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  1. Well here we go. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually have already 2 savegames where a crash happens on the first mission and on the first turn. Just give me the starting signal and i will begin to organize those things.
  2. Thats what they are meant to be. I remember in the vanilla version i had maximum of 2 terror missions in the beginning. After that i had air supremacy almost over the whole earth and shooting down terror mission sites before they even happen becomes the new standart. Same goes for base attack missions. They ... never ... happen. Not a single one. (Veteran/Ironman) So maybe prepare yourself for unbeatable base assault UFOs as well, they might happen. To counter the fact that neither terror sites nor base assault mission were occuring after early gameplay the FTD-Mod introduced the assault lander and the dreadnaught (unused assets in teh vanilla game) which were night unbeatable and were solely generating either terror or base assault missions. And they gave the (useless) Fury a new role > shoot down this fast and strong UFOs, which conventional aircraft could not, or rather, destroy ´em. But happy news: As far as i know kabill made it possible for those UFOs to generate ground missions, someone just have to do the map implementing work. Furthermore, It is possible to increase the type of UFOs and therefore have UFOs solely designed for one purpose, which was not possible before, as far as i know (Increasing the maximum type of UFOs, now its just copy&past&change). So there can be early terror missions with scout units if you simply add that type of UFO to the early phase. You can design them to be downable or not, just as you see fit. Just wanna give 0.99 a bump, than maybe we can see these changes sooner than later.
  3. Have to bring your feet on the ground for this one. The assault lander is intended to be unbeatable but by furys. Even if you manage to shoot it down there are probably no ground assets for it, so it would result in a crash, the geoscape mission that is. I dont know how far drages has implemented the ground assets for this but i guess they will be done in the final version, provided that the ship is supposed to be downable in the first place. Heres the original thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11009-FTD-Mod
  4. @Perseus :D Everybody else is having this problem because thats what 0.99 is supposed to be. You would know that if you actually read the description. :D:D:D:D:D
  5. 0.99 is only the testing ground for the final version. Never encountered that bug, but its very common in the XNT mod, regarding the eggs. Basically it happens when an alien tries to move but cant, and thus waits forever to end his turn. As far as i know there is no workaround but reloadign an earlier save. That you have that bug means something went wrong in the first place since i never encountered it in X-Division.
  6. I suggest u download 0.99. There you will see how much has changed and added. It´s 2,01 GB compared to 4,61 GB. The mod is incredible. Simply dowmload 0.99 and temporarly deactivate 0.98 to get a quick sneak peak. I garantee you that its worth it.
  7. Here we go. Bug: - Weapon Officiers and Seargents are easy to spot. They are usually one of the first specialist aliens to engage you. You will immediately encounter them on you LZ entry or soon afterwards. They are also better equipted than other specialist aliens, having heavier armor and better weapons. So what i found out about specialists is that they have designed places where they appear. So if u want to catch an weapon officier inside a UFO, good luck because thats unlikley to happen, like EVER. Their places simply dont get rotated and they have certain AI so they engage in certain situatuions or stay passive. Good luck as well for finding an engineer. In over 140 hours (2 campaigns) i captured only one in a landed landing ship. Eco balance: -Alenium/Alloy: I think thats fine. The bottleneck of alenium really makes you think about what you want to build because you cant build everything ( raiding every UFO in 1 BASE RADAR range). While masses of alloy units makes you capable of producing some cheap weapons/equipments for a second or third squad. You wont be able to produce the best of the best, because that requires alenium, but some cheap standart improvements are possible. You can even sell them for money ( didnt check the profit rating). -Sold Equipment: I think thats fine too. January, Veteran/Ironmann, and i can barely build everything i need. I once needed to fire 40/60 scientists and 40/100 engineers to keep the ecenomy balanced. Enemy balance: -Xenomorphs are fine. They are not there to kill your soldiers (only in the worst case scenario) but actually to be a dangerous meta thread which you have to calculate. Even if you have no TUs and a ceasarian 15 tiles away from you there is always a chance that he will miss. Having a xenomorph warrior means 100% death no matter how u turn it. Xenomorphs are also there to shake up your weapon resilience thinking. Nothing is more terrifying than a xenomorph drone resisiting 2 full machingun burst shots to the face. And 2 more shotgun shots. And than taking 4, 8, and 3 dmg. Xenomorphs are an early thing until alpha xenomorphs appear. In comparasion reapers, although their nature is deadly, are very weak resilientwise and on hp. Nothing compared