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  1. Oh, it's look perfect!
  2. Oh! I like this logo! And i think the fool ufopedia description is not necessarily at this point.
  3. I like your ideas. I like new weapons. And the third (white one) and first is for special alien forces? Like high-aristocratic aliens? This guns is looking so higher costly and fashioner, only high-elfs can afford this =)
  4. Yes, TD! Make a Vipers and Gargols more like in 5.1, because now they are to weak.
  5. Hm. I installed FITH mod with manual copying to the main directory (i can use the break charges in the GC). Maybe it's another problem?
  6. Couldn't load the save! Technology Researches.CruiserAssaultAnalysis is undefined. It is likely than a mod defiing the technology is missing...
  7. I have only one crash when the aliens egg atack my man who step on another eggs victim. Besides I think playing the iron man is not so necessarily and very risky. All you need is just dont load when shit happens ))))
  8. Hi, guys! It's my try to tell my feelings about the 6.0 - playing without safe/load, veteran difficulty. 1) There is my info: 20 october. I have 3 bases and 200.000$, and starting ballistiks: a) First base (North Africa) 7 hangars (1 chinook and 2 cheburators), 2 workshops, 1 lab, 1 radar array and 16 soldiers (5 jackal armor) b) Second base (America) 4 hangars (1 chinook, 2 appolo and 1 condor), 1 workshops, 1 lab, 1 radar array and 11 soldiers (3 jackal armor). c) Third base (Chine) 4 hangars (none), 1 radar array (one day left to be constructed) 2) Air combat is much more interesting and not forgiving thing. I lost 2 condors and 2 cheburators (dismiss em becose i dont believe in magic when my engeeners make new shiny aircraft from the charry pieces). 3) Night combat is still a treath. 4) Most of my GC looses is because of my imprudence (for a hole game i lost 3 man - SGR, CPL and PVT). 5) With aliens luck and my bad disposition an annihilator phaser and vortex can be a GREAT danger to my squad. 6) Reapers Alpha is not so scary - easy to kill. 7) Meelee aliens (Gorgols and minor vipers/reapers) is no more a treath because (as i think ) of 2 moments: a) The strange strategy/move paths. Instead of just pack atack my man they covardly hidind, glitching and makes crazy moves. Only 2 times i got into a scrape when minor viper stealthly kill one of my man from behind and gorgols atack and kill 2 of my man (they be on enemy fire/supressing from the UFOs main door and they dont have TUs to escape) in open field . b) They dont have a good armor and good speed (in doubt). 8) The mindcontrollers is pain in the az 9) The corvet CG demands big care to take it. 10) Apollo is good aircraft. It's help save money and not to spend it on the radar arrays (YET). Thats all for now! Tnx for your work
  9. Tnx! The long waiting ends ))))))))) Now i can enjoy the reaaal game!
  10. Hellow, Solver! Don't know if that asked before. But it's possible to automaticaly take weapons stats (weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml) and place it to the popups (solders inventory screen)? Because modders who make changes to the weapons stats also need to change figures in the description and this is (how they say) is very madly/senselessly. Tnx for the great work!
  11. i think it's not a bugusing - you prepare a mined title - wait for aliens and bada boom!
  12. Oh, this is good! Because when you play without save/load it's very annoying when some glitch that kill all your team happens )) Now i know this glitch, thx you ))