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Found 20 results

  1. I'd like to suggest two small changes that should make it easier to provide save games, as those as often asked for when reporting bugs. - Make it possible to turn off Ironman even for Insane. Especially now that the experimental patch makes the previous Veteran to be Insane. E.g. I myself play Ironman style even though I have that checkbox turned off, and this would help also with cases where somebody loses the whole game because the game crashes. It's ok if this is enforced for the final release, but I don't quite see the point now. - Make the game autosave more often. There are many cases where the save needs to be done before a problem occurs, but that's hard to do without a crystal ball. It would be useful if the game had additional autosave slots for right before ending turn in ground combat, right before entering air combat, and possibly more (right before starting ground combat, right before research is finished, etc. - I guess Matthew could have a good idea what saves he asks most often for). Saving, at least for me, is just a short moment, so I wouldn't even really notice. If it's not so for some people, this would be at least useful as a debugging option in gameconfig.xml .
  2. Hello everyone I just accidentally deleted a save and I was wondering if there was any way to recover it? I am using Steam. I lost about 15 hours of gameplay.
  3. Hello there! Is there any way to edit the savegame location ? I would like it not to be at the root of my harddrive. Thanks.
  4. ...so, I name my squads after the colonial marines, but it's a pain trying to get soldiers that actually look like them. Anyone know where in the savegame files it is defined what portrait goes with what soldier name?
  5. Is it possible to put the save game folder under the directory that xenonauts is loaded to? I have a steam partition for my games. I have my C drive I use for system info only and never ever let a game use this as my drive has been partitioned for system stuff and then D for games. So space on C is limited and I do not want game files to fill it up. If there is a way to move it then that would be awesome!!. Thanks Erad
  6. Hello everyone. I lurked a bit and found few explained case of save game corruption here and there, but no definitive list. Can anyone, who is capable of such a feat, provide a more or less full list of occasions when save game corruption can occur?
  7. Are save games compatible from earlier versions yet? I haven't been around for a bit and have a game I've progressed quite far with and don't want to lose after a reinstall, but would like to update otherwise. I'm on an alien base mission now and the ongoing ability of aliens to sometimes shoot through walls is getting frustrating. Could a sub patch be released which only changed combat mechanics and left geoscape alone help with save compatibilty. P
  8. I have no idea how difficult this would be to implement, but it would be nice to be able to set the name on my ironman games without having to go into the folders and manually edit it. Maybe a one time popup on game creation or somesuch?
  9. This game badly needs one. Specificly to edit soldiers. why? Because I like to customize them. One thing the new XCOM did right is give you customization options (apperance, name, callsign). Alas, it kinda sucks that the soldiers specilization is not something you can choose, nor can you edit the nationality. It took me a while, and some tweaks (friggin nationalities nad specs), but I managed to create the Expendables team. Arnold "Terminator" Schwartzenkegger - Heavy Dolph "Dragon" Lundgren - Heavy John "Sly" Balboa - Assault Chuck "Allmighty" Norris - Sniper Jason "Transporter" Stahaam - Support Bruce "Die Hard" McLane - Assault etc... I want that in Xenonauts. But in Xenonauts you can't edit the picture/apperance, nor nationality, nor name... That makes me a sad panda.
  10. All my saved games crash when loading? -where is the default directory folder for saved games??
  11. Hi all, Can you please tell me where can I find my saves? What is name of file - same as what I name it in game? thanks
  12. Can you alter your funds or solider stats in a saved game? if so how please?
  13. I switched over to steam, but even if I copy & paste the old save files to the folder it makes (in the same spot as the old one, even) when I make a new game, it refuses to recognize my old saves. Is there any way to fix this, or must I restart?
  14. Just had my game go belly up and was wondering if someone has a Nov '79 Normal savefile they could share. That way I don't have to slog through the early techs again. Cheers! Edit: v18.3 HF2
  15. I was wondering when saves will start being trasferable between updates? Now that the game is "feature complete" I would expect this to be possible soon, but maybe there's still issues that would prevent this?
  16. I'm just curious if it is possible to change the save game location. I currently play on multiple computers and its a (admittedly small) pain to keep copying the latest save to dropbox then move it to the save location on the next computer. is there any way to make it focus on a saves folder that I can just keep on dropbox and all three computers can pull the save from the shared dropbox folder?
  17. Whenever i try to load ground combat save, it actually restarts battle ( as if the save was made before the engage dialogue box was open) Question: Bug or feature?
  18. Not sure if this is the best place for this question, but after suffering a few catastrophes in the wake of poor management, I started compulsively saving, and ended up creating quite a few new save files. Any way to delete them? I could find a way to do it in-game, so I went into the Xenonaut guts (assets) folder and couldn't find them in there, either.
  19. Is there any way to change the default save game location. I prefer to have my saves in the game folder - makes the entire thing nice and portable Another minor suggestion - hot keys for Next/Previous soldier (Page Up/Page Down maybe?)
  20. G'afternoon, this is only a small request, but is there any reason for the save games to default to My Documents/Xenonauts apart from a design choice? Microsoft handily supply a My Games folder inside My Documents where *most* games tend to keep save games. I'm quite fond of RockPaperShotgun's initiative to place them in a common location, mostly because it can get very annoying trying to track them all down. Food for thought
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