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  1. I got the email from XSolla asking what I'd like to set my key to and I accidentally clicked the button to change it to a GOG key, I would prefer a Steam key if possible. Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. I know its a dumb question but I just wanted to know how Goldhawk is going to transfer people on Xsolla like myself to having the game on Steam to use older branches
  3. Does anyone know the binds for the cheats when you launch Xenonauts 2 with cheats? Interested in creating a meme scenario. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  4. Please someone help! I cant figure out how to manage a base that isn’t the original base you place in the beginning of the game. Every time I click on it I just get three hangars that are empty and 3 radar slots I can’t fill since I “Don’t have sufficient radar capacity”