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  1. nah still dont work, having beserker all the time... set to 0 or 100 it wont work
  2. lol set to 100? this is illogical but i will try anyway thanks
  3. ARRRRG i cant remove this stupied berserk i cant stand my soldiers killing each other this makes no sense at all.... trying to remove it from my mod like nuts here... On the file: moraleconfig_gc This entrance: <MoraleEventChance percentPoints="1.75" everyMoralePointBelow="40" > <EventChances> <Panic value="50" stabilisation="40" comment="chance that a unit panics and loses all its AP for current turn"/> <Flee value="50" stabilisation="40" comment="chance that a unit drops its weapons and starts running randomly" /> <Berserk value="0" stabilisation="40" comment="chance that a unit starts firing on first available target, not caring if friendly or enemy"/> </EventChances> </MoraleEventChance> as u guys can see i set Berserk to 0%chance and now it happens even more... at least i think or the same anyway makes no sense... you guy know how to complete remove berserk or somehow make the code think its off or something? this game would be the best ever if wasnot this stupied, illogical, and insane Berserk rule (i hate this on original X-com too). Anybody can help me out here?? thanks!
  4. jesus im trying to use this program to make specs but they way to complicated! anybody have the Spectres of teh Wraith?i just want to add a different color Wraith
  5. i think i will just do myself, i would apreciate a link for a program just to open and take pic of 3d model
  6. Hey guys! So my mod is almost done, its about 1GB now and growing! tons of new weapons and aircrafts, all well balanced and with vanilla game visual. I got some new units already but i need more! i would love if someone help me out here, i need spects (units) of some new aliens! i will give u full credit off course For now i ask only for the Chupacabras, but i will accept any new alien you guys send me, i will also apreciate links for specs, or help to making this happen somehow. thank you all!
  7. heeh ok then its cool i will remove it for now, the rifle work at least lol
  8. this is beautiful! can i use some of those planes on my mod?
  9. im doing my mod here and i need to speak with the actual owner of this mod, someone told me it change owner?
  10. hey guys, just trying to make a healing grenade here...i managed to make a healing rifle, using 'meele' type for its bullet, but it have no projectile shown off course... but cant manage to make a grenade that heals... anybody know if its possible?
  11. hum thats too sad, i was wandering about do missions on Mars
  12. Hey guys.. i was wandering, about map making, how far can u edit them? i want to make some Mars maps and make it as special mission (just like the end game one), but before. I was wandering if its possible to make this; make a hole new map and make it only accessible by a special mission type.
  13. i solved this by simple using all aliens and alien weapons from X-division, the rest i did, just need to ask them for permission now so i can upload this, will take forever thou 1.7GB and raizing, but i think i can make it smaller after i remove some other files i wont use
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