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  1. Did you fix "full healing of injured soldier via medikit in next mission" bug ?
  2. It's still possible to fully heal soldiers injured in prievious mission via medikit.
  3. I think that airstrike should give at least 80% of the crashsite value done by own soldiers. By crashsite value I mean instant cash + monthly income increase. Now is about 1/3 rd.
  4. I had the same issue with large bases from build v19 till 20
  5. I think that this tactic could be hard against fast enemy interceptors(4000 km / h) and heavy fighters (3000 km/h top speed). Using third condor instead of foxtrot makes airfight easier and gives more firepower.
  6. Foxtrot was always a target of haviest ufo's, so the airfight was simple (foxtrot vs havy escorted ufo and interceptors (fighters with cannon and evade ability) vs enemy light fighters. Now foxtrot could be a target of enemy light fighter so it will be hard / impossible to launch torpedos on havy ufo and escape.
  7. I confirm. I had to withdraw one of my soldiers outside the barn and in the next turn sectoid tried to kill him through wall (with no luck).
  8. There is no difference between 50 TU and 60 TU shot. In both cases soldier has only 57% hit chance. He uses sniper rifle in mid-long range (did not move in this turn). The target is crouching. Crouching of my soldier does not improve his aim. (Soldier has 73 points of acuracy skill) It seems that enemy crouching greatly reduce the hit chance which cannot be improved. It riddiculous that my snipers can't hit crouching enemy even at rather close range.
  9. Airstrikes does not affect country relations. There is no financial forecast change after airstrikes. I think that I read somewhere that they will give bonus to country relations and payment in the next month.
  10. Randomizing targets of ufo, made using foxtrots pointless. Now the best squadron is 3 x condor or 3 x maruder (corsairs are too expensive). Heavy fighters are useless in current game version.
  11. It is still possible to fully heal with medkit soldiers injured in previous missions.
  12. Here 's the savegame: http://bitshare.com/?f=1cystpir Click on soldier number 3 via equipment screen.
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