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  1. Where do you download the standalone? It it something really obvious I'm missing?
  2. Yes you can. It's just in the menu instead of being in in-game ui.
  3. This game is great. Been playing it for 6 hours now, and Fireaxis really had nailed it. The only real criticism I have is that soldier classes are assigned at random, and it seems to love giving me Support which is the least useful.
  4. Had an interesting bug where the mg fires all four bullets at once instead of in a stream.
  5. I'm glad someone gets how hard image editing is (I work a graphics mod for another game, I understand these things). Anyway great to see more mods coming about, will have to try this out.
  6. Right-click and 'view image.' It should be max size then.
  7. None of the lines are smooth. I should think that would obvious. They're not like that anywhere else.
  8. 1600x900. I'll try and take a screenshot. Is there a specific key I can use like F11 or something?
  9. A small recommendation: would it be possible to shrink the portraits of the Xenonauts down to their normal size in the mission report screen? As it is it seems the portrait size is too large and that leads to tearing of the picture.
  10. Great to finally have an AI coder. Welcome to the forum. Will you be doing any work on the air battle mechanics or are those mostly done?
  11. Definitely going to second this. Noticed it immediately after loading up the new version. Great work.
  12. Never took them on a mission. I tend not to since I like my soldiers getting experience. Only start using them if I have enough empty slots due to KIAs.
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