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  1. Perhaps you could get around this issue by making duplicates of the ballistic weapons, with different IDs but same graphics.
  2. MODS INSTALLED FitH_Lore.zip Oppressive_UI_1.05.rar Oppressive_UI_Patch.zip Open_Doors_-_Exterior.zip (Combine Exterior and Interior Folders) Jsleezy's Real Fighter Sounds-3-1-02.zip Skitsos Ultimate Megamix Map Pack V0.9.rar (Individual edits to AK-47 and Ballistic MG ammo counts, etc.) BUG Unloading a magazine from a weapon causes all identical ammo in soldier inventory next mission to spawn with the same amount. TO REPLICATE 1. Enter Battlescape mission with at least 2 soldiers with Ballistic Rifle + 1 or more Ballistic Rifle Ammo. 2. Fire one bullet from Ballistic Rifle, unload magazine. Magazine should be 95% full. 3. Abort Mission. 4. Enter new Battlescape mission, all Ballistic Rifle ammo in inventory should be at 95%. Depending on the actions between the first and second mission, the bug may fix itself. Playing two missions without returning to base will always spawn the bug, even with a restart. If the transport returns to base and you have restarted before sending the transport on a second mission, the ammo counts will return to normal values. If you restart when the transport is en route to the second mission, the ballstic rifle ammo will still be depleted. Similar bug reported: [v1.03] Equipment not reloading after mission. EDIT The most optimal way to avoid this bug without restarting the game is to have a custom battlescape save. In this save, reloading a full clip any affected ammos and aborting mission will fix the issue in your main playthrough.
  3. I've been using the Combined Mod Packs, which unfortunately isn't as easy to install like the name implies. I've found its best to make a backup of the Xenonauts folder before doing anything first. If updates screw anything up you can update the backup folder and reinstall the mods easily. Mods and install order below. MAIN MODS FitH_Lore.zip Oppressive_UI_1.05.rar Oppressive_UI_Patch.zip Open_Doors_-_Exterior.zip (Combine Exterior and Interior Folders) SECONDARY MODS Jsleezy's Real Fighter Sounds-3-1-02.zip Skitsos Ultimate Megamix Map Pack V0.9.rar
  4. Well, this thread certainly got me digging into the weapon files. Made all the changes I wanted myself. (Substitued the AK47 into the Ak74u)
  5. I'm excited about this mod! Here are some suggestions I have concerning the carbine and MG with the rationale for each point. Carbine- Rifle Snap/Single Shot Give it the same single shot rifle options, with a gradually greater accuracy nerfs from snap to aimed to precision shots. Example Below Rifle AP=25% Acc=45 AP=40% Acc=80 AP=55% Acc=130 Carbine AP=25% Acc=42 -3% AP=40% Acc=70 -10% AP=55% Acc=100 -30% Machinegun- Separate Burst and Auto fire modes MG Gunners should have the option to conserve rounds to sustain fire over several turns. In addition, I propose MG Burst mode should be able to fire twice in the same turn, and lowering the rounds fired to 5 shots. This allows a stationary gunner to potentially suppress two units. This would not make the AR and Carbine obselete, with the 50% movement penalty and the lack of accurate long range fire. Example Below. Machine Gun AP=45% Acc=35 5 shots +5%, -25 shots AP=80% Acc=30 30 shots
  6. To be honest, I would rather have the current strength scheme, but up the rate of fire of shots flying around.
  7. Perhaps we can find a balance if we have a 'release pin' mechanic like in the original X-Com. By splitting the AP cost of throwing a grenade in two, you can make grenades have a high AP cost, but gives grenadier flexibility for additional actions. e.g. Turn 1, a soldier move to cover, crouches, takes off grenade release pin for 20AP. Turn 2, throws grenade for 25AP, bring out rifle, fires burst. Cost of grenade use still 45AP.
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the new Combat Role feature in Xenonauts. It’s a handy tool which automates the item equipping process. However, I believe this feature can be improved by integrating it with other aspects of the game. BATTLESCAPE: The icon each Combat Role has is a visual bookmark that allows the player to know exactly whats in a specific unit’s inventory. In the battlescape, knowing exactly what role your units have and what items they have on them is critical for decision making. I have looked into several ways to integrate the combat role icons into the current UI. 1. Replace the unit numerals on the soldier buttons with the combat role icons. I don’t need to have the number of a troop shown to me; although the slight color change to signify which unit you’re controlling is important. If the soldier buttons were made slightly larger this could work, but at the moment they are too small for the icons. 2. Combat role icons placed on top of soldier buttons The extra space allows for more optimal icon size, but this looks extremely cluttered and would probably work better if made smaller and properly integrated with the button. 3. Large icon in the menu bar This option can be used in conjunction with the first two options and looks the nicest. The problem is that unlike the preceding options, you only see the combat role of the selected unit. It can additionally replace the inventory button. I think a combination of option 1+3 would be the optimal solution, option 1 takes up minimal space but allows you to see the roles of your entire squad while option 3 allows players to view more detailed icons modded and possibly provide additional functionality. GEOSCAPE: I believe there are additional ways to further integrate the combat roles in the geoscape, but they require a few additions. 1. Color/Icon Selection The bar above the combat roles is not just for show. Clicking on it allows you to change the background of the icon, giving the icons a bit more flexibility than they do right now. I would look into allowing players to modify the letter/icon in the center as well. 2. Combat Role shortened names You should be able to sort soldiers by role, but having the roles’ full names show up in the personnel list might take up too much space. If combat roles had a second 4-6 letter limited name, roles could fit nicely in the personnel list and be sortable.
  9. I realized that the time increments weren't actually multipliers or 1x-4x. However, as the Time Setting Controls show, it also names the controls as 'Gamespeed 1-4'. In the same way the gears of a car aren't numbered by the MPH it takes you, I think the Xenonauts Time Increments would benefit from this simplicity while having more user friendly buttons. Alternately, its also possible to make the current arrows into full triangles and condense them, so icons for speeds 1-4 can all fit a button of the same size comfortably.
  10. I recently gave the current build of Xenonauts a try a liked what I saw. I know a lot of this stuff is still WIP, but I felt like giving the time increments some scrutiny. In my opinion, the current increments are a little on the thin side and I dislike the way the buttons stretch from an tiny square-like button to an extremely long button. Functionally, each time increment is equally useful and I feel the variable button sizes imply 4x speed is vastly more important than 1x. This and because you're constantly switching back from 2-4x speed back to 1x when waiting for UFOs and base building, I think larger, same-sized buttons is better. I felt like going with 1x,2x,3x,4x buttons instead of >,>>,>>>,>>>> is not only simpler, you don't need to make the last button extra long, as you can see from the trouble I had fitting the >>>> into the alternate designs. What do you guys think? EDIT- Alright, a slight update, one variation using filled in triangles and the other with numbered increments w/o the x's.
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