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  1. Doubt this game would have a problem getting onto steam anyway, with all the community support.
  2. Yeah, or just strap 'em to the Chinook and to the front of tanks. Extra protection for vehicles and it saves space. Operation human shield.
  3. Ha Ha, this is the one I'd go for
  4. I got two Chris England's the last time I started a new game. Maybe after the alien invasion we decided human cloning was okay. More meat for the grinder that way.
  5. Thanks for the reply, should probably research these things before I post. Couldn't see the game being much of a challenge once you'd played all the maps several times. Obviously with the current build there are only two maps. The community driven aspect sounds good as well. Would have a go myself but I know from experience that its not easy.
  6. Its a good idea, could lead onto a lot more. For example, have you thought that the aliens could catch disease from humans as well. Think about the early explorers meeting up with previously unknown people and lands. It was often the case that both parties became sick because their bodies didn't contain the antibodies needed to fight off the illness. This could also lead to biological warfare. There would be a lot of new content to add to the game. Maybe someone could make a mod using these ideas.
  7. Hello, my name's BeatStroganoff, and I'm an addict. You can probably tell by the name I like music and food. Make a bit a both as well. Recently relapsed into my childhood addiction of X-Com after buying it on steam. Really looking forward to this game.
  8. Don't know what I prefer, killing aliens or zombies. I'll find it hard to make my mind up if they're released around the same time.
  9. Just a quick question, will all the maps in the final product be preset, or will the game implement random tile generation as in X-Com? If the answer is the former; do we know roughly how many maps the game will contain? Thanks.