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    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    Didn't think about it. Done now. Worked. Thank you
  2. Sheelin

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    Uhm... so since Steam doesn't appear to have X2 Early Access available to download (if it does, then not in my country), I'll keep using the one I get through the "Goldhawk Xsolla Downloader"? Or is there another more recent version available somewhere else (a part GOG)? Sorry, but I'm not keeping up much with the news on the game, so I'm quite uninformed. :/
  3. Sheelin

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    Maybe this is not the right place to post, but didn't found a better one. Got this email Sept 26th. Is the code for Steam or GOG? Xenonauts 2 was released today! You have access to its Xenonauts 2. Early access Your activation key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX
  4. Quite a good game. Enjoyed it, finishing it with two of the three factions available. Sadly, due to company problems and the game not reaching the expectations in sales, the dev team all quit the company, so the game is unlikely to be improved. The last thig they added is the modding support, but I saw after its initial release it disappeared from the steam community, so I have no idea if the modding is really still possible.
  5. Thanks, now thew thread links are correct, where Chris explained what happened and what he's doing. I'll wait - along with many others, I think - to know how things will progress.
  6. That is this we are writing in. Eventually, if I get what you do mean, what is "Epic Exclusive"? This is what I bought, and I don't see anywhere naming it being either "Epic" or "exclusive". Or being "exclusive" from "Epic"... But I can't chose Steam. If I knew I couldn't choose Steam, I would have waited for the game to be released on Steam, and bought it then. Anyway... you said if it was "Epic exclusive" it would lock out all other platforms. GOG included. So, the problem remains. Why we can choose only GOG and not Steam?
  7. To me same... Apparently the "preference" between Steam and GOG is forced to be GOG?
  8. Sheelin

    Xenonauts configuration files

    i made sure it was 100. the values i set are: die: 5 harm: 5 unharmed: 90 anyway, i did what you said of course, trying to put back the original values one a time but to no avail. even putting back the original file wasn't working anymore, and i had to make an integrity check of the whole game, which then found 3 corrupted files.
  9. Sheelin

    Xenonauts configuration files

    I set the initial amount from 1.5M to 99M dollars then put the base construction cost to 50000$ (1/10 of the game setting) reduced the upkeep of employees also to 1/10 of their initial values raised the chance of new soldiers being woman to 99% reised the chance a soldier will survive unharmed to a crash
  10. Sheelin

    Xenonauts configuration files

    I tried to modify a few parameters in the gameconfig file (starting money and upkeep), but it then crashes every time i try to create a new game. I guess there are some checks of the parameters in the engine?
  11. I guess we'll see the game in half 2014 at best. It's a pity since it seems developed enough for release from the screenshots. I fear they keep adding features, creating then problems and thus needing massive tweaking e rewriting of the codes so delaying and delaying. It is so many years we are waiting for it
  12. ok, as soon as I am home again I will
  13. When it is time for an alien wave of ufos to hit, almost every time game freeze and must be reloaded. A few times it keeps freezing on the same wave and to go on you must take some actions like build a structure, to allow the wave to appear and keep playing. The version should be the Steam stable one, don't know the number of it.