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Found 16 results

  1. First let me say after playing Xcom: ufo defense, Open Xcom, Xcom:Enemy Unknown, and Xcom:Enemy within I find the detail and fidelity to the player outstanding in this game. While not as flashy as Xcom:EU it is far less buggy and provides a lot of control and information to the player. I really enjoy this game and hope for a squeal or at least another game of the same design. There were some things I found my self missing from the other games though. 1. Rotatable maps. This is my the second biggest annoyance after playing Xcom:EU is that I really want to be able to spin the maps so I can see the from back side. I know there is a big issue with design to change this but I don't need to be able to spin to all 4 directions like EU, I would just love a north and south few if possible. The mouse cursor provides a lot more information than any other game like this but I still like seeing it more than feeling out behind walls to figure out where I am going to move the unit running down the back of the building. 2. A movement grid around cursor. Similar to the first issue I find some places where I feel like should be able to move but can't. Most notably around ship entrances and at the corners hedges dividing areas were the movement spaces are not as easily seen because the art would suffer from filling the whole square so it looks wider than it is. Xcom: EU lets you hold shift and see the grid with open movement areas. While this is used for "shield" scanning if this were applied with the "?" block used when entering unknown areas and only base on the map not unit obstructions (other than your units) it would greatly reduce some confusing moving problems with soldiers and vehicles. 3. Strait line of site while in full cover. The cover system in this game is any many ways superior to all the other games of this type. I do have 2 complains. The first is full cover is almost more of a hindrance than a help because it blocks strait forward line of site. Xcom: EU fixes this by acting as if the unit is standing one square out side of the the cover for view and then they actually step out to shoot, then step back in. This is functional but also has issues. Firstly stepping out to shoot should always trigger reaction fire which would get you slaughtered in both games and it would require a lot of work for AI as well. I recommend a "Turkey peek" button. Which adds an animation to lean out for 1/4 reduced cover benefit and 1/5 reduced aim at the cost of 10 time units for out and in like kneeling and can't be done while kneeling. so kneeling be comes standard for half cover and open areas but you have an expensive but safer way to check around corners. I also believe it should still set off reflex fire but since you keep 3/4 of full cover defense its worth the risk but if you have to guys better to not use it and play as is one on each side if possible. I don't think this is at all game breaking. 4. Line of site over two half cover blocks in a row is my second complaint with the cover system and my is the number 1 complaint of all. during base defense or moving on maps with crates I often end up behind behind two pieces of cover in a row. I under stand it having a blocking present when your one block away but if it is "attached" to the cover you are behind and not at least 3 blocks away it should not provide cover for targets unless they are using the cover directly. I am a former Marine and a southerner who grew up with shooting all types of guns and if I have a berm, sand bag barricade, or and old deep freezer (yes I am southern enough that I have done that, we keep are ammo in it to protect it from the rain... also sometimes our lunch)and I am shooting off of it long ways I use it as support and I am not dumb enough to aim low and hit the it! Especially if the target is any distance away and would not require me to aim much lower. It makes me more mad when my veteran sniper does it... oh so irritated. 5. Equipping soldiers. This is really to very miner things. First The abbreviations for the skills should say what they are when you hover the mouse over them. I know it seems obvious and I figured it out quickly but I did not pick up on reflex right away and immediately tried to mouse over to see what it was to no avail and actually saw a few lets plays where they did the same thing. As fine tuned as this game is it seems like a small detail missed but it is important to know when ordering and equipping units. I for example don't want my heavy gunners or rocket soldiers with high reflexes... it can end badly. The other thing equipping soldiers is gear management. I would like an unequip unassigned personnel button so I can more easily refit my drop ship soldiers and I would like it to that the set role default gear button did not remove all gear when I am short something like armor or rifles. If it would instead equip everything I have and if no weapon then the equivalent ballistic weapon so that I could at least setup the armor and equipment and have them armed. Then I can fix weapons later if I need to. If I am short armor at least give them the weapon and equipment so that they don't accidentally go into combat unarmed.
