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  1. These are the changes in the balance patch: - Smoke grenades no longer block line of sight. Instead, smoke reduces shot accuracy by 20% for each tile of smoke the projectile passes through. - Alien accuracy global modifier reduced by 10% - Soldier strength carry formula changed to 6kg + (0.3*Strength), giving 50 strength soldiers similar carry capacity but making stronger / weaker soldiers more extreme. - Combat shields now have 100% chance of blocking shots from the front, but still 60% from the sides. HP increased from 60 to 80, and 120 to 160 for Assault Shields. - Alien grenade damage nerfed a bit - Burst fire on alien Plasma Rifles nerfed to 40 accuracy, down from 55 The smoke change is a deceptively large change, so it'll be interesting to see what effect it has. The aliens have been made a bit less accurate too, so see how this plays. Remember, if you've played X-Com before then you should be playing on Veteran rather than Normal.
  2. The only change to the Geoscape balance is that the invasion speed for Veteran has been changed to the former Normal speed. This change is echoing the changes for the ground combat, as Veteran is meant to be the normal difficulty setting for people who have played quite a bit of X-Com. I will also be checking the feedback given in the previous balance thread before the next build, so you don't need to cross post.
  3. Problem A lot of people are mentioning about not being able to advance due to lack of Alien Alloys and other consumables collected from ships that appear in the battlescape. I had one suggestion that would help alleviate this effect but without changing any of the alien fleet progression. Solution Allow shot down fighters and other non boardable ships to yield a small value of consumables that are automatically collected. For example, a fighter might yield 10-30 alien alloys (depending on over-kill damage level in combat). Lore Any crashed ship would of course yield some resources. It makes sense that the Xenonauts would send in some sort of recovery team of Engineers to strip the crashed UFO of use-able parts. Why? This solution avoids the need for limiting the number of fighters etc that appear during waves and forcing every wave to contain downable ships. At the same time it avoids the player from losing through lack of resources no fault of their own (even if they are shooting down every UFO in the skies). Implementation A small pop-up that appears after you shoot down one of these type of UFOs that tells you that x-amount of resources have been recovered for the wreck and are available at y-base.
  4. One of the most common complaints is too many fightercraft. I originally thought this was due to AirSuperiority, but that isn't quite true - it's more due to Research and Scout missions being the most likely to happen, and those missions featuring fightercraft quite prominently. I've noticed that in these two missions heavy fighters and interceptors will either spawn after a certain point (Scout) or always spawn (Research). Personally I think both these mission types are better suited to scouts, but with a possible escort after the ticker rises (to reflect that the admirals of the alien fleet are going to start protecting their scouts more effectively). Otherwise a wave is likely to just have 3-4 heavy fighters with a splash of corvette or landing craft to add flavour. I therefore propose these changes. To AM_Scout: A change to Escort Chance is needed... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Escort chance</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">1000</Data></Cell> </Row> There's currently no escort for a scout mission. Setting it to 1000 reflects that at that point in time, the admirals of the alien fleet will notice all their crashed scouts and start assigning escort craft to them to protect them. <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s65"><Data ss:Type="String">m:airplane.alien.lightscout</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> </Row> Scout missions start off with light scouts.... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s65"><Data ss:Type="String">m:airplane.alien.scout</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">1000</Data></Cell> </Row> And progress to normal scouts quite quickly. Then we add the escorts <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="String">e:airplane.alien.fighter</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> </Row> <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="String">e:airplane.alien.heavyfighter</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1200</Data></Cell> </Row> This is cut and pasted almost directly from AM_AirSuperiority - I've just changed the ticker point for heavy fighters. It seems a natural enough progression, without being too heavy. And that's all for this one. To AM_Research: Change Escort Chance, as I'm adding an escort... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Escort chance</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">500</Data></Cell> </Row> Then with the m:airplane.alien.fighter and .heavyfighter, delete those and cut and paste the escort data from above. EDIT: I've been trying for a while to get escorts for scouts to appear, and I'm not succeeding. What am I doing wrong? EDIT 2: I forgot that the Scout missions don't start till the ticker hits 800. Fixed that.
  5. I think this is throwing the game balance off. I've had DOZENS of rounds of auto plasma fire/cannon fire directed at my troops from FOW by a single alien. If you don't have ammo limits for the aliens you've got to lower their accuracy/weapon damge OR make the aliens easier to find. Will this be put back in? For some perspective, imagine a soldier with unlimited rockets because an alien with unlimited plasma cannon ammo is nearly the same thing. If I had a rocketman with unlimited ammo I could effectively flatten the entire map and call it good.
