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  1. Update. I made a slight mistake in the problem description. The problem is not in the workshop manufacture screen, but in the soldier equip screen. The armor dropdown shows only the "Soldier Uniform" and "Jackal Armor", but not the Wolf Armor, even though I've already manufactured some.
  2. Hello all, I am playing with the Cybernetic Armor mod on Xenonauts 1.59 on Windows. I get the following dialog box when starting Xenonauts from Steam. "is not an item type name (Name='armor.jackal_3')! I also downloaded the Armor Resource package .zip file and extracted that into the assets/mods directory the problem is that even though I've researched Wolf Armor, I am unable to manufacture it, i.e. it doesn't show up on the armor list in the workshop screen. Any help appreciated. redmage
  3. I figured out the problem. Apparently when deleting the game, steam doesn't get rid of the non-standard (i.e. modded) assets. Deleting them fixed the issue. I think I'll play without mods for a while until someone does a mega-pack so that the mods don't step on each other.
  4. Is there any way to get some sort of debugging version that might let me print out a stack trace?
  5. Here is the save...Note that this is a completely fresh steam install with no mods added. Crash001.sav Crash001.sav
  6. Hi all, It now looks like the game crashes for me 100 per cent of the time when trying to click on the soldier equipment tab in the base screen. This seems to have happened after the automatic steam upgrade to 1.05 HF
  7. okay, Is there any documentation on what mods might conflict?
  8. Hello, I've been playing Xenonauts and have been trying out different mods, with mixed success. Some mods, like Jsleezy's real armors, seem to be difficult to install as extracting the files to the assets folder doesn't seem to work. Others seem to cause my xenonauts installation to crash, due, I assume to conflicts with other mods. Can someone recommend a comprehensive mod pack that combines the best mods so far into one installation? Thanks
  9. I reported a bug with the soldier management screen not being able to see new hires. I got a response that this was a known bug, yet I don't see any fix for it in the 1.04 release notes. This is kind of a show stopper here. What's the release schedule for fixing this bug? -- redmage
  10. Hello all, I can't seem to see any soldiers in the manage soldiers screen past 12. I.e. I can see 12 soldiers, but I can't see any others, even though I've been notified that new soldiers have been hired. Also, the Manage soldiers screen seems to be sort of cut off at the bottom. It would be nice if the screen was more centered on the page. Thanks -- redmage
  11. I'm posting another save file. This one crashes consistently when the alien uses the teleporter to get to the first floor of a landing ship. Note, I've already followed the instructions to disable DEP, so, that doesn't solve the problem. -- redmage save 2.sa.sav save 2.sa.sav
  12. I'm attaching a save of a consistent CTD. It seems to happen on the aliens turn during movement. -- redmage save 2.sa.sav save 2.sa.sav
  13. Just out of curiosity, is the game written with C or C++? If so, are you using a static checker like lint when you do your testing?
  14. This CTD seems to happen when the soldier him/her self activates an item and attempts to use it. Not only do I see the CTD with medikits (i.e. the soldier healing himself), I also see the CTD when a soldier attempts to throw a C4 explosive device as well.... Note, that I don't see the CTD when another soldier attempts to heal an injured soldier with the medikit. -- redmage
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