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  1. My fondest wish for Xeno2 is a GUI button to open & close doors.
  2. Skitso's map pack has a few oddities. Occasionally it fails to provide cover where it ought to, and very rarely it won't provide a clear path from arbitrary point A to arbitrary point B. This is not in any way game breaking, though. It's just not entirely in line with the layouts of the original maps.
  3. Yeah there has to be a file somewhere that that gives each Alien type modifiers to the default Alien LoS range, otherwise the above makes no sense at all. But I can't find where the information is. Again, some help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes, play it out. A large part of learning to play this game, is to make mistakes and let yourself run with them. And it is very unlikely you're in an unrecoverable situation. What you describe is not too far from the norm. If/when you die, you could try to, for example, build 2 starting bases on day 1.
  5. Thanks Drages EDIT: OK as far as I can tell after looking at the xml files a little... Human LoS range is 18 by day and 10 at night. Vehicle LoS range is 20 by day and 12 by night. Default Alien LoS range is 14 by day and 10 by night. That doesn't mesh entirely well with what happens in my games, and I'm fairly sure different aliens have different LoS range modifiers. But I can't find the information. Clarification would be appreciated!
  6. What's the night- & day-time LoS ranges in tiles for the various units in the game? - Thanks a lot in advance
  7. The medbay works automatically as soon as the building is finished. Your troopers will now recover in (I think) half the normal time. I don't know if there's a limit on how many injured soldiers it will turbo-heal automatically, but I don't think so.
  8. No. They're just a reference/visual aid.
  9. I figured we could use a thread to discuss our squad compositions and the thinking behind them. Don't worry I'll start: Breach Team: 2 Shotgun Troopers, and 2 LMG Troopers. My Shotgun Troopers are always the two with the most TUs. The basic idea is that these two suicidal fools rush into a room, find an alien, get directly adjacent to it, and unload as much Snap-Fire as possible. Perhaps surprisingly (it is to me anyway), I find these guys typically aren't the ones who get killed. Unfortunately they're pretty crap outside UFOs. Or I'm using them wrong. My two LMG troopers basically ghost the Shotgun Troopers. The idea is that the Shogunners uncover the entire room, and the LMG Troopers Burst-Fire the hell out of anything the Shotgunners didn't have the TU to dead with. My LMG Troopers are picked pretty much exclusively on the basis of their Accuracy. High Accuracy LMG Bursts are very effective, and mostly avoid trashing all the shiny thingies that keeps my bases funded and my research progressing. Map Clearing Team: 2 Rifle Troopers, and 1 Vehicle. I'd be lying if I said I pick my Rifle Troopers based on their stats. I pick them based on their lack of stats. Basically, these two suicidal fools uncover the fog of war for the Vehicle, so the Vehicle can blast stuff without getting blasted too badly in return. My LMG Troopers help provide fire support for the Vehicle, and I do occasionally manage to provide fire support and/or band-aids to the Rifle Troopers with my Shotgunners. But my Breach Team bee-lines for the UFO, so the Rifle Troopers and Vehicle are often on their own for a few Turns. Kit: Kit considerations are basically that I always give everyone at least 1 Medkit, 1 Smoke Grenade & 1 Stun Grenade. Smoke and Medkits are just incredibly good if you, like me, get shot a lot. Stun Grenades are pretty situational, I find, but totally worth it when RNGesus is kind enough to provide the ideal circumstances. ... So what does your Squad look like? And what do you think of mine? I know a lot of people use Riot Shields & Handguns. I've only tried one out, but I found the range on the handgun to be completely inadequate, and the damage output to be pretty miserable as well. But I'm inclined to think it's better to kill an alien in 1 hit, than it is to have an improved chance of surviving return fire. Then again, I'm not exactly great at the game yet, so it's very possible I'm going about things all wrong.
  10. In addition to what the others have said, Patrolling is also useful for UFOs that have landed. If the UFO takes off while your dropship is en route, it might decide to try shooting down your dropship.
  11. It would be awesome if the path indicator changed colours to reflect not just the ability to fire, but every single fire mode available to the trooper. For added awesome, a colour-coded tile overlay like the path indicator would appear on the tile occupied by a selected trooper. 9/10 times I need to look at the GUI or interact with some part of it, I'm either checking the actions available to a trooper, or reserving TUs for an action. With the dead simple change described above, I would pretty much never have to do either. Nor would anyone else. It's the absence of exactly these sorts of things that can make turn based games feel slow and cumbersome. ... By the way, while we're at it I would really like a GUI button and/or hotkey for interacting with doors. Clicking on the doors themselves is kind of fiddly and quite often results in mis-clicks.
  12. I still vote X-Cthulhu EDIT: Don't worry, if Firaxis remakes TFTD I'm sure the repetition will kill you long before the Lobstermen get you - Incidentally, TFTD is my favourite X-Com. I'd love a faithful remake.
  13. Not feasible as in: you can decompile the executable, but most or all of the product will be incomprehensible. Basically, it would be easier to write a new game and just use the sound and graphics assets from Xenonauts. But having cast a brief glance at the aiprops.xml there's a fair bit of stuff you can change. Not only that, the file is fully commentated and xml is dead simple. So have at it, KevinHann
  14. What Sentelin was saying, very basically, is that parts of the AI code resides in the executable. The executable being what you get when you compile the source code. Modifying the executable directly is possible in theory, but only in theory. It is not feasible in practice. So if you want to modify the parts of the AI that live in the executable, you do need the source code. You can then modify the source code and re-compile it, netting yourself a new executable to replace the one that came with the game.
  15. This is a seriously great idea. But it's probably too late, unless Goldhawk makes an expansion pack. They've got kickboxing kangaroos. Sending X-Com seemed redundant.
  16. I vote for a Cthulhu'ified X-COM clone. Imagine one of your intrepid investigators has uncovered mythos cult activity somewhere deep in the bayou, and you've just landed your troops to stop the cult from finishing whatever ritual they're performing to crack open reality or whatever. You order your guys forward... When suddenly the slimy trees all around come alive. And you're up to your neck in the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, but you still have to get to the cultists before they finish their ritual and unleash something even worse on the world. ... I want that game so-so-so badly ♥
  17. Well... The word kind of implies a state of violent delirium. I think it'd be fun if troopers so afflicted tossed their primary weapon, ran to the nearest living thing and started beating on it, but I'm perfectly fine with berserk troopers just unloading on the closest living thing. Not because it makes a hell of a lot of sense that a trooper actually would do such a thing out in the real world, but because it's dramatic and fun.
  18. What if Berserk troopers instead ran to the closest unit of any kind and melee'd it?
  19. Any chance that's true for the following: Adding a GUI button for opening/closing doors Making the green pathing thingy change colour for each of the shooting actions, and for tossing grenades. ... There's another Consistent Pain in The Neck countermeasure I'd love to see in the game, but of course I can't remember what it is now.
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