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    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    And you just said everything I typed better.
  2. Jasmine Moldovia

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    Honestly just skimmed the overview to find out project status after looking at X1 in my steam library, but while I like most ideas, the idea I can't build more planes to throw at ufos makes the game a deal breaker to me, it feels like your enforcing a time limit on the game, and that's something I don't like. If I'm doing well enough to hold them back I should be able to do whatever I want, in my case that would be research 100% tech, build all the best gear, then go steam roll the alien menice after I open the gates from my well crafted hopefully Impenetrable fortress of control zones. To that end, I would of loved the idea of a Mission type to retake a fallen zone.
  3. Having played Xcom EW again, I find that one of the hardest things to go back to in Xenonaught's is the basic idea that the world's best soldiers can't even keep basic battle field awareness... is this possible to mod in?
  4. From what I remember, and it's been a while, nothing is there you need to manually loot for, but things required for research go to research not, stores, extra alien rifles and stuff is auto sold off, because you really can't use it effectively, and the best time to build a first base, to me, is day one, third base some time in the later months. Also you want to over burden your soldiers lightly so they gain more strength/ tus, not sure on exact limits, but that's been debated in other threads elsewhere someone can provide the links.
  5. Jasmine Moldovia

    Gameplay feedback

    That sounds like counter intuitive play, your job is to stop the invasion, so your supposed to let one land... while it makes sense from one perspective (IE stuff might otherwise get blown up) from the stance of the setting, it doesn't fit at all.
  6. Edit: You know what, No, I'm tired, and talking on forums when tired never leads to good things, especially when there's more blood than coffee, in my system.
  7. It's comical, and seriously I'm all for gender equality, which is why it's good females and males are both in the game, but that's the thing about equality, it means they're equal, which means it shouldn't matter wither you bring an all male or female squad to a battle or mix it up. Generally I just bring my starting squad.
  8. I think the base escape tunnel has promise if the community team can get it done, as Goldhawk itself has written off active development of the game, and passed it onto the community at large. But to be honest I'd never want to see the he-man idea, it's just to comical, to me.
  9. Jasmine Moldovia

    This game confuses me

    Nah, I grasp the game just fine, I just disagree with some the design choices. But that's the beauty of this game, it's so modifiable, people can get what they want out of it without it bothering others.
  10. Jasmine Moldovia

    This game confuses me

    Honestly one of the first things I did when I found out damage was 50-150 of listed damage, I modded that range down to a 75-125 of listed damage, 50 to 150 was way to high for me... I agree soldiers SHOULD of had 360 degree vision, I didn't know it was modifiable, will have to look into that, (the elite of the world hasn't been trained in basic situational awareness? I find that sad.) as for not being able move through another solider, it is annoying, but I got used to it. For those who think that would be unrealistic, it's called moving out of the way, and moving back quickly, also known as a side step.
  11. Jasmine Moldovia

    And another question. . .

    From what I understand they are supposed to run back to the ship, not sure if they do, I hunt and kill first.
  12. I was GDI all through one, but by two I think I switched to NOD. Edit: And honestly he looks human enough to me... cloned to hell and back, but Human, in fact he's the one taking Alien tech and reusing it... kinda like Xenonaughts do, and X-com Command... so~ I submit, Kane is the C&C equivalent to Xenonaughts.
  13. Why Fight Nod when you can join Kane? After all, in the end, he turned out to be right, with the scrin and all.
  14. Jasmine Moldovia

    Feature Suggestion: Choose your portraits.

    Another reason why this wouldn't happen I'm pretty sure the people who backed this, at the right level, expect their face, with their name.
  15. Jasmine Moldovia

    GUI change and other complaints.

    Sorry Kerry but active development by Goldhawk is Over, if you want changes, you need to talk to the modders.