  2. Let's say you wanted to move your soldiers to a certain spot on the map that is so far away, it will take several turns to reach it. So, on each turn, for each soldier, you'll have to: 1.) Select the soldier 2.) Scroll the map all the way to the target location 3.) Double-click the tile you want to move into ... which gets pretty tedious on larger squads. Now, what if the game actually remembered which tile a soldier was trying to move into before he ran out of TUs and you could re-issue the same movement order by simply pressing a hotkey? You would only have to issue the movement orders once and then just keep pressing the hotkey on each soldier until everyone has reached the target location. Jagged Alliance 2 had a feature similar to this and I thought it was really handy
  3. I found these in my screenshot folder, can't recall how I did that. Anyhow, it happened and maybe looking at it will lead the coding team to some bugfixing breakthrough.
  4. When a Xenonauts moves at an diagonal at any point in their movement, they will move straight as far as possible before moving at that diagonal. This can cause some problems sometimes, like when running in that manner causes them to get caught up in reaction fire. Since I, and I imagine most people, target a spot behind cover when moving, it would be better for them to move at diagonal first and then moving straight, which will probably put them behind the cover regardless.
  5. This was a neat feature in Silent Storm I thought. I'd like to see it implemented in Xenonauts as well if possible, it's just one more thing that adds depth. The way I think it would is basically the longer a soldier/alien has moved the higher the miss chance for anyone targeting that soldier/alien is.
  6. is there a way currently to increase the cost of movement on specific tiles. i'm currently making some ground rocks that serve only to slow Characters down by increasing TU cost over the tile. similar to how the coral here works. see those coral? they use 2x the TU cost to move over. i want to bring similar mechanics into my maps. Deserts have rocks you ever try running over rocks?(not tiny rocks decent size rocks)
  7. It's hard to keep track of everything already suggested so I apologize in advance if some of these have already been submitted. Here is what I would like to be able to do: 2 squad mates exchange places throwing weapons/ammo/medikit to other squad mate forced fire (no need for a valid target) to destroy a wall, etc. (maybe require to press CTRL for that) I haven't seen a squaddie faint so far they always die but if it's in the game, the ability to drag the wounded I hope it is all within the capabilities of the engine and you consider implementing them.
  8. Is it possible to get a coloured movement grid around a soldier each time you select him, so you can immediately see how far you can go and what you can do? Green and yellow would mean he could move and shoot, with the latter at lower accuracy, and red to show that he is only able to walk there. This would make it much more faster and easier instead of having to calculate TUs. I'm aware that you can lock TUs so you can reserve it for shooting.
  9. Missions 2 & 3 Both UFO sustained Minor damage Both Desert Maps Mission 2 Aliens - Sebillians Mission 3 Aliens - Unknown Mission 2 - Hang up on alien movement. On alt+tab out and back in single footfall heard Mission 3 - Hang Up on alien turn. Just after firing from UFO on replaying mission 2 no hang up.
  10. At this point in Alpha I've not really seen any two story UFOs or other alien installations yet. All I've seen are the stairs in the Farm map barns and the metal stairs in the industrial buildings. Still, I've no doubt they will be in there. After all the original EU1994 gave us ... and apocalypse gave us this one But considering the huge number of maps that could be modded into the game, is there a possibility that we could have the chance to modify the properties of anything ascending/ descending. For example, to have a number of different elevators, with a property to adjust the AP requirement of each? So while in EU1994 the AP to use the elevator was 8TUs at all times, could something perhaps be able to delay/ alter this. Alien UFO Grav Lift - 8AP Corporate Building - 12AP Apartment Building - 15AP Colonist (Research etc) Facility- 20APs and of course... Freight Elevator - 30-40AP This can be extrapolated into climbing directly up a manhole ladder or down and no doubt there are plenty of others. Just a passing thought.
