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  1. Your welcome You modders are doing hell good job to this game. When we can epext 0.99 release?
  2. This review is based on early - mid game. 6 months of in game time. CE 0.33 hf2 , X-Division Ver. + Some smallers mods from xce 0.34 hf2 modpack. === My story (based on real events) === I was assigned to this mission without any knoledge of what will happend. Maybe it explains some events which happend later but I was doing surprisingly very well at the begging. No one could expect anything. I was able to secure one UFO after another at ease. What took my attention tho was grenade being completely useless. All of them. Flash is shit as well as regular grenades. Low range and my soldiers are morons and miss all the time and explosion radius is a joke. Ok so "screw grenades" I told to myself. Pretty fast I got a secondary base and after 2 month I was celebrating opening of my 3rd base. It was a great party. Meanwhile I was trying to figure it out what is the real purpose of the AWACS plane. After 3 days of complementation I gave up. Universe had no secrets to me but purpose of the AWACS. I cover nearly entire planet with my radars so what the point? So I decided to give it away to poor people in Africa. Few weeks later Aliens introduced new extremely dangerous ship – Corvette. My Condors where not enough anymore. Lucky somehow my 40 scientist (I bet their average IQ is 1000) were so fast at discovering new things that at some point they haven’t got anything else to do and simply went on holiday! I was suprised. Anyway since science was constantly up to date I told comrade Vladimir to build a new better plane that can outclass the alien ship. But he answered to me “Tovarish, bring me some extra alien ship parts and I will make you a plane” Hmm. I guess I wont get them from a grocery shop at the corner. Anyway Aliens commenced small scout mission nearby. Poor aliens they knew they will die. Killing small aliens crew is boring but necessary – you need those spare PARTS!. So I went back to Vladimir with a list of things I want him to do. Damn, he is more stupid than I though. You know what? I had to literally tell him 9 times to disassemble a ufo. One for each fighter. God Dammit. Anyway thanks to my hard work my fleet was growing. Combination of one new plane + 2 Condors was working pretty well. I was even slowly replacing my warheads with new ones sweet. So in the air everything is ok. Fact, we cant shot down a Corvette with 2 interceptors but honestly who cares we are winning. And new flying fortress is coming soon . Bye, bye aliens. As to ground battle. We captured enemy outpost. Yes we did. It was easy. We captured a lot of live aliens. Easy too. Was anything difficult? I cant remember. If you are experienced you know what to do. Just step by step. Don’t rush. Let them come out. And kill one by one. Also avoid night fights. Waste of time. As to equipment. Hmm our scientist are crazy. Rly they are. They're just pooping out new equipment without even thinking of its potential usage. Examples? Ap guns, Lancer laser. And many more. Rly I went to the lab and ask the guy what is that for? “oh yes, yes it reduces energy field, blah, blah,… e=mc2… blah, blah”. Ok shut up I will take it with me. And you know what? Its shitt. I remember that day - 6 months after the start of the war. It was an enemy base (yes a base not an outpost) I had 2 experimental laser lancers, 1 experimental ap gun and a flame thrower. JESUS CHRIST ITS ALL USELESS JUNK. I knew we had a spy in our base but rly did he mess up with research or something? I was scarded but I knew I can trust my people. Once we captured landed enemy Lander-Ship. Ofcourse then we had tanks which are indestructable but anyway. But what could have happend. Its the same type of mission just in a different enviorment. Anyway so we went in. First target - Sebillian. We shoot 2 or 3 times at him and no effect. Then I shout to the guy with a flame thrower “Come over here and burn this motherfuker!” No effect. Sebillian was just laughing at us when unarming his granade. I asked myself what’s the purpose of this junk. Thankfully John just killed that thing with a shotgun. We all live thanks to him. Then came Reapers, they are smart and dumb at the same time. I knew they like to sneak. So I was just waiting. Then a little bit more. Ok open the door. 2 were hiding behind. Heh I knew it! Open fire! Navada – shield lady – was firing this new smg ap crap. Damn what a crappy weapon. She was turned into a zombie because of it. Seriously when I saw what I saw first what came to my mind was "Ok this is it we'll all gonna die thanks to those morons from the laboratory". I paniced and was running away and at some point this poor guy with a flame thrower (he was standing just next to me) just threw his weapon at reaper's face in act of desperation. He was crying. I never saw him crying before. "If he'll die its all my fault" - I though. Navada was now a full size pile of meat. I heard a sound of lmg fire and I turned around to see what is going on. But I couldnt see anything because of the smoke. "Clear" - someone shouted. Reapers were dead. Same as Navada. My rational thinking came back. I was stuck by a new though. W are in the middle of an enemy base and nearly half of my team have literally no weapons. Just calm down. I decided to wait aliens over. Let them come. Kill them one by one. Take advantage of their lack of cooperation. And it worked. Later this day base was ours. But I paid a high price. 