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Found 12 results

  1. So I just started a new game (again) and I had an interesting thought. "Can I get a live alien on my first crashsite?" Now I loaded up on flasbangs and went for it. My first crashsite was a local forces crashsite with sebillians. After clearing the outside of the ship I just spammed flashbangs inside and managed to eventually knock one out. Then the second mission I did was a ceasan ship and I nabbed a live one there as well. My question is, was it really worth it to rush the live aliens like that? I know sebillians give the better medkit but is it really necessary immediately? When all of your units will probably die immediately?
  2. As has been discussed, there is currently a bit of an issue with the early game, in that too many of the missions are simple light scout UFO ground assaults which quickly become tedious. In order to alleviate this we plan to introduce a new mission type: Abduction missions. The lore idea is that these missions represent small groups of aliens who are down on the surface (their UFO will not be present in the mission) and are hunting for humans (and probably hapless livestock) to abduct. They will essentially be "mini" terror sites that start appearing right from the beginning of the game, except with fewer aliens and no civilians/friendly AI. They will be spawned occasionally by research mission UFOs when they land. If they are not dealt with in a certain time then, like a terror site, the aliens will escape with some abductees and the nation in which the attack took place will suffer a Xenonaut relations penalty. The size of these missions will probably also escalate as the game progresses. The above is quite straight forward, but we have additional ideas for them: Firstly, we specifically want these missions to be quick, given we are trying to solve the problem of too many Light Scout missions dragging on. As such, we are considering making them "timed", whereby once the mission starts the aliens will escape in X number of turns (once the turn timer is up the aliens will be teleport away to escape). The player would be rated on how many aliens they stopped from escaping - this should differentiate them significantly from normal UFO attack missions. Secondly, the size of these missions will escalate as the game progresses. To start with they will be attacks on simple rural areas using the standard tiles, but we are also considering having later abduction missions possibly be more direct attacks on military bases. Military bases would be represented by re-purposed tiles from the Xenonaut base, and as such these would be indoor missions. In this case we would probably also have military personal defending the sites. Finally, rewards - this is more of an open question: I would like to reward the player with something a bit special for doing these missions, both to differentiate them from UFO missions and to compensate for them not giving the player alenium/alloys/UFO cores. Any thoughts on what interesting rewards might be? Obviously we are limited by content we already have or could easily cobble together, but perhaps something interesting could be done.
  3. Now. I am a big person for opportunities to benefit from immersing semi-roleplaying tasks. This is an idea I thought of when my men were doing a mission in what was geographically roughly Chicago. After a long, fruitless search for the small class UFO, my crew heard 9 gunshots off in the distance, we rushed over to see a police officer who had gunned down two aliens, but, before my eyes, was wounded by a third (Which he killed.) This man, being a hero whose story should be told in the local tribune, was one who I found worthy of medical attention, receiving all 50 units of my assaults medkit. In the end, we killed the last alien, who stood there, in the wreckage of his ship, alone, to see that the mission was accomplished. I felt a slight sting when I saw not even a mention of the medical aid offered to this brave cop, Tommy Johnson, who warded of the alien insurgency (Which probably saved his life.) While it may be unneeded, I personally feel it would be a great touch in bringing in immersion... And creating another opportunity to give good player a chance to impress the nations.
  4. Any news on possible ETAs for the the prize tiers? I haven't been able to play since Build V14.1 due to Desura being a giant prick, so I'm somewhat starved for Xenonauts interactions.
  5. There's been quite a bit of discussion on the forum about the emergent gameplay in Xenonauts. Things like the stories people share about what happened in their game or how people have worked out their own way to kit their troops. I've just read a very interesting article on the PA Report by two of the developers of Klei Entertainment. They talk at some length about how presenting players with rewards can have the players just focus on the rewards, rather than play the game (which sounds like an a-dhoy! statement, but there's more to it than that). Why not go take a look. And when you come back, have a think. Now, this game is in alpha, so we pre-orderers haven't had the luxury of a quest system or tutorials (the dev team have been waaaay too busy on other stuff), and have pretty much had to figure it all out on our lonesome. Is that the right way to go with Xenonauts?
  6. If I get the $75 pre-order, can I get poster and dvd game copy? If so, I'm totally going to chuck up all my money for it.
