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  1. Even in the next map it'll be the same map, just with a few randomised sub-maps to make it a bit more varied (but the overall layout will be the same). We're working on a lot more tilesets at the moment but they're not ready yet. They're the most time consuming part of the development process tbh.
  2. Giving interceptors stationed at the base a chance to either attack the attakcing UFOs or escape would be a valid option. Also, we're hopefully going you let you place your soldiers before the battle starts in the base defence missions. In terms of troop limits, I'm not sure. We'll need a limit somewhere or the GUI won't be able to handle it.
  3. You've definitely clicked the 'Xenonauts Preorder' text link in the email you recieved, at the bottom? That's the claim link that will grant you the game.
  4. I'll ask the Desura guys how long until their standalone installer software is ready to use. That means you won't have to go through their client.
  5. They've already been removed for Build V8 I'm afraid. At the Expo people seemed to think they were loading screens and would spend ten minutes looking at them in puzzlement until I gently urged them to click the mouse...
  6. I love it when people come and suggest a great feature and then we get to say "Yeah, waaaay ahead of you."
  7. Well it's certainly under consideration to have manually-promoted officers, but the system isn't nailed down yet. It's something we're going to have to play around with in the beta I think as right now we're concentrating on game-critical systems that haven't been implmeneted yet.
  8. Lol - yeah, the aliens sometimes have their AI get stuck in a loop when they're looking for a target and can't find one, I think. It's a known bug and should be fixed when the AI isn't quite so stupid. Our AI programmer was the one doing all the web integration stuff for Desura so he can start on the actual AI now...
  9. Hi Vegata, I'd hold your horses for a few months. We're thinking about doing something like a 'funding thermometer' on Kickstarter in the future where if we get a certain amount of money in, we'll add a new feature. If we reach another level of funding, we'll add another new feature etc. If we did, we'd have the standard Kickstarter thing where people who pay more have extra rewards, so it's probably best to waith for that. You'll see more benefit from your money that way.
  10. Deleted your usernames. Send me an email if you haven't already. We can cancel the old keys and send one to the new one if needed, but it'll take a little time as I'm still getting used to the Desura backend.
  11. I meant 'Again' to mean this is not the only feature that is a debug feature I should have disabled (there's quite a few!), rather than you posting about things that have already been covered
  12. Moonie - just go here: http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts/connect/ and click Connect. Sathra, all pre-orderers should have a badge. It's just different for each.
  13. The forum medals / pre-order badges are no longer available, sorry - they were a reward for the people who pre-ordered Xenonauts in alpha form (i.e. before the Steam Early Access release)! We actually would have liked to keep supporting them, but unfortunately it is not possible. We've had discontinue them is because they were linked to forum membergroups via Desura when we only sold through Desura, so anyone who bought a copy of the game was able to connect their Desura account to the forum and get a badge for doing so. We now sell primarily through Steam, and support other sales channels such as the Humble Store as well as Desura (and will add more in future). Therefore most people that buy the game will not have a Desura account, so would not be able to claim a badge. We don't want to cause arguments or make people feel like they've missed out by buying the game in the "wrong" place, so we decided to discontinue the forum badges at the point where Desura was no longer our only sales channel. Those who already have them will not be stripped of them, but will retain them as a thanks from us for supporting the team in the early stages of development when, frankly, they were taking quite a major leap of faith to buy the game! The comments in this thread all relate to the old claiming process. I have closed it to new comments now.
  14. Hi Alex - thanks for the kind words and good luck with your own game!
  15. Yes, but it's lying, the build on Desura is V7.5. That's just outdated text on the disclaimer screen. I'm spending my time fixing up V8 rather than worrying about V7.5 at the mo
  16. The link to the legacy pre-order page should be in the Desura invite email. Email me if you're really struggling to find it.
  17. Hi - not yet. I am working on one but it's sorta been lost along the way. Perhaps one of the more experienced forum users will do a basic gameplay guide to the game on our wiki? That's the sort of thing I put it there for
  18. This would kind of screw with how the basic game mechanics work though (units don't go outside their tiles in any other circumstance), so it's not something I'll really consider until the beta. Anotherdevil - nah, 2 wouldn't be able to see 3. His view cone would be 45 degrees in front of him due to the corner.
  19. Yup this gets mentioned all the time. We'll be looking at implementing some kind of soldier icon or role button that lets you identify which troops are meant to be in which role in the beta.
  20. Presumably the punctuation should have been a question mark? But no, we've not added backblast and I'm not sure we will. I know it's not realistic but I don't see it adding too much in gameplay terms and we've got bigger fish to fry in development terms.
  21. The more advanced scout-type armours have longer viewing ranges.
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