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  1. I noticed that I can build more than 9 bases now (Only the first 9 of them will show up in the bases toolbar, obviously). This is most probably not intented Regards, Niels
  2. blubberdiblub

    V19 Experimental Build 6 hotfix 1

    That's because internally those stats (I believe all apart from Strength) are lower by 2 (as seen in the savegame), so they actually cap out at 99 and then the 2 points are added on top of them. Why that is like this, tho, is beyond me.
  3. blubberdiblub

    Should turning cost no TUs?

    If the typical A* search algorithm is in use in Xenonauts, it wouldn't be a chore. It would just amount to fixing the cost function to properly include the turning angle for every move, including the first move.
  4. lightgemini has created a workaround here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5744-Experimental-Build-V19-available-%28instructions-within%29?p=68922&viewfull=1#post68922
  5. That should work. Had my Ground Battle crashing due to using grenades, so I just took the Autosave (I had used a lot of grenades in that battle before), did without throwing a final grenade, waited a couple of turns (so any remaining smoke would vanish), finished the battle and this time it worked.
  6. Also works with pistol overlapping another pistol and Medkit overlapping a second Medkit. Edit: Laser and Plasma pistols show that strange behaviour, too.
  7. I'm suffering extended delay when I successfully end the mission (before the Mission End screen appears). In V18 Steam stable, it happened only occasionally and the delay lasted for about 10 seconds after my final move and the screen appearing. Now in Experimental, it happened to me each time, and the delay was between about 30 and 60 seconds. It's nothing major, but it's a real nuisance. Also, after I ended my move and after the NPCs have moved (the Hidden Movement screens are all gone and there's nothing going on movement- and sound-wise anymore), there's a delay of a couple of seconds before I'm able to move. The screen is already scrolled to center my activated soldier, but the AP are still visibly reduced in all the mini-stat-displays from the last move. After 1 to 3 seconds or so, the AP visibly fill up and then I'm able to act. This wasn't the case with the stable build, either. I can't say if the 2 delays are related, tho.
  8. I can confirm this problem on the exact same level.
  9. blubberdiblub

    Ground Combat UI improvements

    I think pre-spotting enemies is out of discussion. I don't think it's even possible engine-wise, since the aliens are covered by the Fog of War, which is independent from unveiling the map. Apart from that, it would be pretty illogical, since there's quite some time involved from having an overview over the battle scene in the air to actually landing (think dust being churn up), preparing, opening the hatch and getting out. The enemies can use that time to form up in pretty much any way they like, so you cannot know where they are, even if you have previously seen them.
  10. blubberdiblub

    Peek around corner

    Damn, you got me excited, because I believed for a moment you were talking about Rock'n'Roll the game, which would have meant there is a remake of that out ;P
  11. blubberdiblub

    Charlie range not worldwide?

    How about having some diplomacy feature in that case? I mean the nation maltreated by the alien terror troops going nuts on their area would surely get nervous in time, wouldn't it? Would they not eventually call the Xenonauts and ask them why the heck they're sitting on their butts doing nothing about it? And would they not offer the Xenonauts a means of transportation (and back, of course) upon explaining to them that the site is out of range? What I mean is one could have some dialog window popping up after half of the time before the site gets nuked (unless there's already a dropship on its way by that time) that's prodding you in the name of the affected nation to do something about it and also offer the choice of requesting transportation from the country (maybe in exchange for money for the fuel and personnel expenses) in case it is not reachable by your dropships. It might likely be hard to integrate balance-wise or whatever, but it's just a thought anyway.
  12. blubberdiblub

    Tutorial- Important?

    The Iceland Incident, the way I understand it, seems significantly different to the ingame setting to me. Note that it might require substantial work creating different units (graphics), weapons or whatever. For one, it happened more than 20 years ago, so the soldiers wouldn't look the same and they might use older types of weapons or ones that perform slightly worse. Also, the supposed power core explosion was so extremely devastating, that it eradicated all troops in a certain radius of the ship. I don't think you have some explosion like that in the game, which leads me to think that it might have been a very different ship than those occurring ingame. The aliens might have been a different species than those you encounter, too. The story is quite vague about that. Last but not least, it's not really clear what the link between the Iceland Incident and the current invasion is. How direct or indirect is it? Would the invasion have happened earlier without the craft being shot down? Would it have happened later? What conclusions did the invading force draw from their vessel not returning? That's all a mystery, and there's no proof that one is linked to the other at all, apart from having made the Xenonauts organization possible at all. All that might set the Iceland Incident too far apart from the game as to make a tutorial setting of that event feasible. But yeah, that's just how I see it. I'm not saying that I don't like your suggestion, I do, but I'm looking at it from a practical and consistency angle.
  13. Hehe, that sounds like a really funny and creative way to utilize throwing, but doesn't it also sound a wee bit unrealistic, throwing around explosives and precision equipment?
  14. I was also wondering how that worked. So far, I've paid attention to the layout of my bases in order to make sure I can build the rooms with the preset orientation. Obviously I couldn't have found out just by trying, since my input device (it's a really great trackball, and no, a mouse is not an option for me) doesn't have a scroll wheel. Or is there an alternative way to rotate the rooms?
  15. Happened to me, too, on the desert map with that fenced storage site on the left. But the bug didn't occur with a map feature, instead my soldier was crouched next to my Hunter vehicle. And yes, I also tried to click him a second time, and that caused one of my other soldiers to walk into the exact same spot where my bugged soldier was kneeling.