  7. I'm sure it's somewhere on here, but how do you reclaim rewards from the kickstarter? I don't have a Desura account and I didn't get it from there. I want to say I saw something about not getting something till after kickstarter ends, but I wounldn't bet on it. I would really like that spangly gold medal and to spend nights staying up late jamming out to the soundtrack. Also, just a little suggestion, would it be possible to allow us to be able to turn base facilites before you place them? The same for the weapon equips, it would allow for less wasted space. That's just my thoughts tho. Nice, x nay that, great game so far.
  8. OK, so if anyone has been watching the Kickstarter, you'll notice a major anomaly in the pledges - the $200 pledge point is unbelievably popular, while nobody gives a damn about the more expensive stuff or really in the $100-$199 region, either. This presents us with a problem. The artist who does the portraits only has so much time as he works with us around a job (and he doesn't want to leave his job), so we can't just throw open the floor to more people contributing $200. I think he'll be at full capacity doing the 100 portraits that are possible if people buy the full number of limited tiers. This is especially true if we add female soldiers. This is a potential stretch goal, but I'd have to discuss it with the artist. So - I'm open to suggestions on what can be an alternative reward in and around the $200 mark. And if there's a $350 reward we can add somehow (preferably without the portrait), then I'm open for ideas for that too...
  9. OK, so the vast majority of the donations to the game have been at the $20/$30 level. Though now the portraits are done, there's not been much in the way of donations above the $100 mark, I think most of those donations are outliers anyway and require quite a lot of extra goodies that wipe out a lot of the gain. I think the most effective way of increasing the donations is to add in a new $50 reward, and try to convince the $20/$30 crowd to up their pledges. A standard boxed copy is an option at the $50 price point. We're still waiting on the quotes including the printed manuals, but the price is likely to be in the $3-4 range per copy, plus postage. Selling them for $50 wouldn't be bad. They come in print ranges of 100 so even if we're left with an extra 99 at the end, I'm sure we'll be able to sell them on the forums or on the site or something eventually. We'll put this in as an option at the $50 reward tier if so, so you can choose one instead of a T-shirt. I think most people would be very happy with that, to be honest... The other alternative is a $50 digital tier. I'm thinking that this could include two premium pre-orders for the people that don't want to have a boxed copy, allowing them to give one to a friend. Both of these rewards (and everything higher) will also get a thankyou in the closing credits of the game. This is currently at the $500 reward tier, but we'll move it to the $50 reward tier. The $500 and $1000 reward tiers will instead get thankyous on the intro movie / screen. We'll close the $5,000 reward tier too - I didn't seriously expect anyone to buy it - and give the $1,000 guy 10 copies instead of $5. Finally, as I don't think we'll sell out of the $1,000 or $5,000 tiers, which between them have 20 portraits available, I think in the last three days we'll put up an additional 10 portraits at the $200 price point. These would just include a premium pre-order and your soldier / portrait in the game. Maybe a boxed copy too. That hopefully should get a bit more excitement going for the end the of the project. Sound good to people?
  10. Hello, So I had an interesting conversation with Chris: Dzsimbo: As $1000, but Xenonauts Project Lead Chris England will fly out to meet you for lunch (available anywhere in the US or Western Europe). We'll also let you off the $10 international shipping, as we're nice like that! Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): yeah Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): I'm getting in a box Dzsimbo: will you arive in a box? Dzsimbo: and jump out of it yelling surprise Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): lol Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): yeah Dzsimbo: dressed a sebillian Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): I'd be surprised if anyone bought that level Dzsimbo: i will just see you jump out from a box in a sebillian dress Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): lol Goldhawk Interactive (Chris): that would probably be worth $5,000 We should put some money together just to see this, meet somewhere in the world and watch our beloved Project Manager jumping out of a box dressed as a Sebillan. PS: Don't let Chris see this thread
