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Found 13 results

  1. I would love the option to safe load outs for soldier roles across different games. I mean that in the sense that if you start up a new game and pick the heavy weapons class and change the default loadout of the heavy weapons class that there is some way to export/import that into a new game(not the equipment, but the loadout selections). This is a kinda minor detail but playing ironman on 20.7 made it rather noteable that it is extremely frustrating to lose your fighters in the first interception, start up a new game, and have to redo 5 min of equipment selection.(The other option here is simply making the default loadouts less terrible, but then I assume things would degrade into 'what is a good loadout' debates) Still obviously not a major thing but just something to bring up.
  2. Per the title, I think IronMan mode should only save at the end of a turn. So, I know the intention of ironman is to add tension and make you live with unfortunate (interesting) consequences in game. That being said, in other games that have ironman, I have enjoyed exploiting ironman mode by ctrl-alt-delete quitting the game to avoid a save. I only do this when something stupidly annoying happens, like when one of my guys accidentally shoots another guy when the chance of that happening is ridiculuously low (such as 5%). Its a real bummer to lose a guy in ironman mode based on your own decision and I use this treasured exploit with care, in other situations. Anyone else do this? I'm sure that would undermine the purpose of ironman mode for some - but not for me.
  3. In most of the games, when you are in the save tab and double clik on a save game, it means that you want to overwrite this game with the current one. In Xenonauts, it just close the save tab without doing anything --> many times, I think I have saved my game while in fact I just closed the save tab. I think many player will fall in this trap and that you should modify that. Thx!
  4. What's the rational behind forcing a no save policy if the hardest difficulty level is selected? Ironman mode is available as an option for those that want it except in this case. I do enjoy extreme challenges but I seldom care to play long games that don't permit multiple saves. Inevitably, there's some bug that will corrupt a saved game or render it nearly unplayable. Power outages, cats on keyboards and external distractions also come into play here. I've lost too many games in the past to such things and decided I had enough of that. Basically as things are now, I'm either forced to play at an easier level or figure out how to mod the game to alter a feature that should probably be optional.
  5. I've noticed two things so far with saving that I think would be better changed in the final version. First, could double-clicking on a previous save file automatically overwrite it, or at least bring up the prompt for overwriting? Currently, overwriting a save is a little annoying. Second, I saved a game while in a mission, then had to quit. When I tried to reload, it started the mission over. I'd prefer to be able to save in mission and come back to it, but if not, could saving be grayed out just to prevent confusion? So far enjoying the game a ton. No question that it's the best successor to x-com that I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!
  6. So I downloaded the latest version of xenonauts, and whenever I try to save in game, the save button is blanked out. I tried exiting the game, but it didn't even autosave... is there a bug in this version that means the save was turned off? or is that a deliberate feature of this version...? *Edit* Disregard this, I'm an idiot. I must have accidentally clicked iron man mode, and it did autosave, but I read the date on the left hand side where it said Jun 8th, which was roughly the last time I played, so I thought that was an old save... It's too late, I should go to bed...
  7. Please add a feature to save during the game....some fights are very difficult, a save option would be really great!
  8. I had a thought; when , coming in to land at the site, surely the pilot / soldiers would look out the window & get an idea of the area, therefore, maybe the fog of war should be a greyed out area instead of a complete black out? Looking forward to this games development, have supported via the kickstart & have the demo. Oh & I'm hoping you'll be able to save while in the middle of a tactical mission? At the moment, loading a save from a tactical mission loads up the geoscape BEFORE the mission : \ That's not so good. Cheers, J
  9. Hey What does is ironman actually supposed to do? I see it makes a save before the first ground combat, but not any others? Is this what it is supposed to do? I also goth the "You lose" screen for quitting the game. Is that right? you have to finish a whole game in one sitting? I thought ironman mode would be you can only save when you exit the game, and it would do that automatically.
  10. I have two saves that appear to have the same name, one has the first letter capitalized yet they are displayed the same. Either not displaying save names as all-caps or the game capitalizing everything by default when making the save would both be valid and easy solutions.
  11. Global view- Saving itself works, but I have to type out a name and save, selecting a previous save for overwriting purposes seems to be glitchy. Ground combat- Can't open the menu, can't save. Iron man was disabled, of course. Build is 8.9
  12. thegoodgerman


    is there a way to pause and save during a ground battle because if I have to leave and turn off the computer I dont want to have to press ctrl alt delete which dosent even work sometimes.
  13. Is it normal that save option doesn't work with higher difficulty? It's just turned off.
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