2 man lost. I was pissed of. Ok now more seriously: Pros: - Not too easy not too difficult. - It’s not punishing – you can make a mistake and you don’t have to start your game over. - A lot of new graphics and content. - Pretty stable. - Very funny to play! Cons - Some weapons sounds and look very “toyish” - Either I don’t get it or half of the weapons are just added for sake of diversity. - Greatly increase micromanagement (a lot of pointless clicks) - Lacks of balance Over all its a very good mod and I would definately recommend it. But rather not for me. Im not a fun of big-ass-full-of-everything mod. Explanations: Not too easy not too difficult. – that’s just amazingly good job. Missions are hard but soldiers do not die to often. Aliens are scary but cant wipe you out with a single grenade. They are a bit passive but from time to time can attack. Im impressed. Good job. That was btw one of the big disadvantage of the XNT. Very funny to play! - self explaintory but I just wanted to mention new maps are great. And I think someone allowed smaller maps to go on with bigger ufos. Few time I had a very intense fights. Some weapons sounds and look very “toyish” – yup like for example next gen lmg. Either I don’t get it or half of the weapons are just added for sake of diversity. – I didn’t use half of the weapons and I still had a feeling that the half of what I’m using is useless. Better smoke grenade? Better flash? You mean first useful flash right? Greatly increase micromanagement (a lot of pointless clicks) – for example disassembling of each ufo. Building grenades. Basically a lot of work. It’s a bit because of the base game too. It wasn’t designed to handle this much of equipment. And when I have to scroll down and look for this one particular item in the manufacture panel I get sleepy. Then my enginners cant just automatically assignd themselfs to another project. No if I forget my loss they will do nothing. And so on. Lacks of balance. - For example pistols sux (just a weapon for shields). Rifles sux (u can fire 4 shots even if u use burst! , when shot gun can fire 4x8 bullets. Range is cool addition but just sometimes. Mentioned grenades. I don’t like the idea that you can sell manufactured items. Its not only big exploit window (lets hire 2000 workers) but also its just do nothing more than adds flat +X of gold per time and force to keep eye on it and requires additional pointless clicks to be done. Alenium explosives weight more and its 3 times bigger but only 1.5 times better. Or that you besiclly get next gen weaponary just after a month of in-game time so its almost like getting rid of basic stuff. You could just remove or replace basic stuff after next gen. Last thing. Specialised weapons would work better if we had some sort of information before battle (map density, map sized, is that map smaller/bigger than typical map for this kind of ufo, type of enemy) Rest is self-explanatory Edit: spell fixing.
  3. Thank you for your fast reply. Yup it worked. Pls answer one more question which from the following mods are compatible with X-Division Ver. (CE 0.33 HF2) - Ambience Forest - Khall's More Portraits - Khall's Thundra Tileset - Lore+ - NewCars - Restored Community Map Pack (is it good btw?) - Skitso's maps and tiles are I guess compatible right? - xce balance and setting (what the hell are these for?) Sorry for bothering you but I just want to be absolutely sure that I know what Im doing and everything will work.
  4. Dumberro question - are mods from CE 0.34 RC backward compatibile? Can I download this pack and use few of them with my 0.33 hf (have fun ) 2?
  5. I have a community 0.33 HF2 xeno with settings and balance (both for xce 0.33 hf2) and when I try to instal X-Division version: "X-Division Ver." i get an "Error: File is not a mod file" message. What should I do? Pls help.
  6. Ok I decided to go on with this mod. Its huge its interesting lets rock. But! What should I do to make it work? I dont want to fail. 6 hotfixes, vehicle dlc. WTF its to much. Could you pls tell me what is the correct order to get the "recomended" version? Any othr mods are recomended? (Skitso map pack for sure)
  7. Thanks for quick answers. I think I will wait till 0.99. I would like to play it but I havent got much time so im rly afraid of bugs (dont want to ruin my first attempt).
  8. When in your opinion you will be ready to release 1.00 version? What is your opinion about Ajaxial's unofficial balance minimod?
  9. Wow what a dodge. Much kind, such wow, very help
  10. Someone should ask TD for adding all those patches to the mod. People keep getting confused...
  11. Yea, för a Soldat every game ist sehr too simple I guess ;D I honestly am not sure if I would like to manage all those details. There was a russian game btw named Man of War (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_of_War) extremely complicated to such an extent that I couldnt even refrain myself from sleeping during first mission. Not to mention game was also very hard so you know possibility to play every single mission over and over again was included (and for free!).
  12. No need for that, what I want to say is that game completed in 90% by someone else requires more than 10% to finish.
  13. Yes its hard to jump into someone's work and start to improve it.
  14. I will have a look then. Just don't want to hurry you. Release it when its done not earlier.