  6. So, I've heard the beta is coming out soon and we're balancing stuff then. I think the air combat needs a pretty hefty tweak. My first run through I focused on research and troops, built a 2nd base maybe a week in. I couldn't raise any more money when the small scouts showed up shortly after and I didn't have any aircraft that could catch up to them. My second run through I focused entirely on air power. I build my 2nd base on day one just to get the hangars done earlier. I ran out of money before I could really get it running. My first base had 3 interceptors and two MIGs when it was finally done, though. Unfortunately, the small scouts showed up before I could finish the first MIG, so I still had 3 or four days when I couldn't do anything. I had to stare at my projected monthly income dropping with nothing I could do about it. I think the game should be more forgiving in the first month or two. It should accommodate different strategies than a race for air power. My starting aircraft shouldn't be obsolete so quickly. And I think small scouts could be toned down a little. The fighters too. The thing about the aircraft game is, those jets are expensive. If I lose one in the first week after the small scouts show up, it's game over. I won't be able to take out the fighters when they start coming. And the fighters need to be toned down too. I use my air rolls and all my missiles and they sometimes still kill one or two of my fighters. That's 200k down per jet, that's 3 missions worth of money that I can't run anymore anyway if I've lost a fighter too early and can't defend my airways. And reliance on an expensive and all too often defenseless MIG is a terrible gamble in a stage of the game where losing it can lose you the entire game. I was careful never to send a MIG if there was a fighter in the way, but when the small scout started too close to the MIG I'd lose it anyway. I was playing on normal difficulty. This needs some adjustments. My first suggestion would be to make the small scouts show up after a longer amount of time, and the fighters too. My second suggestion would be to not remove the very small scouts completely. Have the small show up sometimes and the very small show up other times. And fewer or more manageable fighters. I'd lower the time it takes to fire torpedoes, there's no reason why a pilot couldn't have them armed and ready before engaging an enemy, maybe lower the time to 1 second just so they don't automatically fire straight away and I can tell the pilot to shut them off if I want. Lower the price on jets. Finally, I'd suggest slowing the small scouts down to where an f17 can catch them. One week into the game the 2nd class of scouts show up and all my f17s are good for is engaging the enemy fighters, and they kind of suck at doing that, too. On a higher difficulty you could get away with forcing a specific build route. You shouldn't have dogfights that end in a jet down and there's nothing you can do about it. This usually happened on 3v3s. I realize that I'm up against aliens and it's not supposed to be fair, but right now it feels like the only way to progress in this game is to load an earlier save every time I lose a jet. Maybe it only feels like I'm fighting a random number generator because I suck at the dogfights or something, but they shouldn't be this punishing on normal difficulty.
  7. I have to admit I am no Xcom vet, in fact I've played very little of it though I could see how it could be a timeless classic to many. But does X com have as much air combat as this version of xenonauts and will the final version of xenonauts have it? I was playing last night and did about Three ground battles after taking down several light scouts. I had build a second base and had most of the buildings in place but wanted to do more research but I need more ground battles and what's more I was starting to run a little low on funds. What happened was I got wave after wave of air attacks mostly fighters and got sick of these battles( I honestly don't care for the air combat its just small a diversion for me) they were coming several at a time and in fleets of three. I won most of the time in the beginning, but I never had any more crash sites for ground battles, what happened is I started to lose interest and got impatient with these tedious air battles and started losing fighter planes; in the end I built a couple more hangers and added planes but I wasn't earning anymore money, also I got a few terror sites much of the time I'd run out of fuel and have to head back and what happened was something unexpected I lost the game with a screen telling me the alien race took over earth- guess I stayed up late for nothing. How is this? I still had both bases most of my planes several soldiers all in tact, yet no ground battles to earn any money or discover any alien technology and I lost. Is this game going to be mostly air combat like this? And how are you suppose to earn any money if there are so far and few ground battles to be had? shooting down fighters and corvetts and heavy fighters doesn't seem to provide any money or generate funds. And had I continued I don't think I would have had another crash site. It was all air combat in the end. How do you handle these terror sites? As far as I could see there were no other options then to circle and patrol with fighter jets. And attack with them. Once I read that the terror site was nuked- so we got them somehow.
  8. In the new build I am having a lot of trouble making scouts crash rather than destroying them outright. I've tried firing missiles one by one, but the scout will always be destroyed no matter what combination I've tried. Next idea was to get in F17 gun range, but I haven't been able to get my F17's to be able to physically be in gun range of a scout yet after many tries. They just can't catch up before the scout escapes. I feel like it might take a prohibitive amount of time to get lucky with missiles and force land a scout. Any thoughts or opinions from others? My proposed solutions: -slightly expand the air combat grid area so there is enough distance for an F-17 to catch up to a scout on afterburn -make it so a mig can fit an autocannon (is this possible and I don't know how to do it?)
  9. OK, so I want to make V8 playable when it goes out as a press build. This thread is intended for people to provide suggestions on equipment that is over or under powered, or suggestions on what would make the game more balanced. This is assuming the bugs get fixed, of course - the Ferret won't have nil fire cost and so on. So what does everyone think? This applies across all parts of the game.
  10. I realise that balancing has not been completed yet but I thought I might give a few suggestions regarding the cost of aircraft. At the moment both aircraft are $100k. This amount is I feel slightly too cheap, reflecting the cost of only about 3 soldiers. This could of course be intentional reflecting that these aircraft are of less quality than future tech aircraft which the Xenonaughts can develop. However, in squadrons they are pretty damn effective on everything I have come up against including Medium size corvettes. I am not suggesting that aircraft should cost $1,000,000 or more (as this would obviously be crippling). I would suggest that the cost of the F-17 be raised to around $175k and the Mig to about $200k or similar. This would make the loss of an aircraft that little bit more damaging and make you think twice about attacking a UFO with only a single aircraft, or a Corvette with less than 3 aircraft. To balance this increase in capital cost, some of the maintenance costs for the base could be reduced. A 5-10% reduction in these costs would allow you some room to build a reasonably sized 2nd base within the first couple of months (which is really quite essential if you dont want to go on a downward spiral from the start). Of course it would mean that you couldn't equip this 2nd base with 3 brand new jets, but maybe only a single interceptor for Tailing and taking out smaller UFOs. I think the cost of soldiers and staff is fairly spot on as is the initial capital costs of most of the base components. Suggestions?
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