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  1. Thanks. Is this the MARS smoke grenades, or the HEVY smoke grenades?
  2. Thanks. This will come in very handy if people keep experiencing the same bug in V27.2, I'm sure - but I fingers crossed we've fixed it already.
  3. I've not seen them incinerate themselves, but it wouldn't surprise me. Their AI is very basic at the moment. We're planning to do a big AI rework as one of our Early Access milestones so their current behaviour isn't what will be in the final game.
  4. Yeah, for now at least. Their models and animations are so janky we're removing them until after Early Access when we can get them redone properly.
  5. Yeah, this isn't a bug so best posted on the normal forums. I'm not averse to adding something like this if people find it useful, but I'd need to see a decent number of people interested in it before I'd consider it.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, this is now fixed in the version that's currently on the Experimental branches!
  7. Yeah, it's a known bug with transparency shaders that we need to look at at some point (but is probably quite a big issue to debug). If you hit the alien so it loses the stealth effect, it'll display normally.
  8. I'm in the process of rewriting the research text so that'll be fixed in the next few weeks - I think you're only expecting to be able to build them early in the game because of what the research text tells you, so once that changes it hopefully won't be that confusing.
  9. This is the second hotfix for V27 and it breaks save games. I've therefore moved the previous hotfix version to the Experimental Legacy branch. Changelog: Lots of updates and fixes to the Research project preview descriptions and Engineering project preview images / descriptions, which should now cover every project up to day 180 (the actual research reports are still to be written in some cases, but that's next on my list). Added some more UFO waves to the Geoscape, as there were some long gaps between UFO waves sometimes. There's now a Mentarch in the Scout, rather than it first appearing in the Destroyer. There's now a progress tracker for ENDGAME that works much like the one for Cleaner HQ. There's now a small yellow stun meter on the soldier health in the minitabs at the top of the screen. Robotic units like the MARS are no longer affected by the Psyon Mesmerise ability. There's now a talking head popup when reinforcements start arriving on the Cleaner Cell mission. Added tooltips to the updated Aircraft screen. Fixed completing the tutorial would reset the difficulty setting to Soldier. Fixed a crash loading a save game that could be caused by units incorrectly having their equipment destroyed when caught in an explosion that kills an enemy unit. Fixed being unable to change aircraft equipment in the aircraft screen. Fixed the Cleaner Cell mission not correctly registering the VIP being captured and brought back to the dropship. Fixed a crash / lockup that could occur in the AI if an alien was suppressed during their turn by reaction fire. Fixed a memory leak in the ground combat that may have caused crashes or performance problems in long missions (it reset with every new mission). Fixed the VIP being hyper-aggressive in Cleaner Cell missions. It should now stay in the designated area until it sights a Xenonaut unit. Fixed units left outside the dropship being able to survive on evac missions like the Cleaner Cell. Fixed the melee weapon crosshair displaying incorrectly in various ways. Fixed an issue with the ARES being impossible to build. Fixed dead Mantids being stood up after loading a save. If you see this with any other units, please report it. Fixed the headlights on the MARS not working upon loading a save. Fixed sortable tables on strategy (like the Soldier panel) incorrectly sorting by lowest value first by default. Fixed several places on Soldier Equip screen where long soldier / loadout names could cause problems. Fixed an issue where the pre-mission Autofill button could assign soldiers to the dropship who were on less than 50% health, which then blocked the dropship from launching. Fixed soldiers that survive death on a mission being shown as "Wounded" with no duration. Fixed not being able to see through the broken fences on Dockyard maps. Armoured Mantids now match the size and colour of their unarmoured cousins. Fixed the Cleaner Base awarding an Alien Mainframe to a random base; this is no longer required.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, this is a tricky one to fix, but we do have it recorded - we'll get round to it at some point prior to release.
  11. Yeah, the other issue is the Fusion Lance is called the Plasma Lance in that version, which I'm hotfixing now. You had a laser lance previously.
  12. It does work - it's just the item currently shares an image with the Fusion Cannon, which is probably why you didn't notice it (I'm not sure we'll have both weapons in the final game).
  13. Thanks. Yeah, it's a bug we've already got fixed at this end so it'll be sorted soon.
  14. A Xenonaut unit was equipped a destroyed item, and items are destroyed by explosions if the unit holding them is killed. We think it's caused when a unit kills a target with an explosive weapon, but they're also in the blast radius.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, I'll get this fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  16. Thanks. Yeah, I know about this one - it's something I'm going to fix up during early access once the air combat mechanics are set in stone.
  17. Thanks. Yes, I can reproduce this - that's quite a big bug. We'll get it fixed, although we probably won't be able to get it fixed in time for the hotfix we have planned today.
  18. Hi bob - would you mind posting the saves and logs for us to look at? There's a sticky at the top of the forum that explains where they are. It's possible you're having the same issue as Emily but I'm not quite sure, what we think caused her problems might not be a very common problem.
  19. Thanks. Yeah, I noticed this myself over the weekend and it's already fixed at our end, so that'll be out with the next hotfix.
  20. Thanks. I'm glad you were able to continue playing, but it would have been interesting to see your logs for when it froze - unfortunately we'd need the output.log file rather than the resolve_layers.log in future. Sadly it's probably gone now if you continued playing afterwards, but we'll note it down and keep an eye out for any clues at our end.
  21. I don't think that's a particularly accurate reflection of the situation. You say "a decade" but the Kickstarter wasn't even five years ago, and as a backer you can literally download a build of the game right now and play it all the way to the final mission. Clearly it's taken longer than we'd like to get here, but it's hardly Star Citizen territory.
  22. Thanks. Yes, I can reproduce this - we'll take a look!
  23. Yeah, it's unlocked from a research item that comes off Destroyers now. Let me know if that still doesn't work.
  24. OK, fair enough re the health then. For the rifle reload, can you test with the save you provided? If it's not working for you there, can you write out the steps you're doing? Because it seems like we're maybe trying to do things differently.
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