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  1. First, I want to tell you that I really like the new version. Second, somebody told me not to post all my bug findings in one common post, so that you can find the single issues. I think this is a good idea, but please don't think spamming when I will do a couple posts in a row. Now... When something is delivered it still says tht something is delivered to the corresponding base, but it also still does not say what. It will be really great if you can add some information of what has been delivered (what staff, what items whatever).
  2. Just recently experienced: In ground combat. When opening the inventory of a soldier then click&hold-ing the left mousebutton to move an item, it is now possible to scroll with the mousewheel to another soldier and drop the item in that inventory. The item will be duplicated. This is repeatable. For me this is possible with the C4 explosives. When trying this with a weapon (in hands) or with ammo clips the game lags and crashes to desktop. I haven't tried other items yet.
  3. I know that this was an issue in a former version, but I haven't encountered it for some time. Now I have landed near a massive terror mission ufo instead of going into the city. I have never seen that so far. Also my soldier had dread the first time, which I guess is because of the evil master alien. However, outside the ufo some Androns were hiding behind cover and shooting at me, but my soldier could not reach them. The ufo was highlighted green when trying to aim them, guns or grenades. If the ufo was not highlighted the aim did trailed away from them and grenades could not be thrown. Inside the ufo I could see aliens outside, but couldn't aim. They could and shot also. They did hit the hull of the ufo multiple times but some shots got through and a red number hovered somewhere to indicate loss of life. However, the "hit" soldier was not wounded unless it was a direct hit which instantly killed him in one go. As mentioned this happened before, but the hovering red numbers are new to me. Also reappearing as I haven't seen it for some time is that there are overlapping graphics.
  4. Happens to me in ground combats too. But not always. I haven't recognized what triggers the CTD.
  5. I don't know if it still applies to the actual (V19 stable) version, but for the "infinite hidden movement screen" there is a workaround from BeornBlackClaw. See this older thread here (...download the fix. You might need...). For me the "infinite hidden movement screen" issue still happens and the workaround seems to work, but I admit I don't want to wait forever with the hidden movement screen. So it may continued by itself if would wait, but nevertheless I still use that tool. Just FYI, the game stucks (for me at least) when you are in ground combat where the Reapers appear. They are often together with the Sebillian, so you may not see them in the beginning.
  6. I haven't changed to desktop when the game returned to the world map. Maybe it was during the ground mission, I am not sure. I am aware of the problem with alt-tabbing to desktop and back when on worldmap. But I haven't experienced this behaviour when I did this in ground combat and the game returns itself to world map. I think the world map is loaded anew after the ground combat and does not inherit some bugs from the ground combat routines, maybe I am wrong then.
  7. Damn yes, you are right. I overlooked that it was v19 with the hotfix already in my first posting. sorry for double posting -.-
  8. As mentioned earlier (see here) the clone soldier issue is still existing. I have now expereinced that they share damage, time units and carried weapons. I have relocated the soldier to another base and now I have one soldier in each team. The clone soldier in the original charlie can not be removed or replaced by another guy.
  9. When in a game and a savegame sould be loaded the game always CTD. Either instantly or the screen will sort of freeze and it is not possible to Alt-Tab to the desktop. When the taskmanager is called the screen vanishes and a crash notice window is visible. Have this only with this version, never before. Ok, sometimes but that was long time ago.
  10. The charlie is returning to base and the icons on the top of the world map are not working. I don't know if the time acceleration buttons work as I always use the Num-Pad and Space bar. These still work then. The only possible way to overcome this is to double-click on a base position on the map. Then the base view comes up and when returning to world map again, everything is working regularly again. In an earlier post I have mentioned that loading the savegame helped, but that does not work anymore.
  11. During ground combat my scatter laser soldiers always try to reaction fire when an enemy comes into sight, though they are out of ammunition. They have sufficient time units by the way. In the Hidden Movement phase, the soldier is shown as he turns towards the enemy and the sound of the scatter laser is hearable. This can occur multiple times with the same soldier. If ammunition is left it will be used. Once it is empty the above mentioned happens. Never had this before this version.
  12. I can confirm it for Sebillian and for Wraith (think they were called, I mean the teleporting, insect-like ones). Oh an with Harridans too.
  13. I have this "clone soldier" too. Maybe longer than I have seen actually.
  14. For me the un-clickable icons only happen after ground and alien base missions. Loading the autosave from the mission helps. Alt-tabbing does not lead to this, the icons exist only as border lines for 1-3 seconds before everything is normal again.
