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    How to mod Aircraft?

    Hello, folks. I'm curious about creating or editing a few of the values in the aircraft.xml file, and I was hoping someone here could help. There are three lines of consequence: Weapon Positions, Loadout, and Slot Positions. Weapon Positions seems a little convoluted; it looks like a 90 degree leftward rotation of the x-y plot of the airplane's hardpoints (including cannon/s) on its image in-game, starting from a nose-down position (for all purposes of this post, we will assume the image is in this nose-down configuration because without this rotation, we have values in Y,X form, and no one likes that). This puts the origin at the bottom left corner, the nose of the plane in the general center at approximately 33 X units, and the maximum X,Y somewhere greater than 48,44. More likely, Xmax is 66ish units and if Xmax's edge forms the short edge of an approximately 30-60-90 triangle we would have Ymax at around 114 (I did this in a hurry without opening the game or files for visual clues and only looked at the Foxtrot entry for mathematical pointers, if there are errors feel free to point them out). Remember, the nose is pointing down. Loadout is much more self-explanatory. It seems to be the default weapon loadout, assuming you acquire the aircraft without any weapon upgrades. This section is also a little confusing, however, because it's not in the same order as the hardpoints I just described. In every case I remember, missiles/torpedoes always list before cannons regardless of the order in Weapon Positions. Finally, Slot Positions. This one has me totally stumped. At first it looked like a list of degrees, perhaps firing arcs, but there's the occasional entry greater than 360 (see the 440 on the Foxtrot). There are, in every case, two entries for every hardpoint delineated by semicolons, suggesting to me that these are not coordinates, but information in and of themselves. What information I can't figure out. I'm hoping someone else has cracked this one. Sorry to resurrect a relatively old post as a new user. Thanks for any information you may have. Edit: Huh, seems like I was way off. Thanks Rynait (below)