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Found 11 results

  1. Was on a mission and put a "destroyed alien corpse" aka zombie into a backpack to raise up strength. And all the saves I loaded with it still in his pack caused a crash to desktop. I can complete the mission and make saves, but loading any save with it in inventory will cause a CTD when loading savegame. Other than this bug I haven't had any corrupted saves since beta, you guys have done an amazing job.
  2. There are a number of things we already dont have access to. I feel sure most of these if not all would involve code changs to some ex-stint. *When opening a door to a ufo should the door close behind the soldier after ending the turn or remain open... Iv had soldiers killed just because of this. *I know now you can switch between vertical or horizontal positions when placing buildings, why not be able to do the same when placing items in the backpack. *If multiple grenades are equipped how about being able to select which one to use from the quick slot. *Ending a turn seems to default back to whoever's in the chinook instead of who was previously selected. This can get tedious after a while.
  3. How does carry weight affect your soldier's abilities on the field? I see that once he/she carries too much, there is a time unit penalty, but beyond that, does it matter? Should I always be loading up soldiers with as much stuff as I can before the penalty kicks in? Another question I have is regarding the soldier's belt function. The main reason to use the belt is to save on time units, right? This would be instead of using the backpack in the fight to grab some ammo, for example. I ask mainly because I loaded up a soldier with some rockets to go along with his rocket launcher, and I put two rockets in the belt, but during the game I wasn't able to select which type of rocket I wanted to load. It just picked(I guess) the first one available. Otherwise, I've been having a lot of fun with this game. I know the game is still in alpha, so I understand the lack of a thorough manual. I'm coming from X-Com: Enemy Unknown (2012), and I've never played the original, so a lot of these mechanics are new to me. Thanks in advance!
  4. Seeing as how I doubt Chris will add such a thing, maybe we could do it? There's a few questions that need to be addressed, though: 1. Other weapons should be able to use different ammo-types, right? Not just rocket launchers? 2. Can more inventory slots actually be added into the game? That's the most vital thing to get a sort of attachment/accessory system working. -2A. Can items be 'connected' to the weapon? IE: If you switch out the scoped ballistic rifle, the scope also moves out with it? I know at least primary weapons take up both hands, don't know if that's note-worthy at all. -2B. Other than size, are there ways to make it so you can only attach certain items in an inventory slot? 3. Is it possible to make items that effect the stats of the weapon or soldier? If all of this is possible, then we really should be able to add JA2-style weapon customization, allowing you to attach scopes, weapon grips etc.
  5. I remember in the Original X-Com you could not only load up your soldiers with the gear they'd typically need on a mission but you could also leave some gear as backup on the drop ship. This was a really cool feature as it would allow you to adjust your tactics mid-route. Say you loaded a bunch of explosive rounds and Gatling guns on a terror mission- you could always grab those extra rifles on the Drop-Ship floor right before the mission started. This of course also assumes that Xenonaughts gives you a load-out screen right before the mission starts. The gameplay also benefited from this in several other ways. One of these ways was if a solider ran out of ammo he could always fall back to the drop ship to rearm. One of my favorite experiences of this was when you first ran into the mutons (or in the case of Xenonaughts, alien vehicles!) and had to send several soliders back to the ship mid mission for extra hand grenades and rocket launchers.
  6. It's very anyoing that every time one's trying to escape from the inventory screes via ESC the Main Menu is displayed. IMO ESC should bring us back to battlefield directly.
  7. Hi. Oathbreaker (Coldbear back in my WoW days, made movies etc.) here. Been playing X-Com and Chaos Gate forever, looking forward to Xenonauts and the XCOMEU reboot. 1. No female sprites and asian/african sprite facial colours is a bit of a letdown - here's to hoping you can let someone mod it in. 2. Love the addition of the small, easy, simple tactical air intercept stuff. I wish you'd have an option to "Remain in the fight despite not enough fuel to return to base." - In the real world people have that choice to make and if there's international cooperation you may be able to land at a friendly air base. Then again, might make things too complicated. 2.5 I'm sure it's way too late in the development for this, but here's some easy, simple and realistic immersion-driven things for the current iteration of the tactical air combat stuff: A) as above, button to click saying "screw the fuel restriction, I'm chancing it" with a severe risk of having to eject (very likely over an ocean) and lose the pilot, or getting the plane stuck at an unfriendly airport, or crashing the plane; B) when a modern fighter aircraft takes damage, it's usually not incremental - you take damage and the plane is done, or you might be able to take a little bit more and then you're done and have to eject - the whole 1% increments of damage with enemy attacks taking a certain percentage or "aircraft health points" is a game-driven, imaginary UI, solution that's just fine but hardly immersive. Oh well, it's just a game after all and not a simulation. 3. Carrying big huge heavy stuff in backpacks. Ok, this was done in the original X-Com. But ...really? Stuffing an alien body in your backpack in the same amount of time that it takes you to run 20 feet or fire off your gun on full auto? I have never carried aliens but I have carried other people plenty in the military - they don't stuff into backpacks, generally speaking. Finally, huge props for the tactical air combat innovation and the "hey this building has taken so much damage it should fall down" innovation. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the finished product. As soon as I've finished building a PC I'll get in on the beta.
