely not be the case. B) I have a hard time believing that a solider 4 tiles away from an alien with a single tile of smoke between the two cant land a single shot from a lmg. The animation even shows every shot landing. Could I hear some thoughts on why the change was made to the way smoke works from V19 to V20? I am really enjoying the game and think the developers have done an amazing job but I would really like to see smoke go back to the way it used to be. I think there should be an accuracy penalty when shooting through smoke but the idea of smoke being completely impenetrable is a poor choice in such a well thought out game. It is smoke after all. Not bullet proof armor. Thanks for reading. TL:DR Smoke is not armor and should go back to being an accuracy penalty similar to V19.
  2. It's getting pretty annoying to move in smoke halting every second as my soldiers moan over and over again.
  3. An interesting debate started in the bug forum: What is the designer's intention for smoke specifically? To block LOS only? Or to block LOS and LOF? If it doesn't block LOF should the alien AI be able to use area fire/throw into smoke screens based on the LKP of a Xenonaut(s)?
  4. Hey! Having some problems with electroshock nades going off as smoke. Happened to me today at least 3 times, and once an alenium nade went off as smoke as well. I was trying to pinpoint the behavior behind this, and it seems that if you switch the nade selection in belt right after you throw something else, it might affect the detonation. So, in a nutshell: Smoke going off in enemy feet after ending the turn, even tho Im 100% certain that I've only thrown electroshock nades there Playing in Ottawa terror mission, using huge amount of smoke and electroshock grenades. I hope this bug is known already, and is being fixed
  5. UFO (Light Scout) door opened. Smoke grenade thrown in. Door closed. Next round door opened, but couldn’t see into the UFO. It didn’t become transparent, making the next turn awkward trying to access the UFO.
  6. 1. Does smoke do anything yet? I was playing on the latest build today and my soldier was able to spot an alien at the edge of his sight range after TWO of his squad mates threw smoke grenades in front of him to conceal his advance. Perhaps it was lowering my hit percentage (I think it was), although I didn't see any little percentage indicators along the line of fire to indicate that this was the case. Regardless, I should not have been able to see an alien at that distance through that much smoke, at least by XCOM physics. 2. Can smoke clouds persist longer? Maybe the cloud could persist at maximum diameter for an extra turn before dispersal. 3. Can we have smoke rockets? 4. Are aliens ever going to use smoke grenades to conceal their positions? I get the feeling that the development team really doesn't appreciate the importance of smoke grenades. The very best players of UFO2000 (the one-on-one online XCOM remake that was faithful to the original game) would chuck 2 or 3, even 4 smoke grenades EACH TURN at the opening of the game so that their scouts could get flanking positions and spot for the snipers in the backfield. After two turns, half of the battlefield would be encompassed by smoke. The excessive use of smoke grenades in UFO2000 was partially based on the "scout and snipe" method that worked well in XCom, which may not be so effective in Xenonauts, but in both games it is useful to provide instant concealment in the open field. For example, aliens should automatically throw smoke grenades through the ship doors before they bust out. If they decide they need to retreat (which they seem to do a lot in this game), they should throw a smoke grenade in between their retreat path and the incoming fire paths. 5. A common rebuttal against increased sight ranges is that it would ruin the "tactical nature" of the game if soldiers could shoot all the way across the map, but I disagree. Rather, the use of smoke grenades, especially on the flat arctic maps, adds an extra degree of strategy, for players are required to generate their own concealment to advance through open fields, tundra, and deserts.
  7. I was running what I hoped wouldn't be a suicide mission in early game, when I ended my turn, saw a civilian run into a smoke cloud next to an alien vessel, die, and and I found myself back at the screen seen here in the shot. the game does not respond to any input, although the fire sound effect is still playing.
  8. Is there any plans to have a smoke grenade in game? I searched the forum a bit (even used the search option engine).
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