  15. Have seen it too, also with Sebillian and Ceasan. If another soldier looks at the same corpse, the correct corpse is shown then.
  16. Have that very often. The open door icon stays with me to the world map screen and to my base views. An air combat or a next ground mission removes it. Without that the icon vanishes after some time.
  17. Hello, after playing some time with the new v19 release, which I find a great step forward, I have found some bugs: - One soldier name and icon is always in the drop ship, regardless if the "real" soldier is selected to be in there. If the real soldier is used, the name (and character) is present twice. It is possible to position the green icon(s) in the drop ship map, but when the click-hold&drag action takes too long the game CTD. If all soldiers are deselected the clone remains. The click-hold&drag has the same CTD effect, although only one icon is there. During the mission the soldier can be used independently from the other with the same name. They have the same equipment and when the weapon is changed on one, the other changes too. Haven't tested if they share damage as well up to now. Renaming one of the two will change both. Here is a picture of my clone soldiers: Now I could call it "clone wars" from now on...hmmm NO.- Every now and then the icons of the world map cannot be clicked. Often when an alien base assault is finished and sometimes when a ground mission is finished too. The time can be accellerated and stopped as usual but the icons do not work. The loading of the autosave file is the only help here. - Sometimes in combat missions targetting an enemy is not possible and the game soon will CTD. Same happens when some soldiers can't be selected by mouse. - Sometimes a soldier in the drop ship can't be selected by mouse, only by mouse-wheel or by the number-icon. Only soldiers that are next to the drop ship wall that is covering the majority of the soldiers body have this issue. This will NOT cause CTD. - When soldiers are next to the wall of crashed UFOS (scouts for instance) they are partly hidden by the UFO, as if there is a ledge above them, but there isn't on the other side of the UFO. - When a soldier is kneeling next to a wall (wall gets transparent to show him), healing is not possible as the healing cursor will not lock-on. The kneeling soldiers has to stand up and the healing cursor has to be pinpointed precisely to his head which is uncovered by the transparent wall. - During an alien base attack one of my soldiers hid behind an obstacle. This obstacle was destroyed and all surrounding tiles where damaged by enemy fire. The soldier could not walk/shoot/thrown over the damaged tiles or the vanished obstacle. Enemies did not attack him either. no bugs: - When jets are shot down during an air combat the jet is not lost completely. I don't know if this is wanted that way. The repair takes some time so I guess this should represent the rescue/salvage of the wreckage. If it is this way I think it is a good solution and no money is wasted for endless new jets, but if a jet is shot down over the ocean I don't think the wreckage can be salvaged. Maybe these jets should be lost and the next jet should be cheaper than the regular achieved jet as it was "killed in action". What do you think? - What happend to the improved first aid kit (100 instead of 50 healings)? Was it removed or changed to another research branch that I may not have pursued so far? Overall the game is much fun and CTDs are much less happening than before. Grenades work!!!!
  18. Brett: "Right" Brett unfolds several yards of asbestos netting. Hands out five thin rods. Each of them like metal broom handles. Brett: "I put portable generators in each of these. They're insulated down here. Just be goddamn careful not to get your hand on the end." He touches the tip to a metal object. A blue spark leaps. Brett: "It won't damage the little bastard unless its skin is a lot thinner than ours...It'll just give it a little incentive." Lambert: "Now if we could only find it." Ash picks up a portable unit. Ash: "I've taken care of that...tracking device. You set it to search for a moving object...It hasn't much range but when you get within a certain distance it starts beeping." Lambert: "We seem to be okay...If this damn thing works." Brett: "Right"
  19. @ Matthew and Chris Thanks for the answer. @4Aces I didn't know about the desintegration of the ufos, it was just a wild guess. Thanks for clarification. Actually I have two bases up (middle east and middle america, Kuba or so). I have lost USA and Russia due to funding issues and lack of active aircrafts. Though I still wonder about Russia with two terror missions succeeded and lots of ufos destroyed or followed, maybe Russia is too big for one connected base only. How do you send aircrafts to loacations when there is nothing to intercept? I think I have read it somewhere here, that it is not possible. My memory may be crowded, but I think "UFO:Enemy Unknown" had this feature....or I mismatch that with one of the clones: UFO:After--something. For each base I have one radar room. Is it possible to double the radar range with more radar rooms? I never have seen an upgrade to the initial radar technology. I have seen the ufo laned near the terrorized city but always feared to engate it and loosing the city. I will try that next time. The engineers are regularly focussed on one project only. As the corsair took too long I left one engineer in place and the rest for weapons. Hence they have "reused" the alloys from the corsair project, as I guessed and you described it. Thanks for all this information. I may be "too enthusiastic" to report such things here, but honestly I really really like the game and want to help eradicate errors, even small ones. Because I know from my engineer life that the small errors will always annoy you most. And as you are in the beta testing it is better to know as not to know.
