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  1. ok I tested out squad movement using this method and it is a bit less cumbersome. Another gripe is that reserve orders don't carry on to the next round. Basically the points I'm making are to eliminate repetitive micromanagement. Micromanagement is great when there is enough against you but when you are hunting the last alien or setting up initial squad movements it's incredibly irksome and detracts from the main events. Seriously I think it should be looked into
  2. I searched the forums and couldn't find a thread about this, weird. I just started playing and I noticed there was no quick resolve option (Though I'd never use that) but more importantly you can't move squad members in a group. On very tricky missions who would want to do that, however on the repetitive missions I really believe this is a must. I don't want to move every member of 10 to the edge of the map over 10 turns, it's a grind and it's boring. Also (and tell me if I should post this in another thread) I'm available to fill in some item descriptions for free if you want, I do freelance article writing online and write science fiction
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