  8. First of all, I want to say that this looks like a fantastic game. A well done, proper x-com-type game has been a long time coming and it looks like you guys are really on top of it. Hats off to the ones with the vision, and the ones in the trenches. I have hunted down everything writen about this game online, read these forums, and watched a bunch of youtube videos. However, I have NOT actually played the game. Although it is tempting, I think I'll wait a while. At least until it's a little ways to BETA until I spoil the surprise. Here are some things I thought: -Can you reload early? The addition of the shotgun got me thinkin that, the ammo is probably actually a magazine. And since there isn't different types of ammo, I don't see a remove ammo button. but you wouldn't want to walk into a room with 1 or 2 shells in your slow to reload shotgun. -The 2 handed weapon filling both slots thing has got to go. otherwise what are you gonna do if you wanna throw a grenade or a flare, put the rifle in your backpack? drop it? that's terrible. Or maybe you don't even plan on firing the weapon? maybe you just want to pick up a fallen soldier's testicle evaporator rifle and run/toss it over to someone else. To keep players from going Rambo, just make 2 handed weapons wildly inaccurate if something is in the other hand. -still looking for interesting grenade ideas? how about a flashbang grenade that reduces enemy AP stored for reaction fire? pretty good idea, i know. -MORE INVENTORY SLOTS!!!!! we need the tactical vest style shoulder slots back for grenades and flares and the like. I am the kind of player that takes a lot of time equiping my soldiers for the worst case scenario. with the belt only, if you give you're soldier a backup pistol, you are basically out of easily accessible space for extra ammo for 2 weapons, a couple grenades, smoke, flares, whatever else. I guess that's about all. I really hope the research/ tech tree is given some serious attention. that was always a big thing for me back in the day. even some deadend research would be a pleasant dissapointment. or fully functional devices that you discover simply suck (Heavy laser, anyone?). Also, if you're going with the file folder look, how about a coffee stain or two? Keep up the good work. I can't wait for this game to be completed!
  9. Hello everyone, Sorry for the noob question (as this is my first X-COM type game) but how do you equip the items from the backpack? When I tried to switch to a medikit or another weapon from the backpack, the backpack menu showed the medikit or weapon in the primary slot but the soldier still held his previous item. Also, if I do equip the medikit, how do I use it to heal a soldier? Thanks for your time guys, I appreciate it!
  10. Yes I know I am making a massive Noob post. I cannot figure it out however, so I shall ask you to tell me. Thank you!
  11. To my great chagrin, I didn't come up with the original idea. This time One question is how many classes of items are "temporarily used". One way to go about this would be: - You press "G" for grenade. - An overlay of maybe 20% transparent black covers the current weapon gfx on the main tactical UI. - The first and successive presses of "G" cycle through all types of grenades the soldier has in his inventory. - The current "temporary" grenade is displayed over the weapon gfx while you see the ghost of the original weapon - It can "cycle around" to having no grenade superimposed / selected. - No AP are spent at this time. You can cycle through this as often as you like until even the greatest klutz hits the right grenade type. Throwing the grenade spends the AP, including the AP required to move it to the mainhand. Some pockets may just be more advantageous to store grenades in. Throwing the grenade also resets this entire system to having the weapon displayed normally. The same could be done for "other equipment" like medpacks or... whatever else. Depending on how many "other equipment" there is, they could be tossed in with the grenades. This system could also be used to - reload normal weapons (only one magazine type) - reload rocket launchers with multiple types of rockets. You would use "R" to cycle through all magazine items that match your equipped weapon. Just click on it (use it) to reload that particular item or reload / switch to that particular rocket. A lot faster than rummaging through your inventory. It's not even such a great cheat with throwing grenades. Just imagine you are carrying the weapon on a sling and you would not stop to stow your rifle in your backpack before reaching for a grenade. That eliminates a lot of annoying micromanagement and the player can stay "in" the battle instead of having to leave it to shuffle items around.
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