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  2. My two cents: Early pistols range is too high in comparison to other weapons and later handguns (15 - starting pistol, 20 - Diablo versus 18 - AK47, 14 - Warhawk). I suggest 12 range for starting pistol and 13 for Diablo, I use these settings, it looks good. Your mod is great, Podbeksky, well done. But there is a difficulty settings problem: Veteran is too easy for me, Insane looks too hard.
  3. Looks like CE 0.25HF2 solve "stuck planes" problem for me. I have copied Xenonauts.exe from CE 0.25HF2 archive to installed XNT5.3 directory, started game and loaded my "stack plane" saves - vu'a la, all planes sucsessfully returned to base and never stuck again. But there is another issue - invisible aliens sprites become arise every battle. PS Sorry for my Enhglish, hope you'll understand me.