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Found 7 results

  1. Here's thought, I just had, while preparing my squad to enter alien craft. People were prepared for anything and ready to rush into extraterrestrial territory. And here's thought - If I were in their place, I would be hell of scared and ready to leave something bad in pants. Admit it, those creatures should scare even hardened soldier, should they met one to one. And now, just when my squad member opens (yeah, opens... still quite funny, that humans can easily "open" alien craft doors...) huge door, and my soldiers see something familiar, yet, totally not build by human. It's scary. It's always scary. Some members saw something like that, and they aren't so shocked, thought, it doesn't change fact, that guy could nervous a bit. So, this whole story is to show you idea in example. Xenonauts have morale, and as I understand, many calculations depends on level of morale. So, basically, in situations, where soldiers are placed in front of unknown conditions (like, what's behind that wall or door? Should I be scared, or not?). In game play, mechanism could be pretty "simple". If behind door no-one sees tiles (I mean, exactly sees, not uncovers.), than right after soldier opens door, he suffers little morale drop (you know, stress, fear, and so on. All those emotions.) I'm quite pleased with current morale system, and this tread is just small addition I imagined. May be it's not worth it, may be it could be just a little mod or something, or it's already there and I just totally missed that. Anyway, awesome work, xeno-guys. )
  2. Is it possible to mod out the panic system in Xenonauts? If so could anyone make one please? Thanks.
  3. So after some reading of old post, I understand that the player isn't going to get psychic powers in Xenonauts, which is fine for balance reasons, as I get that such an ability can prove gamebreaking considering the focus on tactical combat of the game. However, there is an implementation of "taking control" of other non xenonaut units that I think would make sense and improve the game quite a bit. Basically, in order to increase the tactical ability of your squad, I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to order civilians around during battle zones. Essentially, what would happen is when you select a xenonaut and you move your cursor over nearby civilian (there would have to be a "speaking range" where the civilian can hear your selected 'naut) instead of a targeting cursor, you get a little speech bubble cursor and a percentage of success. If you click on it, you expend TU to tell the civilian what to do for that round, and you get temporary control of said civilian. This would allow for our 'nauts to do things like escort civilians to safer locations, and more importantly, to safely get them out of the line of fire or move them into a position so a medic can heal them if they are injured and bleeding. However it would be at major costs and be tricky. Namely, ordering a civilian would take a LOT, if not ALL of a Xenonaut's TU, so you're effectively sacrificing one character's movement/use to puppet another one. Secondly, it wouldn't always work, because civvies are panicked and running around like scared chickens when aliens are about. So there would have to be a success check, ideally between the bravery of the 'naut doing the ordering, and the civilian being ordered. Something like having a ratio where the Xenonaut's bravery must be 50 - 100% over the civilian's in order to have a moderate chance of success, and at 150% over the civilians, it's a strong chance, while at 200%, it's an almost guaranteed success (for this theoretical exercise, I assume the civilians all have very low bravery values). Civilians would also lose bravery just on sight of alien forces, and so could easily panic and lose control anyway, so it can be a lost cause. Also, while they aren't armed, they should have the ability to "hunker down" and hold position unless further ordered, so you can essentially put them in a spot that seems safe (like insider your chinook). Additionally, I'm assuming that local forces have higher bravery values than normal civvies, so it should be very low chance that the player can take control of armed civilians (Though still possible in certain situations). Again, the big advantage of this proposed feature is that the player can get a bit more tactical control of the battlefield vis a vis the civilian population. Also, it does just sort of make sense. I mean, I understand people freaking out when ET is lasering up their city with superheated plasma, but when the cavalry arrives, most people will listen to the higher authority and do what they say in order to save their own necks. It's not a 100% thing of course (hence not making it automatic) but it is something that could prove eminently useful in lots of tight spots. Because really, wouldn't it just be nice to tell a civvie to "GET DOWN!" so you could fire at the alien behind him? I know I think it would be.
