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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, noticed a pecularity, first time healing with medi-kit works (any soliders you choose to) then second time use medikit (any soldier) to heal, Medic will not be able to heal. Tried with different soldiers, same results. (even rotated medic to face bleeder) alas, poor sgt 2bleeder is dying. hey "medic what wrong.... heal me now" R
  2. Could we please make the medkits reduce (or if easier reduce to 0) the patients TU's as well as the users?
  3. A soldier that is healed with a medpack back to full health (half of the lost health is healed back) will have a much shorter recovery time back to base than one that wasn't healed on the field, since the game apparently checks the soldier's actual health at the end of a mission to determine how long he stays wounded. While I appreciate the realism of immediate first-aid being helpful for long-term recovery of a wounded soldier, it only makes it mandatory to manually heal up all soldiers to full before killing the last alien, thus being just a gameplay drag. Simply make the game subtract only the unrecoverable (black) health when calculating recovery time, pretty please:)
  4. Grenates do not override any obstacle it is a bug? it is annoying to treat a soldier click at least 5 times per soldier, perhaps it would be better with a click removing most TU
  5. Chris, a few monthes ago you mentioned that the current placeholder animation for the usage of medikits/advanced medkits will be replaced with its own animation instead of the grenade throwing one. Just thought that you guys might have forgotten about this
  6. I'm curious why after using medikit on soldier his HP doesn't increased to full? Medikit has "energy" of 50 and theese energy is going down by every use. Soldier HP is constant. Can anybody explain it? Is it because of wound? and can't be fully cured?
  7. (Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, I'm still reading through the forum.) It always struck me as odd in X-COM that you could have a soldier move up to an injured teammate, heal them of their wounds, and then the teammate could go ahead and take his full turn. The same happens in Xenonauts. Wouldn't it make more sense for each use of a medikit to subtract time units from the medic AND the patient, since the patient would have to wait in place whilst they received treatment? Also, I notice that you can use a medikit many times over for very little time unit cost and heal someone up to maximum. Possibly this is a bug or the result of incomplete code, but I much preferred X-COM's approach, whereby injuries would result in a number of location-specific wounds which could each be healed once (and the time unit cost only allowed for one or two heals per turn).
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