to how fast and strong xenomorphs are. The worst case scenario is a xenomorph amidst your soldiers. A reaper can be killed easily by most means even if 1 soldier dies, but if you fail to kill an Alpha Xenomorph in the first turn, that could be it for the mission with a whole team wipe. It´s a meta thing thats why it never happens. -Base: Yes this is normal. If u fail to prevetn UFOs from building bases AND fail to prevent supply runs, then you are bound to have a base which can only be taken down with the highest gear equipment. A Battleship crashside is easier to complete than a full base raid, way easier. A full base raid is the hardest thing in the game. -AI issue. Nothing can be done about that. Think about it that way. If you are a soldier and trained to spot good sniping positions than everybody else who is trained in spotting those positions can easily guess that IF someone wants to take up position in that area than that is the most likely and safest position for the sniper. Which in turn makes it unsafe again. Again its a meta thing of thinking. "If everybody knows where the best position is than i should take the second best positioning, because thats what they dont expect." Now translate that into the AI code. But dont worry, you will experience a brutal squad wipe every once in a while. The game makes u think you know everything and if you slip for a moment than it ends in a disaster. - Damage types: Agree Item balance: tank cannons are there to suppress targets, not destroy cover. If you want to destroy some cover equipt rockets. -AP Weapons: Agree Aircraft: As far as i understood it the Aircraft things are 90% not done and balanced. The 4 phases of the game are roughly laid out and the Xenonaut Aircrafts are roughly done and just about balanced that you can advance from one stage to the next. Nothing special just 1 aircraft for every phase. Drages autoresolves 95% of the fights for testing anyway. So dont judge this mod by its aircraft/geoscape dynamic, its not done yet. Dont ask me about 0.99 though. What i wanted to see were UFO base raids/terror missions for every phase of the game. But that is next to impossible, because of the reason the game is coded. You cant tell a certain ship to do a base raid/terror mission. There is a chance what the UFO that spawns will do: research/bombing/scouting/etc ... and certain ships can do certain tasks. So you can restrict a UFO to only do base raids/terror missions but that UFO would than be missing from the normal research/bombing/scouting/etc ... missions. The ideal thing would be to add a base raid/ terror mission UFO for every phase of the game. But that is impossible because the types and number UFOs are hardcoded. The only unused UFO assets are for the assault UFO and the dreadnought, which makes 2 UFOs for 4 phases. Not bad but suboptimal. Here is the thread about the FTD mod: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11009-FTD-Mod Maybe kabill can actually make adding additional UFOs possible. That would be a great step. I actually want to make my own mod adding the geoscape/aircraft/ UFO dynamic i always wanted to experience in Xenonanauts. It would be a direct, optional Add on to whatever drages is doing with X-Division, taking resources from the FTD (assault,dreadnought), XNT mod (especially the apollo aircraft is worth mentioning) and other plane adding mods. Yes, i know im a lazy jerk . Love,Peace and some aliens to shoot at . Edit: I just read that you can actually add UFOs. Is that true and possible ?
  8. @Valerian May i reply to your post in my style without hurting your feelings?
  9. YES - aliens dont get a night malus. Thats the point of the night mission - its bad for you. Thats the reason why in over 400 hours of gameplay i only ever played 2 night missions. In general its better to aircrash that thing if you cant reach it during the day. Same goes for the X-Division mod - no night missions for me. its just not worth it. YES - I always have the feeling that the aliens know more than you can imagine. But thats nothing hidden there as far as i know, its the way the aliens share information and deduct your position from gunfire/last seen position/places where u are not. As a simple rule: the closer u are to an alien the better it knows where you are - no matter of sight/LOS or anything else thats between you if its not a concrete "wall". The aliens REALLY make smart decisions based on the position they believe you are in. But the ai was tuned down by A LOT. The AI Developer said that the ai was so good at the beginningof the development (without every cheating - just using all available information) that the players simply got outplayed by the aliens efficently ganking up on the Xenonauts in "groups" at the starting position. Thus leading to 2 phases: 1. Survive the onslaught in the beginning 2. Seize the UFO if you survived And that wasnt really what the developers had in mind or the players wanted. If you want to test things out use the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe in the main or the xce folder. press "u" than you can test out different situations.
  10. I know, i know. I figured that out when i was dealing with the researchview.lua script. But i would really like someone to tell me step by step what i have to change in order to get the right box bigger instead of figuring it out on my own. I know im lazy . Lets just say im busy right now, and really need the help .
