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  1. Hello - we're currently looking for feedback on the game's UI/UX and it'd be ultra helpful if you could post that in this thread to keep things in one place. Some questions for you (please do try and be as specific as possible when you answer - screenshots can be helpful if you have time): - Are there any specific actions that you feel are hard to perform in the game? - Is there anything which doesn't behave as expected? - Is there anything you found really hard to grasp initially? - Anything you're still confused about? - Any information that you need which the game isn't giving you? - Any general comments or thoughts on the UI? Any feedback you have is HUGELY appreciated. X2 is a complex game with a huge number of UI elements, so anything you can give us to help improve the experience is really helpful - many thanks. Reminder - if you don't currently have access to the beta then you can try the demo here during the Steam Festival - https://store.steampowered.com/app/538030/Xenonauts_2/
  2. Paul here! Thanks for the intro, Chris and I hope to see all of you around the various communities in future. @Solverthanks for that - I'll take a look and invite them over to the new server.
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