  11. EDIT - here's the new updated proposed reward tiers: $20 - Standard Pre-Order (game plus Standard forum medal) $30 - Premium Pre-Order (game plus Premium forum medal, digital game soundtrack, official wallpapers and PDF version of my development diary written up once I've completed the game) $50 - Premium Pre-Order, plus poster OR T-shirt OR PDF art book (including the best in-game art, some developer thoughts on it, artist / developer bios etc - should be a nice momento for the game) $60 – Premium Pre-Order, plus softback art book $75 - Premium Pre-Order, plus two of: PDF art book, poster, t-shirt $100 - Premium Pre-Order, hardback art book OR poster, PDF art book and t-shirt, OR name can be appear as a soldier (there is a 10% chance any new soldier will have a pre-generated name taken from the list of people committing $100 or more. They won't have special stats but might start with a special Medal (+1 Bravery) for "going beyond the call of duty".) $125 – Premium Pre-Order, hardback art book AND poster AND t-shirt AND name can be appear as a soldier $150 - Premium Pre-Order, signed hardback art book AND poster and t-shirt, plus name can be appear as a soldier with the soldier nationality and portrait also set by the donator, chosen from existing portraits. $200 – As $150, but we’ll have our portrait artist do a soldier portrait of you from a photo to go in the game (50) $500 – As $150, but you’ll get 5 copies of the game and will be listed in the game end credits “With Thanks To:” (30) $1,000 – As $150, but you’ll get 10 copies of the game and will be listed in the intro credits under “Special Thanks To:” (incorporated into the intro movie) (15) $5,000 - As $1,000, but in addition I'll fly out and meet you to have lunch anywhere in the States (eventually) or in Europe. (5)
  12. So, here's a thread about the costs of the goods: PDF Art Book: Lots and lots of time from our full time graphic artist, but this is hopefully a worthwhile cost. I'd love to have a hardback book showing off selected project artwork (I think my parents would rather like a copy too) and I'm sure the artists would enjoy it as well. The artwork in the project is one of my favourite things about it and it'd be good to tell the "story behind the pictures" too. Art Book Printing: I'm looking at using these guys as they are based in the UK but have US partners and I assume they'll be able to deliver the right number of books to each country to save me mailing all the US books from the UK to the US. The book is going to be a 48-page full colour book, coming in either hardback of softback versions. I don't know much much that'll weigh, but I'm using an estimate of 250g for the softback and 400g for the hardback. To print the softback book, the costs are: 25 - £7.50 / $12 each 50 - £6.18 / $9.9 each 100 - £5.40 / $8.65 each 200 - £4.78 / $7.66 each 500 - £3.82 / $6.12 each The print the hardback book, the costs are: 25 - £11.10 / $17.80 each 50 - £9.35 / $14.99 each 100 - £8.25 / $13.25 each 200 - £7.52 / $12.05 each 500 - £5.89 / $9.43 each To post it anywhere in the world from the UK, the costs would be: Softback - £2.28 / $3.65 each Hardback - £3.42 / $5.48 each To post it in the US - I basically have no idea how to read the UPS shipping charts. What's all this Zone stuff? Perhaps someone can help me? If we're assuming an A4 size book that's less than 1cm thick and weighing about 400g / 14oz, how much is the most that would cost to ship domestically? This makes the books rather expensive. We could put the softback ones in at the $60 price point, giving the player a Premium pre-order plus the art book. If we got, say, 200 people buying this it'd cost $11.31 each for the extra $30 donation (which is effectively $27 after fees). So it'd give a net gain of about $15 for the time cost incurred. The hardback books cost a fortune. I think any of them we make would be signed and would be a prize for the serious donators out there. We'll probably do a short print run of them anyway for use within the team and sending to friendly journalists too. T-Shirts: I think it's probably best to get these done in the States. A bit of cursory browsing has found this site where you can get what I assume are decent T-shirts screen printed at decent rates. I could do the screen printing with 1 or 2 colours in the print, and I'd imagine we'll probably have white on black T-shirts but I'll do the figures with 2 colour prints to be on the safe side (1-colour is about 5% cheaper). 25 - $9.61 each 50 - $8.11 each 100 - $6.43 each 200 - $5.42 each 500 - $5.08 each As you can see, the price drops off after about 200, and if we can get the number of shirts in the 100-200 region then they're a useful item to have. Relatively they're cheaper than the softcover artbook by $2-3 each, so it'd make sense that they went in at the $50 price point. Posters: Full colour A3-size Posters appear to provide by far the most bang for the buck pricewise, looking at sites like these. Again, if we went for printing in the US then we'd probably be looking at the following kind of prices: 50 - $1.02 each 100 - $0.85 each 250 - $0.72 each 500 - $0.44 each Shipping to an address in the US would be about $22 on top of that, but in terms of production costs these are very very cheap goodies to dish out. I was thinking about scrapping them but looking at the figures that would be frankly moronic at this point. The only problem with this is the postage for the posters, because they'd have to be sent in tubes which cost another $0.60 each or so. Then the actual postage would be relatively pricey due to the fact they're seriously awkward to handle. Again, someone will have to look up the UPS postage rates for me but it's likely to be about 14 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide / tall. Anyone got any suggestions for other things I should be pricing up, or any comments?
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