  4. I'd like to mod in gear that positively and negatively affects AP and Morale. I know the variables I mention in the title exist. I also know they aren't for general release (I can see why, as well). Would it be possible to make them available so humble modders such as myself can play about with them?
  5. Hi, first of all, I want to express how please I am with the game. I am playing Ironman veteran. So far I went to december 1979 and met battlefield ship and heavy fighter. I made a break due to battlefield elevator bug Nevertheless I wished to express very easy changes that would -in my mind- positively affect the feeling of the game. Most of these concern the geoscape/gestion point of view of the game so it is nothing complicated to change I believe. 1) research should be 2 times slower. It would implies a) choosing your research instead of doing everything when it comes available (less linearity feeling), b) hire more scientist (more choices on where to spend money) 2) construction prices by engeneers should be changed. a) so far I never understood if I require alenium or alien alloys, which is very sad b) how in hell can a gun cost half the price of an air craft ? I would lower prices of gun by 50% (guns at 100 000 $ should cost 50 000 $) while I would higher over prices by 100 % (aircraft and even more importantly armors, jackall at 50 000 $ seems fine) 3) then, I would say aliens are too passive (just like in original x-com but since then I though this was a big flaw). Obviously alien will certainly be more susceptible to die with respect to staying in cover until they see something, but the game would be much less boring and less frustrating if they moved more aggressively. I know IA is a BIG deal but, even if they moved randomly it would be better for personal implication in the game. To counterbalance the fact that they will be over-exposed, they could be slightly buffed in stat (health, accuracy). 4) Also, it is unpleasant that they are almost everytime alones. a) it is unrealistic b) they are easier targets c) area of effect weapons are less likely to be usefull. It is GREAT that sometimes aliens move back when they see your forces, but they should do so only to REGROUP. if no alien is next to them they should just stay in cover. 5) influence of moral is not drastic enough to have any gameplay influence. a) I would say at the begining if one xenonauts die, a couple of the more psychologicaly fragile xenonauts should panic. b)Moreover I would say that ANY xenonauts who is alone should lost 1 moral point per turn. a pair should have a stable moral per turn, and a group of three or more should earn one moral point per turn. 6) did you think about giving an extra action point to xenonauts that didn't move for one turn ? 7) I think 90 action point should be a maximum for xenonauts Okay I think that's all, sorry guys for my english. Hope it will help.
  6. There has been quite the argument on building the perfect flamethrower... or at least any believeable one. This. very this. you could also increase the damage in the center of the stream slightly to replicate the extra fuel burning there. Yeah, that would be the difference between real life and the gaming niche. honestly, I think that 6-8 squares is probably enough range for it to be useful, but that will have to wait until we get to playtest to see if it feels right or not. after all, if the enemies see you at 13 squares (like in XCOM) then you would be hard pressed to use the weapon effectively. it would own the hallways on anything larger than a medium scout though. unrelated, but I have no issues with fire being able to curve around a corner; since we're not going to model the sheer amount of heat as a chance to harm the enemies, it's a useful trick to get enemies that we couldn't otherwise hit. after all, we would have to know that the enemies are there first, right? using it to burn around a corner is still the same niche: nailing an enemy that is behind cover. it's just a little harder cover than usual is all.
  7. Being an old school gamer i have played every more or less prominent game of 1990-1999 I have an idea about soldiers gone berserk. It is inspired by old Kings Bounty strategy game. Units could go berserk there and start attack everything. Along with this disadvantage their stats were encreased. That was reasanoble to teleport your berserk unit to a group of enemies. I propose to add extra action points, and strength to berseking soldiers. Have you heared stories about people in the great stress are getting extra power? Pilots in madness breaking parachute straps that are impossible to break for ordinary men etc. -- If you expand this idea it is possible to set berserk unit to attack only aliens + strange subjects (like a Rambo in a groove) while Panicing Berserc attacking everyone
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