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Found 9 results

  1. Download the file here and activate the mod contained within: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=104 Step 0: Make a new game/save Step 1: Research "Project: Ascent" and start building a Mirage Battlesuit Step 2: Wait til a blank xenopedia entry pops up Step 3: Equip any soldier with the Mirage Battlesuit and make them wield/hold the "DFFG DEVICE"--a message will pop up saying that the soldier can't use such equipment despite the fact it is considered a "Big Gun". Oh, BTW: "StrengthBoost" only seems to work going up rather than down--might wanna fix that too.
  2. Nothing to talk about. I just want to share this with you. Only the Dead have seen the end of war.
  3. My standard technique for breaching UFOs is to have a pair of shield troopers open the door and lob grenades in an effort to suppress the enemies inside and to draw fire and soak up a few shots in the face. That said, in my current run I am currently running 2 shield troops lost to reaction fire and 2 troops standing behind the shield troops lost to reaction fire at a shield troop. This include one lost 3 2 of 3 shots whiffing the shield trooper standing in front of him. I would recommend (if it is possible at this stage) that shield troops have a higher block % than other troops, hopefully like 75% instead of 45%, even if it means they die a bit more frequently, as I've always interpreted they job assignment as "get shot in the face so others don't have to".
  4. Hey hey, been a while since I posted on here, but recently got back into playing and I'm having a few issues, Not sure if they're bugs, or just me being bad, so I'll list them here and see what you all think.. Alien Weaponry Researched and picked up a few alien plasma's, Can shoot them in missions but as soon as the mission ends and I go back to base, there's no alien weapons to choose to equip my squad, And the weapons I had picked up during the mission are gone. Is this a bug, if not, now do I equip my squad with the weapons, or more so, how do I "keep" the weapons equipped? Shield Use I've been using shield carriers for a while, Shotgun chasing up behind me, makes for a nice tactic, but recently in the past few games, They've been getting one shotted, No shield degradation, just plain "one shot - One kill" on my troops, Is this normal? Air Combat Only in month one but already, every aircraft I have is out of commission due to none of them being able to win a fight against even a light scout. I've tried manual combat and I lose constantly, head to head just ends up with my aircraft and the ufo sharing the same pixel on the map and while the UFO can shoot at me, I can't shoot back Big Black Map Areas Loaded up a crash site earlier, and where I Assume buildings are meant to be there was nothing but giant black squares on the map, It hasn't happened since, but was wondering if anyone else has had this at all. Alien Health I know aliens have more health, but 6 Shotgun blasts to the face at point blank range? ... Is this normal, First few missions I was taking out the aliens with one shot, now its taking 2 men 3 shots each to kill one of the basic red-shirts
  5. I can see that stun grenades and stun rockets got a major boost, but why is the riot shield gone? That was my fav strategy, Use a hunter tank with 2 guys following behind with riot shields, and stun rods. Stun rods are useless now - no way you can get that close to use them without getting killed.
  6. So i watched a few Let's Plays of the new Xenonauts builds recently and they got me back into the game. What i noticed was that nearly everyone thought that shields and grenades were pretty useless. I then tried them in my game. And... Man They're Amazing! Expecially the Shield/Grenades Combo is fantastic. I can't tell you how many times this made an otherwise unwinnable battle into a piece of cake. I usually have 2 Snipers, 4 riflemen, and 2 assaults with pistol and shield combo combined with a shotgun and stunrod in the backpack to storm ships and in case the enemy gets too close up. And it works beautifully. Every time the enemy gets all hunkered up, with few cover for me to use i just get an assault with shield and a riflemen hiding behind him, slowly creeping towards the enemy. Since the Shield is absolutly amazing, my soldiers nearly get no damage this way and once they are in range, i just throw grenades at the enemy and they're toast. At least i didn't encounter an enemy that can withstand two alenium grenades yet. So: What's your opinion on grenades and shields?
  7. I know the combat shield is probably an invaluable tool to close support soldiers that are generally in front to be able to take 1-2 hits from the front while being covered by other soldiers. My question is, will shield actually improve as you go along the research tree? Do you get access to combat shields that are slightly better but you have to spend money and resources in order to actually build them?
  8. Well, first time I've gotten to play a build with a working Combat.shield. Seems pretty great for my pistol play style. Anyone know the exact mechanics for it? It doesn't seem to interrupt every shot, but I'm not sure if it's been the angle of the shot, a % like cover (better when kneeling?) or maybe some of the damage bleeds through? Can I effectively equip two of them at once and run in to draw fire?
  9. It's been quite a while since I last used a combat shield, and my impressions since they were re-introduced haven't been quite so favourable. When my combat-shielded guy first got hit by a plasma pistol, the shield didn't stop the shot. And this kept on happening. I wondered why, so I boned up on the v13 implementation and I noticed that diagonal shots had a 65% chance of being stopped by the shield, as opposed to straight-on shots which block 80% of the time. Hmm. Diagonal shots are far, far more likely to happen than straight-on shots, both outside of a UFO and inside one. Take the scout, for example, whose design practically invites aliens to hide so that shots fired will hit a squaddie storming the doors in a diagonal direction. Could the chance of a diagonal shot being blocked by the shield be cranked up to the same as a straight-on shot? It would probably also help to elminate any bugs. In fact, given that I'm sacrificing a lot of offensive power for a lot of defensive power, why wouldn't the shield just block shots point blank?
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