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  1. MyThos

    Sidesteps in combat?

    OpenXcom implemented this by pressing <CTRL> while selecting target field, which just keeps orientation while moving. Is quite handy in the described cases ...
  2. MyThos

    Can I Put Out a Fire?

    Would be nice if smoke grenades quenched fire Didn't this work in X-Com/Tftd ?!
  3. Hi Chris, do you see an alternative backing method to Kickstarter? It would be nice to use paypal and not be restricted by Kickstarters payment system. Thanks
  4. Hi, just few issues I ran into with the current version: - mission doesn't end after last alien killed by reaction fire from friendlies - remains in friendly phase, no interaction possible - agents supposedly in cover (next to window or door) are hit repeatedly by aliens from fields in straight lines behind the cover, but cannot hit them from their standpoint - need to move into window or door tile. - soldiers are hit inside doors when aliens are in straight line of wall with door around corner of house ?! Otherwise I really appreciate the progress with the test versions.
  5. MyThos

    Xenonauts 2 confirmed!

    Chris, looking forward to X2 and will be watching out for any crowdfunding campaigns. You've got my support!
  6. MyThos

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    The concept art looks promising. I am looking forward for further progress ...
  7. MyThos

    Debating Xenonauts 2

    Just a short reply with 2 remarks: Would I buy Xenonauts 2: Definitly! I need X-Com style running Going full 3D: I think engines like Unity will allow for a big head start, but importance is to keep your style and the overall isometric view.
  8. That is one thing from the community edition I really don't want to miss anymore. You can easily switch between soldiers via the tabs (maybe "tab"-key would be a nice keyboard option as well) but having to manually select levels on the right side was a pain before ... Just my opinion ...
  9. While waiting you may always check the progress of the "Terror From the Deep" adaption of OpenXcom. This looks promising
  10. MyThos

    Let me reorder my soldiers

    Have you checked the hanger tab on the base screen and selected "dropships" ? There you can assign starting positions for every soldier on the transport.
  11. Hi, I was looking for details regarding diagonal moves but found no results here in the forum for "diagonal", "move" and "block". Would it be possible in a patch/mod to allow soldiers to move diagonally into a space where the neighboring fields (by edge) are already occupied by other soldiers (and/or objects)? Currently in tight space you will have to organize the move order of soldiers and cannot move into an otherwise empty field if soldiers are in the fields directly above/to the left or right or below the target field. Thanks and Regards, Michael
  12. I fully concur. Focus hopefully will still be ground combat with some air combat toppings ...
  13. For me the air battle is a nice supplement but the core is research/construction/budget management in global view and the tactical combat on the other side. I could rather well live with the simplified approach done in X-Com (not XCOM) and any additional options are nice but should not define the core gameplay My 2 cents only ...
  14. Hi, Chris repeatedly mentioned that GJ would provide updates on his work on AI but I never found anything. Latest remark is from 17.6 release announcement. Any idea if and when we might get to read something from GJ ?? Thanks and Regards, Michael
  15. Yikes, this sounds like work Ok, will try ... Some kind of issue tracking (e.g.: Jira, Bugzilla) would be nice here.