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    User interface showing cover

    I just doing some work on my "old-xcom cursor style" mod and i put this cover system indicator on it. When you move cursor on cover you get display cover icon and direction( like in new xcom). but only problem here is that when you move cursor to the wall this don't work. it work only on cars, benches, little objects in the game. Tonight i will put it online to test with some pictures of it.... p.s. sorry on my bad english
  2. this is my old x-com cursor style for xenonauts. here are pictures and files. cursors x-com.zip cursors x-com.zip
  3. mortyporky

    cursors x-com style 0.1

  4. mortyporky

    cursors x-com style 0.1

    here are updated version with new mouse cursor and new door icon. I just did some correction on 3x3 enemy tiles cursors x-com.zip cursors x-com.zip
  5. mortyporky

    cursors x-com style 0.1

    here is my mod for cursors in GC. It is old x-com style. So any testing and sugestion is welcome. The biggest problem is transparency and mirroring on select solders...i didnt test on select enemy. Here are some pictures and zip file with cursors: here is problem with selecting soldier icon (green one)and because of this i didnt put the box around soldiers cursors x-com.zip cursors x-com.zip
  6. mortyporky

    Cursors in 3D

    i always get double cursor on my screen....one normal and another on the top of this... it look like it is selected second floor..
  7. mortyporky

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    nice job here.. keep up...
  8. mortyporky

    tile selecting problem

    hello i just do some graphic modification on: selectfriend, selecthostile, etc and i have problem to display the way i want this icons. Where is properties for this. I need help for nyil icon, i want to move it little down.
  9. mortyporky

    mod request: select soldier pictures

    i know that. For now i will go like you said. Photoshop is no problem. This kind of mod will add a lot of personal touch to customization.
  10. I need mod to select soldier picture. Me and my friends play all x com games like a rpg game. Every person play one soldier and command his action. Base managment is classic team building. And i want to take picture of all players and add it to soldier. This is not a problem. problem is that players die in combat. And this problem where i need this mod. When i edit soldier name i want to edit pictures. Thanks on help.