  11. How do you change the workshop or laboraty user interface to be bigger. So it can contain more letters/words. Im especially interested in making the right box of the workshop user interface bigger so i can actually read what is needed for a certain item (X-Division). Extendiing it to the right/bottom would help.
  12. @Grimples Thx for the help. I really want to say that i appreciate your mod. When i heard the alien sound i almost wanted to quit Xenonauts. I really think that enhancing the game through sound modding is the way to go and u have done a very good job.
  13. So i found out they only work above the X-Divison Mod. And for me the sounds are too low. When i turn up the volume the footsteps become unbearable loud. Is there a way to fix that myself ?
  14. Let me quickly jump in on this. It would be better to collect this knowledge and all little details about modding in a thread instead of in the heads of half of dozen people on this forum, who might be not available all the time. Anyone with me?
  15. :P If u want that, its arguable easier to set the strenghModifier to "0". (And if u dont want to let aliens waste TU set ap to "0" as well). But you can also take the long route.
  16. I think im going to close this thread in 24 hours, so if somebody wants to say something intelligent, Nows the time .
  17. This Post was being tested while i wrote it so i started before your post and finished after it. I think i found the solution to everything: ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE The only thing you can unlock is the RESEARCH ITSELF. That Thing: <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="26.55"> [color=#FF0000]<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienInvasion</Data></Cell>[/color] <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Extraterrestrials</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="5" ss:StyleID="s25"/> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.AlienInvasion" );SetGameObjective( "Objectives.Objective1" ); </Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s38"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienInvasion</Data></Cell> </Row> UnlockKnowledge is only for the xenopedia (you already mentioned it). So the only way to UNLOCK a research is to let it have requirements you can fulfill and fulfill it. At that point i really have to ask if there is a command for it? I tried it with UnlockResearch (-) but it didnt work. Following this example we could do it like that: Set Alien Alloys as Requirement for the Sebillian Engineer Interrogation: <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="26.55"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">60</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">ExtraterrestrialTech</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">[color=#FF0000]Items.Alienalloys[/color]</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="6"><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation" ); UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.SebilliantechnicianInterrogation" );</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation</Data></Cell> </Row> Than set the Requirement for Alien Base Facilities to Sebillian Engineer interrogation only. <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="26.55"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s45"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienBaseFacilities</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">ExtraterrestrialTech</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">[color=#FF0000]Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation[/color](OR)Items.AlienBaseCore(AND)Researches.CaesanengineerInterrogation</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="6"><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.AlienBaseFacilities" ); UnlockManufacture( "ManTech.BaseDSB" );</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s38"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienBaseFacilities</Data></Cell> </Row> and after our first looted alien alloys we can research the Sebillian Interrogation >>> which leads us to the Alien Base Facilities. VOÍLA BTW this let me know that a 0 days research isnt available instantly but takes between 0 and 48 hours. The solution to everything in the palm of our hands. ... You know what let me astray? Someone in the X-Division thread mentioned that if you teched past the alenium grenade research you couldnt get it even if you apllied the hotfix drages provided, but he made it with the UnlockKnowledge (-) and UnlockManufacture (-) in the researchview.lua script. This was the reason why i thought UnlockKnowledge actually unlocks the research and led to this thread. But there is a way simpler solution to it: Set the Requirements for research to Items.Alienalloys. Like this: <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="39.45"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AleniumExplosives</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">60</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Weaponary</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">[color=#FF0000]Items.Alienalloys[/color]</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s47"/> <Cell ss:StyleID="s37"><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.AleniumExplosives" ); UnlockManufacture( "ManTech.grenade.alenium" ); UnlockManufacture( "ManTech.rocket.alenium" ); </Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AleniumExplosives</Data></Cell> </Row> Every time you get new alien alloys the game checks if new researches get available. So the next time you bring back some alloys from a ground mission the alenium explosives research gets available. Easy as that. All in all this teached me some rules with the researches.xml. Researches can only be researched once. Once it is flagged as done it cant be undone (Didnt test the cant be undone part) Since researches cant be researched more than once, it is impossible to fulfill the requirement for another research if u change the requirements to an already reesearched topic MIDGAME. HOWEVER, since the game ALWAYS checks the items you bring back from a ground mission ( and propably also from killed aircraft fighters ) it is possible to fulfill ANY Research by setting the Requirement to an item you can bring home EVEN MIDGAME, provided the research isnt already flagged as done (First Rule). See the example with Items.Alienalloys above. You can even PRODUCE the needed item, doesnt matter what item it is as long as you can produce it ( So no unlimited quantity items) The only way to get a research available is to fulfill the requirements. Well thats about it. I dont know about duplicating researches in the same file but i dont think it is necessary to look into that. Not at this point. Thx for the help Max. I wouldnt have been able to do this if someone wouldnt have played the ball back at me.