  20. In a sudden base attack - ufos appeared on top of my base- the aliens were already visible at deployment phase. I don't know if that should happen. (Nevertheless this was quite nice because all the grenades had a lot to eat through in that narrow room full of aliens.) This was the only room with aliens: I have saved the game before I deployed my soldiers. I tried to throw grenades but the first soldier completely failed and dropped the grenade: Two of my soldiers wounded. Reaction fire of the aliens killed three soldiers. Damn! So I reloaded the game, but then deployment was not possible anymore. Similar as mentioned before (here). With the reloaded game I moved my soldiers a bit before throwing grenades and now it worked. Nailed a lot of them. One or two escaped to the radar room. Nevertheless they could be killed as the shots found them, although a different alien was targetted. There seemed to be an obstacle in that smoke but the hit animation was in the radar room, this is visible here: Both escaped aliens seemed to be on one common tile, didn't move and were killed.As the smoke was gone no obstacle could be seen: When I tried to target the "obstacle" the crosshair jumped to the already dead aliens in the radar room: I have saved during the battle, but the reloaded game did not have this effect anymore.
  21. I have seen that too, but it was only one or two times. Sometimes it helps to switch the roofs on or off in the current and to the other state in the next turn.
  22. Hi there, in my current game I can't salvage alloys from crashed ufos, because I don't see any crashed ufos anymore. In the beginning of the game (no Foxtrot, no Alenium weapons) I could shoot down some ufos and send my "salvage team" there. Now with Foxtrots and Alenium missles and torpedos I can shoot the ufos down (heavy fighter or other small and medium sized vessels) but no crashed ufo will appear; hence no alloys to salvage. Maybe the Alenium weapons are too powerful and the ufos vaporised in mid-air...but wait can't be, because the larger ufos are not possible to bring down due to their massive armor, even with three Foxtrots and two combats (home for reloading and back) they are nearly invincible. I would need three combats but the ufo always escapes before that. Thus my assembly of the Corsair is stopped in the middle as I don't have any alloys. Note: There was no notification why it was stopped, maybe the remaining amount of alloys were sufficient to produce smaller items like plasma rifle but not for the corsair. A message should tell me that...was waiting for ages until I have seen the production time did not change anymore. Also I never find landed ufos and have to hope on Terror missions or Alien bases (only one found up to now) to get some of the rare alloys. So I think my current game will end soon as I can't get alloys from crashed ufos and can't update my jets and armour due to alloy shortage. Is that a bug, an imbalanced effect or just the end of the game as I wasn't fast enough to update my weapons/jets as there may be time for that? If I was too slow, I don't know what I should have changed as money is always short in the beginning.
  23. Hi there, on a Terror mission I found an enemy inside a building. My sniper shot at him but hit the wall or the window (don't know anymore) instead. Suddenly the whole building vanished and the enemy was revealed, free to shoot. Then a rifleman shot at him, he hit the enemy and a broken glass sound could be heared. The heavy weapon guy finally downed him. As those bullets were on its way one could hear broken glass sound also. Don't think this is planned to happen (maybe the house was a bouncing castle) but once a bug on my side
  24. Hi, in a new game, my jets shot down an UFO. My soldiers swept the area (village somewhere in Africa) and there was a building with a second and third floor. This second floor had a door to another room where the stairs to the next level where. Though I opened the door and could look inside, my soldiers couldn't get in. There was no civillian, no enemy and no other obstacle. A free way but not accessible, even the green walking path did not appear. Here some scrrenshots: I also have a save game at this position, if it is helpful. and as I already typing... I have seen in the soldier equipment screen at base, that when I check the gear of the assigned soldiers and then click on the unassigned I can't go back to the assigned. The entry of the Charlie with the humanoid icons is grey all the time. To see the assigned soldiers again I have to switch to jets (or other) and back.
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