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Found 8 results

  1. Could anyone tell me how to alter the weapons for the Xenonauts that appear in the Quickbattle, please? I had though initcharacters - but the default there doesn't look like anything I get at present. I didn't see anything else on the wiki either. Perhaps ti's something that can be added to the levelsetup_quickbattle?
  2. I read the wiki and changed the levelsetup_quickbattle.xml to the following: But it still only spawns 3 aliens along with a few civilians and friendly soldiers, and xeno's spawn in a chinook. Help please?
  3. I've browsed through the xml files but can't find anywhere where I can do it. Is it even possible?
  4. Title is self-explanatory. I would assume that quick battle would drop you into a randomly generated combat scenario. However, it seems to lanch the game with out any differences. Am I missing something, or has that just not been coded into the demo just yet?
  5. In the middle of hidden movement the sound started to loop with a half a sec interval while an alien was shooting at some civilians, happend at the transition to my 5'th round
  6. Would it be possible, when selecting the 'Quick Battle' option, that the game would already start a new game, select a difficulty (say, normal or veteran) and place the base for you on the Geoscape? All of this could be done without user input and would not need to be shown on screen. Basically for instance when I click on "Quick Battle," the game would automatically create a new game, select "veteran" difficulty, and place a base for me at the southern tip of South America (or wherever) named "ALL YOUR BASE" (or whatever). The end result being, when the user clicks on "Quick Battle," it throws them directly into the Terror Site mission without having to navigate through the game menus and place/name their base on the Geoscape before getting into the action. Just seems like a good idea for the press/kickstarter release if it wouldn't be too difficult.
  7. I'm sorry and I KNOW I've seen this somewhere in another thread but I just can't find it! For the "Quick Battle" Terror Mission, which I think many people will try out during beta for the fast way into the action, would it be possible to code in that a couple of the soldiers have laser weapons? Say just 2 guys with laser rifles? That way those new to the game can try it out, the press can try them out, etc. I mean if you really wanted to (and I don't know how feasible this is) but you could code that the equipment loadout screen appears with all the options from the beta unlocked for testing. Not sure if that's a good idea or not though
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