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Found 9 results

  1. Anyone? I was taking a lot of fire out of the dark on a terror mission last night. No squad sight. I remember Aaron saying the sight range was set wrong on Androns and Sellibians, but I thought that had been fixed.
  2. If you crank up the sight range of the aliens, the AI gets rather messed up. The aliens don't seem to understand how to take cover from such long ranges, and desperately scramble towards the edge of the map, hoping to hide in the dense blackness of the Fog of War. They also don't shoot at you. Anyone know how to get the aliens to be willing to shoot from longer ranges? They seem to take cover properly when they're at shooting range.
  3. Just a thought, but why don't any of these troopers carry binos? While only moderately effective at night, they would be a big help during daylight hours. Obviously, it would take some AUs to check out the scene, and the recently-scanned area would be greyed out again as soon as the binos weren't in use anymore, but you'd get a quick feel for the landscape and be able to more quickly identify areas of tactical importance. Indeed, it would make sense that the platoon commander would hang back, assess the situation, and direct your troops based upon what he sees through his binoculars.
  4. While there is certainly an argument for not knowing what is going on inside of buildings, or exactly where MOBs are on the battlefield, the terrain fog is a little off-kilter, especially given the incredibly short sight distance portrayed in the game. I know, it's a game (and a small, indie) and all that, but it just strikes me as wrong for a game designed in the 21st Century. But even Firaxis' reboot of the original X-Com IP forgot that we have satellites and photo recon and all kinds of surveillance stuff. JA2 did a much better job, using full view of maps overlain with FoW sight templates. My suggestion would be increasing the sight distance, but making it harder to spot enemies if they are not moving or in concealment. Implementing a mechanic like that might not be feasible at this stage of development, as it would be a substantial redesign. Something to think about for future expansions or newer versions.
  5. so first of all, loving this game. i didnt play the original, but loved ja2, incubation and generally all tbs games, so i guess its only natural. i've not played much yet, but i have two "issues": 1) the only combat missions are ufo's i've shot down. is there more in store? is other stuff being developed? i would really love to liberate maps (cities/army bases/hospitals/etc) or defend strategically important places. as it is, i dont feel like i really am accomplishing anything. dont get me wrong, i find it very engaging to be so hopelessly outgunned and outmanned against an overwhelming opponent, but it would be great if i could slowly "retake" the world, one city(block) at a time. 2) sight radius is very low. while that adds to the tension, maybe it would be good to be able to equip a sniper with binoculars or something, to enable him to act like a scout at the expense of movement points of course. being shot at from the dark because distances between cover are too large to make in one turn is just plain frustrating. again, ive put in maybe two hours, so there is a good chance both issues will dissolve soon. ps.: a minor issue just came to mind: why is it that with two soldiers standing in a row, the front one in a ducked position, the rear one cant shoot over him? thats silly!
  6. Hi. Im posting the tweaks in sight range I have been using recently. Please give it a try if you want and say what you think. UPDATED to 18.51 Sight range modifications to aliens & humans ONLY. Range base is 27, with changes depending on race & armor as done in vanilla game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek3ut3qx8mq953e/Sight%20Mod%2018.51.zip Sight range mod WITH many other tweaks I play with. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbs02s3l9956grw/Sight%20Mod%20FULL%2018.51.zip Mod includes: - Charlie carry 10 soldiers now or 8 + tank. -New images for laser and bullets shots. -Projectiles speed increased to have a more fluid firefights. - Plasma for aliens do more damage. Long range hits will hurt a lot. -Alien plasma cannon does área damage but is less accurate (think as an alien versión of old EU heavy cannon) -Machineguns and its energy versions no longer outrange a sniper rifle. -Some alien weapons have range increased for consistency with inferior human weps. Mainly pistol and rifles. - Im sure I miss something. Both mods have a folder with a backup of vanilla game files for easy uninstall. Hope you enjoy. Note: The second mod (full) requires you to start a new game or face multiple crashes.
  7. Noob here, just pre-ordered and downloaded the Beta, and I don't understand why the aliens can see for so far. My guys are constantly getting shot at by aliens deep in the fog of war, even the reptilian aliens who have crappy eyesight according to their codex entry. I have soldiers getting hit with reaction fire out of the darkness, and it takes several turns to run my guys close enough to even see the enemy! I thought that the free movement turn aliens get after discovery in the new XCOM was annoying, but this feels downright frustrating. Is this a glitch, or is the game supposed to be this way. If so,why? UPDATE: added more details, see page 4
  8. Basic, Jackal, Wolf, and Buzzard have all had their vision range increased by one. Basic and Buzzard are 17 (same as most aliens, +2 seb) Wolf is 16 (-1 most aliens, +1 seb) Jackal is 15 (-2 most aliens, same as seb) as of hotfix 1. Tanks are the new default 18 - better scouts but not zomg must have. No armor changes have been made aside from bumping predator from 70 to 80. You'll still hit reaction fire, but hopefully less repeatedly ramming yourself into it. This should help negate enemy accuracy / reaction fire / squadsight while still making your player feel like they're moving into entrenched positions. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hy4x5elgzn6lonq/erutan%20vision%20up.zip
  9. Hey everyone, I'm really glad I found out about this game, I've been waiting for something like this for years and after a good few hours playtime I can see that I'm not going to be disappointed. As much as I love the game, I do just have a couple of initial questions and thoughts, primarily regarding the tactical combat in the game; Sight range - As it is the sight radius for your soldiers seems oddly limited. It appears to be the equivelent of a soldier only being able to see about 15ft in front of them. Are there any plans to change this at all? I wondered if it was just a temporary measure until the Aliens have some proper AI. I appreciate that a large part of the game is that you have to get out and hunt down the aliens but I think that terrain and directional line of site do enough to make sure you're not aware of the location of an enemy too easily. The short sight range seems detrimental to actions such as setting some troops on overwatch while others move, as at the short ranges you can engage, this is rendered a little pointless. Action points - Are the values for action points liable to be tweaked for later versions of the game? At the moment even reserving for a snap shot limits you to a very short movement limit. I don't want a soldier to be able to leg it half a screen and still have time to pull of a perfect aimed shot, but a snap shot, to my mind, should be a sort of last resort, just to make sure you're not completely helpless at the end of a mid distance move. This brings me onto the next point... Accuracy of attacks - One of the things I used to love about UFO:Enemy Unknown was the tension as shot after shot of mine just whistled past an alien, and just as all hope seemed lost, one round would thud home, right between his eyes! At present, most of the shots I've fired, even if they only list a 30 - 40% hit chance, have been on target. Is this working as intended? Again, I guess once the AI is programmed to take advantage of cover etc then all accuracy values may be looked at. I'm just curious really. And finally, just a question as to whether something I noticed is a bug or working as intended. A soldier of mine positioned right next to a window, shooting out at an alien in open ground had a lower hit chance than a second soldier who was also firing on the alien from a completely open position. The soldier at the window was closer and had a higher accuracy rating, so I can only assume that the window he was firing from was having a negative effect on his accuracy. Is this correct? It seems counterintuitive that taking a tactical position in cover would hinder you in this way. Thanks in advance to anybody who can shed any light on the above. jim
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