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  1. This is no new news, but is there a way I could continue my current playthru with V19 SC1? Spent maybe around 30-40 hours in the last save files, and I'd like to get back to that before updating. Altho, I bought an early access game, and I opted into the experimental version, knowing that this might be the case. So no tears here, just asking Great! Been grinding the shit out of them so far by manual control, this might make some encounters a bit easier Hallelujah for that! THANKS!
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  3. Hey! Having some problems with electroshock nades going off as smoke. Happened to me today at least 3 times, and once an alenium nade went off as smoke as well. I was trying to pinpoint the behavior behind this, and it seems that if you switch the nade selection in belt right after you throw something else, it might affect the detonation. So, in a nutshell: Smoke going off in enemy feet after ending the turn, even tho Im 100% certain that I've only thrown electroshock nades there Playing in Ottawa terror mission, using huge amount of smoke and electroshock grenades. I hope this bug is known already, and is being fixed
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