  18. Right. This was the reason i thought that UnlockKnowledge only unlocks the Xenopedia Entries but not the same named Requirements. They must be unlocked in another file SEPERATELY. This is the reason why changing the Requirements for the Base Upgrade works, but making another research unlock the base upgrade requirements through adding UnlockKnowledge doesnt work. If that is the case its very confusing. Which leads to another question: Where do the Requirements for researches ACTUALLY get unlocked ? Edit: OK HERE IS THE BIGGEST HINT: I changed the Alien invasion research so it UnlokckkKnowledges the alien base facilities: <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="26.55"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienInvasion</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Extraterrestrials</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="5" ss:StyleID="s25"/> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "[color=#FF0000]Researches.AlienBaseFacilities[/color]" );SetGameObjective( "Objectives.Objective1" ); </Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s38"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienInvasion</Data></Cell> </Row> The following things happened: The xenopedia shows a black file. This is because it tries to show the xenopedia file for the alien invasion but the the alien invasion KNOWLEDGE wasnt unlocked in the research >>> thus it produces a black file. The xenopedia entry for the alien base facilites becomes available. As suspected of UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.AlienBaseFacilities; ). The hunter scout tank research becomes available. HUH? WHY? This leads me to believe that RESEARCH Researches.AlienInvasion was UNLOCKED because it is the requirement of the hunter scout tank research to become available Which brings us to the big question: Where did it get unlocked ?
  19. If you want good aircraft units why dont u simply increase the speed of the existing ones ?
  20. You should close the thread if it is solved
  21. To a degree it is always random since the psionic power is always a dice roll. But if u dont like getting hit at the starting position set the strenghtmodifier to =0.1. So if the felt EFFECTIVE RANGE was, lets say, 20 tiles its now 2 tiles. If that is still too close for u because u are still getting hit at a range u dont want to get hit set it to 0.01. Or whatever value u feel u get your reasonable amount of successfull psionic attacks.
  22. Just a quick question: Do i merge the new file with the old ones or replace it? Because the new one is smaller than the old one. And what about mod priority ? Above or below X-Division mod?
  23. No, im definitely a big fan of making modding clearer. So how about we start a thread how we MODULARLY mod things ? Every point is a question like: How do i add a new unit ( subquestion: into a UFO ) and the Table of Content is every question. And to every Question there is an step by step example. To be VERY honest i dont get the Documentation: Modular mods system from Illunak. It doesnt answer why researches.xml isnt working the way i want it to. Well im up for it, a few hours a day.
  24. im the white knight saving every unanswered question here. Its this file: psionicpowers_gc.xml These are my changes: <?xml version="1.0" ?><PsionicPowers MODMERGE="update"> <!-- "messageDuration" is in seconds--> <Fear MODMERGE="update" ap="10" moraleDamage="80" anim="particles/psionic/psionic" sound="PsionicPower" messageDuration="2.0" strengthModifier="1.0" range="12" /> <!-- "moraleDamage" is in % --> <Hallucination MODMERGE="update" ap="200" strengthModifier="0.001" range="1" /> <LocateEnemies MODMERGE="update" ap="1" messageDuration="2.0" strengthModifier="1.0" range="12" /> <Paralyse MODMERGE="update" ap="1" anim="particles/psionic/psionic_paralyse" sound="PsionicPower" messageDuration="2.0" strengthModifier="1.0" range="6" /> <MindControl MODMERGE="update" ap="40" anim="particles/psionic/psionic_mindcontrol" sound="PsionicPower" messageDuration="2.0" strengthModifier="0.5" range="6" /> <Dread MODMERGE="update" loseAP="30" messageDuration="1.0" strengthModifier="0.5" range="1" /> <!-- "loseAP" is in % --> <Bezerk MODMERGE="update" ap="30" anim="particles/psionic/psionic_berserk" sound="PsionicPower" messageDuration="2.0" strengthModifier="0.1" range="6" /></PsionicPowers>
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