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  1. I'm quite impressed with the steam festival ground combat demo actually. I think it's great, that's why I didn't list it in the things that haven't seen any improvements. Though I'm a bit disappointed that we still have the chunky "drawn in paint 400% magnified" targeting line (someone in these forums described it like that, and I think its hilarious, not in a malicious way or anything). Not to mention the way that ballistics and grenades work. I think they're the same as X1? At least they feel identical.
  2. In my opinion having antfarm bases is more valuable than having an exact copy of your base for base defense. But I wasn't there when the y'all tested them so I respect the decision. I hope it can at least look better
  3. So I know that the original Kickstarter idea of having 1 "antfarm" base like FiraXcom has been abandoned. But why can't antfarms be used in the current (X1) multiple base system? Especially now since facilities have adjacency bonuses, antfarms are a better representation of that. In any case, I hope it doesn't stay/look like X1 base building. It's been 6 years, surely there can be improvements there? Sorry if I sound frustrated, but X2 is more like X1.25 or X1.5 so far. There has been no improvements in the projectile system, shot targeting, hit feedback, base building, air combat. But that's getting off topic What do y'all think?
  4. andy079

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    Please allow us to bind 'cancel shot/targeting' to a mouse button, preferably right click. Its a bit of a hassle to click on the weapon or grenade again to cancel, especially since the weapon thats currrently selected isnt highlighted that well. I know that right mouse is currently bound to selecting shot accuracy, but I cancel shot targeting more often than I select accuracy. Apart from that: - Portrait sizes could be reduced a bit - Targeting line should be a straight line by now cmon guys - I dont think Hidden Movement should be removed, but make it a bit smoother - Placing the TU bar under the weapon is a bit weird. As a new X2 player I confused it with ammo, TUs to take a shot etc. Of course I'll get used to it very quickly but it doesnt feel right Another thing is the grenade % to hit system. I'd hoped that this would have been changed from X1. So if it says 60% to hit, what if it misses, does that mean it will be outside the green square area completely? Its a bit confusing for new players. Grenade misses in general look very goofy with soldiers missing by a mile. It just feels frustrating. But this is getting off topic
  5. Are you thinking first or second half of March?
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the detailed response. You should totally take your time with Early Access, but I was wondering if I could buy into the pre-EA closed alpha going on currently? Probably a silly thing to ask though, and a waste of development time to set up.
  7. Hi, so I know that y'all closed purchases because you'd be launching into early access in the "next few months". But it's been more than a few since then and I think we're still more than a few away from EA at the moment? I don't really mind because we all know game dev is a finnicky thing. Plus COVID is a pain. I just wish I could purchase the beta so I can help test the game. Would it be possible for me to give you my money?! Anyway, keep up the good work.