  11. Having just spent some time sending my Xenonauts through pine forests, Arctic slopes and lush jungles, the expanding use of terrain in the game has been on my mind. Are there any plans to implement differing AP requirements based on the terrain the soldier is going to be moving through? In EU1994 this was:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Normal Terrain)[/td] [td]4 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Medium grass)[/td] [td]5 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Tall Grass)[/td] [td]6 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Climb or Descend One Space (Hill/Ramp/Stairs)[/td] [td]8 TUs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]N/A[/td] [/tr] [/table] Extrapolating this you could have:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Normal Terrain)[/td] [td]4 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Difficult Terrain)[/td] [td]5 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Move One Space (Very Difficult Terrain)[/td] [td]6 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Climb or Descend One Space (Hill/Ramp/Stairs)[/td] [td]8 APs[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]N/A[/td] [/tr] [/table] Where the terrain types could be:- [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Normal - 4[/td] [td]Road, Street, Grass, Puddles, Light Snowfall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Difficult - 5[/td] [td]Mud, Medium Grass, Light Brush, Snow, Stream, Sand, Trail, Low Wall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Very Difficult - 6[/td] [td]Marsh, Tall Grass, Brush/Bocage, Uneven Rocks, Deep Snow, Deep Stream, Rickety Bridge, Wall[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Slopes - 8[/td] [td]Hill, Ramp, Stairs, Swamp, Wheatfield, Dense Foliage, Wreckage, Drift, Shallow River, Dune, Slanted Roof, Crater Ridge/ Shellhole[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Impassable[/td] [td]Bogs, Cliffs, Deep Woods, Impenetrable Forest, Dense Wreckage, Lake/ Deep River, Cliff[/td] [/tr] [/table] As I enjoy the odd skirmish game, I know this is one area a number of players of such things would look at and say “well, that’s pants then,” or phrases along those lines. Not in a purist way, but as it’s really one of the basics. So, I really do hope it’s something that has been planned and was just awaiting some maps to be in place first. Extensions of this would be the use of weather affecting some of the tiles during the course of a mission, or altering it slightly as you get there. This was discussed in this thread It looks to be beyond the current scope, but deserves a mention and a reread. It also mentions the appropriate effects of elevation within the game.
  12. I managed to try out the Kickstarter demo (version 10.2, I think) and liked what I saw. However, one thing that really bugged me was that the screen would constantly shift up, left, down or right whenever a civillian moved, which was a real eyesore. Can someone tell me if this has been fixed or is in the process of being fixed?
  13. It would be great if we could group up soldiers to make them easier and faster to move in groups. I understand Leap Frogging is probably the best method, but at times it would be great to move groups together instead of clicking one by one. Another suggestion would be changing the soldier number. I have 8 soldiers in my Chinook and as you can move them around your chopper before leaving in combat from the base, you cannot change their number. So when i move my soldiers in groups, for instance soldier 1 has better aim so he has a sniper, but solder 6 can carry more so he has a rocket launcher. If i move them together in a certain area, i have to switch back and forth between 1 and 6, rather than making number 6 soldier number 2 instead, making it easier to switch back and forth while moving together in a certain area.
  14. I notice the time taken in Civilian/Military turns, each unit must move separately, how about just issuing move commands all at once, have camera fixed/free-roam at original place unless alien is spotted. I know already this can be done as I issue multi orders to soldiers and they execute over top of each other so figured this may be useful as some maps simply have heaps of civilians and it be nice to just get their moves done all at once. Don't tell me the PC can't handle the processing LOL. Perhaps for testing this can be a option ingame settings? Incase it turns out disastrous, somehow.
  15. Hey Guys - I did not find such a post so... what about a "cancel my stupid movement" option? Sure this should be limited - reaction fire or enemy sighting for example. But - at least in my gaming past - I often missclicked and wished I can cancel my movement. Maybe this could be limited to Easy Mode or there would be a different solution for normal difficulty. What do you think about this?
  16. I searched the forums and couldn't find a thread about this, weird. I just started playing and I noticed there was no quick resolve option (Though I'd never use that) but more importantly you can't move squad members in a group. On very tricky missions who would want to do that, however on the repetitive missions I really believe this is a must. I don't want to move every member of 10 to the edge of the map over 10 turns, it's a grind and it's boring. Also (and tell me if I should post this in another thread) I'm available to fill in some item descriptions for free if you want, I do freelance article writing online and write science fiction
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