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  1. I've also had issues like this crop up a few times at random, both loading save games and loading missions. Usually it hangs near the end of loading, but sometimes it hangs within the first 20%. I have not found a way to reliably reproduce it. I usually kill the process from Steam with the STOP button. No trouble killing the game that way yet.
  2. I have a save file where I had multiple UFOs show up at once in late June. I dispatched 2 squadrons from one of my bases to take on 2 of the UFOs in that area. One set engaged a large UFO and was able to take it down. The other engaged a set of interceptors and was shot down after taking down 2 of them. I then diverted the first squadron to take on the remaining interceptor (which still shows the 3 triangle icon for a squadron) and when they met they just stopped. I can redirect my squadron to do almost anything and the UFO interceptor follows suit, but they will not engage. user-52.json
  3. Well, I'm in May now and have been able to build the lasers, so gonna keep on trucking! I'm not sure yet what needs to be done to allow the building of lasers, but I had at least researched aircraft gauss weapons which then also crashed the game on crafting just like the lasers. Atish, do you remember what you had done prior to being able to craft the lasers?
  4. I will add that having skipped making aircraft laser weapons entirely due to this bug, the same thing happens when trying to make aircraft gauss weapons.
  5. It's only happened twice to me so far.
  6. The activity log at the bottom of the geoscape sometimes shows errors for UFO activity rather than a generated description. I have 2 screenshots of the issue, but not any saves or logs yet.
  7. I appreciate the replies and the info, but please stop suggesting I stop playtesting this version. I understand there's another version coming, that there will be improvements, and that this game is nowhere near it's final form, but the whole point of beta testing is to find and report bugs. I know you don't mean ill by this, but I've been seeing you make this suggestion on many bug report posts and it's getting a bit obnoxious.
  8. Indeed! This is not a show-stopper for my testing, so I'll keep at it. Just wanted to make sure whatever formatting issue caused this makes their list of things to look for and fix.
  9. On attempting the Iceland base mission in late January (I ran in to the infinite reaper bug), I found that a soldier placed in the rear center position of the dropship spawned inside an alien cargo box. They are able to shoot, but cannot move. spawn.json
  10. The alien hyperdrive entry has some sort of formatting error that results in text being drawn over other text at the bottom of the description. The display error is different on the popup when you research it from the entry as displayed in the Archive later, but it is present on both screens.
  11. My first alien infiltrator in 13.2 popped up in the Pacific ocean. The nearest land to the location is Cocos Island, about 250 km east of the infiltrator. infiltrator.json
  12. Moonfire

    Rethinking Equipment Manufacturing

    Is that something to do with going out on missions?
  13. Moonfire

    Rethinking Equipment Manufacturing

    Some ideas for production costs in multiples: Alenium grenades x50: 30 hours, 1 alenium, $5000 Plasma grenades x50: 40 hours, 1 alenium, $7000 Electroshock grenades x50: 40 hours, 1 alenium, $6000 Any tier pistol, assault or rifle weapon, jackal armor, wolf armor, sentinel armor x10: about 10% less than normal for all resources Any tier sniper or heavy weapon, buzzard armor, predator armor x5: about 5% less than normal for all resources Laser clips x100: 30 hours, 1 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $4000 Plasma clips x100: 40 hours, 1 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $5000 Laser cannon for aircraft x10: 80 hours, 2 alenium, 4 alien alloys, $8000 Plasma cannon for aircraft x10: 100 hours, 2 alenium, 4 alien alloys, $10000 Alenium torpedoes x50: 40 hours, 2 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $5000 Alienium missiles x50: 40 hours, 1 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $5000 Plasma missiles x50: 50 hours, 1 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $6000 Plasma torpedoes x50: 50 hours, 2 alenium, 1 alien alloy, $6000 These are of course a rough idea of what I was thinking for those interested in making all of their goods, and maybe could use a bit of balancing.
  14. Moonfire

    Rethinking Equipment Manufacturing

    I would agree if we were talking about producing one at a time, but producing large quantities at once only adds a small amount of micromanagement. I think it also nicely addresses kabill's concern about free upgrades with less drawbacks than having to produce one at a time. This could also be extended to production of firearms and armor. You have a base cost for production of 1 each of these things, and another option for a longer production run (say, 10x or so) at a slightly reduced cost in resources to reflect the advantages of duplication of effort that make mass production so valuable.
  15. Moonfire

    Rethinking Equipment Manufacturing

    Is it possible to have a production run produce a multiple of something? For example, producing a set of 50 plasma grenades for the cost of a small amount of alenium, cash, and man hours. In this way, you could have the consistency of manufacturing most items without the major impact on resources that used to come with it.