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  1. I love this! I think the bus is probably exploded, though. Vehicles will still be displayed on the map even when destroyed. You'll be able to walk right through it, too, and they won't even bother you about your fare!
  2. Certain map modules have objects like walls and doors that seem to be duplicated in place. This is evident by glitching textures where the duplicate objects seem to be clipping through each other and also some doors and windows that are black when open. I think it's not just graphical because you sometimes have to open a door twice to get through it, like on the 3rd floor of the Abductor UFO. I'll watch for the other ones to appear again in my games. Would it be easier for you to identify the problem maps with a save file or a screen cap?
  3. A ground unit with not enough time units to move to a selected adjacent square may still turn toward that square if they have enough time units to make that turn but it wont actually subtract the units used turning. For example, if I run a soldier down to 4 time units while facing a cardinal direction, then left-click on an empty square to their left or right, that would normally cost 5 units to move to that square (2 to turn, 3 to move), and this is indicated by the UI showing that would leave -1 time units. If I left-click again on the selected square as though to move that soldier, they would then turn to face the square, but would still have the 4 time units. Left-clicking again to move the soldier again results in them actually completing the move for 3 units, leaving 1 left over to continue cheezing the game by allowing infinite turning of the soldier 45 degrees at a time so long as all the adjacent squares are open.
  4. This has continued to be an intermittent issue in 18.2. I usually notice it when unequipping armor from soldiers not assigned to a dropship, though I've also noticed weapons going missing, too. I'll try to watch for it and grab a log file since it seems to be hard to reproduce.
  5. I had noticed sometimes when shooting down a UFO that would normally create a crash site, it wouldn't always create one if I had first encountered the UFO over water and then tailed it. I initially thought it was just a matter of the game detecting the difference between being over land or over water differently based on whether I was initiating combat or creating a crash site upon success. I finally decided to follow a UFO further inland to ensure a crash site creation when I was a bit low on cash and found that it consistently did not create a crash site. Attached is the relevant save file. auto_strategy_before_intercept-40.json
  6. This one crashed 3 times now. Here's the log from the 3rd crash. Gonna try this mission over and see if I can get it to play through. output.log
  7. More data on a CTD that seems similar in circumstance. It crashed once, I reloaded and tried again and it crashed again, though the turn played out differently. I neglected to grab the log from the first crash, but attached are the end of turn autosave and the log from the second crash. output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_4_end-453.json
  8. During the alien's second turn at an Observer crash site, the game crashed to desktop. Attached are the autosave from just before this and the most recent log file. auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-248.json output.log Update: Loading and continuing did not result in a repeat incident, though the alien turn played out quite differently. I don't know exactly what was happening when the game crashed, but the soldier under mind war had come under alien control and the elite alien next to the crashed UFO had flown to the roof of the building. In the replay, the soldier only panicked and the elite alien stayed nearly put.
  9. My third wave of terror missions dropped, but it was only one site instead of the 3 I started to expect. There were no rewards listed for completion. During the first turn, I tried to shoot at something with MARS after I had shot at one enemy with another soldier and been shot at by another. MARS seemed to miss, but I couldn't tell because it seemed as though the shot got followed off screen somewhere. I still had the usual UI elements and they were fairly responsive, I could select soldiers and such, but I couldn't get the map to reappear at all. I reloaded the level from the first turn autosave and tried again, only to have the same thing happen when an enemy shot at me with overwatch. This time I saved the game in the bugged state and popped out to preserve the log file. Attached are the autosave from the start of turn 1, the save from the bugged state, and the most recent log files (one was really short). Update: Loading the saved file made during the bugged state seemed to make things work normally again. output.log output.log_1.67273395ed23b8ba9d6b5d55cdc12f38 user_shoot_blank-23.json auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-123.json
  10. Whoops, I missed that. Time to go back and reread all the recent release notes.
  11. It's late January in my first play-through of the V18 series and my first terror mission spawns. Except it was actually 3 at once. Is that supposed to happen? Attached save was made just after they spawned. I forgot to take a log file of it. user_3_raids-4.json
  12. I've noticed and appreciated the new feature that automatically selects the highest aim level available for the remaining turn units of a selected soldier and have even started to rely on it for tactical planning. However, this reliance has bitten me a few times when I have loaded a ground combat save file and discovered the hard way that all soldiers' aim levels are reset to their lowest levels for the remainder of the turn. It's a small one and definitely not game-breaking. More like something for the polish list and to keep in mind while testing.
  13. When finishing ground combat, an injured soldier's health is lower than expected. I think this may be a long-standing bug that I never got around to investigating because I recall many instances in previous versions of soldiers having less than expected at the end of a mission. I had a mission I was going to redo because I had so few soldiers left at the end when I remembered that one, Thomas Robert, had 22/56 health remaining but could be healed up to 37/56. Upon ending the mission without healing them, I noticed they only had 16/56, way less than expected. So I reloaded it and healed them before finishing only to get the same result, 16/56. I think that might have been the lowest their health got during that mission. It seems to me that upon ending a mission all soldiers' health should be raised automatically to whatever they could be healed to with a medkit. To replicate, load the attached save file, note the health of the 3 remaining soldiers, take any action you like to affect their health, and shoot the last alien. user_healthcare-2.json
  14. After a particularly rough ground combat session, I started to equip fresh soldiers only to find my loadouts for Sniper and Assault were completely blanked. I'm lacking the associated log file, but I do have the save for it. I'll try to grab a log when I see it happening again. auto_strategy_after_combat-8.json
  15. Update on the alien injury noises: I noted on a new game today that all the Sebillians and Psyons I encountered in two different Scout crash sites all made the correct noises, but all the Psyons in a Destroyer crash site made human sounds. I'll add more data points to this until you're able to locate the trouble.